Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 3, issue 4

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Jones, T.O.
U.S. Antarctic research program
p. 79-80

Dale, R.L.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition-1968
p. 80-84

Kvinge, T.; Strömme, J.A.
Investigations of currents related to the formation of antarctic bottom water
p. 84

Elder, R.B.
U.S. Coast Guard oceanographic unit's participation in IWSOE-1968
p. 84-85

Rankin, J.S., Jr.; Clark, K.B.; Found, B.W.
Zonation of the Weddell Sea benthos
p. 85-86

Siniff, D.B.; Cline, D.R.
Population dynamics of antarctic seals (IWSOE-1968)
p. 86-87

Bunt, J.S.; Boggs, W.J., Jr.; Boggs, William J., Jr.
Microalgae and protozoa of antarctic pack ice
p. 87

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Productivity of the Weddell Sea
p. 87-88

Wade, F.A.
Marie Byrd Land Survey II
p. 88-89

Wade, F.A.
Geology of the Hobbs and Bakutis Coasts sectors of Marie Byrd Land
p. 89-90

LeMasurier, W.E.
Volcanic geology of central Marie Byrd Land
p. 90-91

Koob, D.D.
Biological survey of Marie Byrd Land
p. 91-92

Scharon, L.; Early, T.
Paleomagnetic investigations in Marie Byrd Land
p. 92

Peddie, N.W.
South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse III
p. 93-94

Rundle, A.S.
p. 95-96

Clough, J.W.; Bentley, C.R.; Poster, C.K.
p. 96-97

Hasting, J.V.; Peddie, N.W.
Magnetic studies and navigation (SPQMLT III)
p. 97-98

Denton, G.H.; Armstrong, R.L.
Glacial geology and chronology of the McMurdo Sound region
p. 99-100

Wilbanks, J.R.
Geology of the Fosdick Mountains, Northern Ford Ranges, West Antarctica
p. 101

Everett, K.R.; Behling, R.E.
Pedological study in Wright Valley, Southern Victoria Land
p. 101-102

Barrett, P.J.; Elliot, D.H.; Gunner, J.; Lindsay, J.F.
Geology of the Beardmore Glacier Area, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 102-106

Twomey, A.A.; Black, R.F.
Patterned-ground studies in Victoria Land
p. 106-107

Smithson, S.B.; Fikkan, P.R.; Toogood, D.
Geological studies in the dry valley area of Victoria Land
p. 107-108

Treves, S.B.
Volcanic rocks of the Ross Island area
p. 108

Frakes, L.A.; Marzolf, J.E.; Gevers, T.W.; Edwards, L.N.; Crowell, J.C.
Sedimentological aspects of the Darwin Tillite in the Darwin Mountains
p. 109-110

Ueda, H.T.
p. 111-112

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Topographic mapping field operations, 1967-1968
p. 111

Gow, A.J.
p. 113-114

Clapp, J.L.
Ice-flow studies on Roosevelt Island
p. 114

Clapp, J.L.
Ice-flow studies in Roosevelt Island
p. 114

Barcus, J.R.; White, F.E.; Williamson, P.R.
Magnetospheric studies using balloonborne instrumentation
p. 115-117

Belon, A.E.; Davis, T.N.; Glass, N.W.
Conjugacy of visual auroras during magnetically disturbed periods
p. 117-119

Burge, W.; Parker, D.C.
Infrared survey in Antarctica
p. 120

Cameron, R.E.; King, J.; David, C.
Soil microbial and ecological studies in southern Victoria Land
p. 121-123

Gless, E.E.; Hicks, E.A.
Entomological studies at Hallett Station
p. 123

Dillon, R.D.; Bierle, D.; Schroeder, L.
Ecology of antarctic protozoa
p. 123-124

Starndtmann, R.W.; Pittard, D.A.
Arthropods of the Convoy Range
p. 124-125

Rastorfer, J.R.
Physiological studies of antarctic mosses, 1967-1968
p. 125-126

Schofield, E.; Rudolph, E.D.
Factors determining the distribution of terrestrial plants
p. 126-127

Zaneveld, J.S.
Sub-ice observations of Ross Sea Benthic marine algae
p. 127-128

Menzies, R.J.; George, R.Y.
Investigations of isopod crustaceans of Erebus Bay, McMurdo Sound
p. 129

Hedgpeth, J.W.
Pycnogonid studies
p. 129-130

Redmond, J.R.; Swanson, C.D.
Preliminary studies of the physiology of the pycnogonida
p. 130-131

Hemmingsen, E.A.; Douglas, E.L.
Metabolism in three species of Notothenia
p. 131

Thompson, D.H.; Emlen, J.T.
Parent-chick individual recognition in the Adelie penguin
p. 132

Baker, J.R.
Early embryology of the Adelie penguin
p. 133

Feeney, R.E.
Comparative biochemistry of proteins
p. 133

Elsner, R.; Kooyman, G.L.; Lenfant, C.; Drabek, C.M.
Cardiovascular adaptation of diving Weddell seals
p. 134-135

Abbott, J.L., Jr.
Deep Freeze 68 in retrospect
p. 138-139

Barber, D.W.
Construction report Deep Freeze 68
p. 139-142

Schneider, A.F.
Deep Freeze 68 air operations
p. 143-145

Fort, R.E.; Evans, T.R.
Nuclear power operations, Deep Freeze 67-68
p. 146-148