Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 3, issue 5

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Chen, C.
Distribution of thecosomatous pteropods in relation to the Antarctic Convergence
p. 155-157

Fell, J.W.
Distribution of Antarctic marine fungi
p. 157

Hillman, N.S.
Studies of antarctic pelagic Ostracoda
p. 157-158

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Texas A and M's biological productivity programs aboard USNS Eltanin and USCGC Glacier
p. 158-160

Foster, M.W.
Harvard University's brachiopod studies on Eltanin Cruise 32
p. 160

Savage, J.M.
Patterns of vertical and horizontal distribution of pelagic and benthic fauna in antarctic seas
p. 160-161

Participation in USARP Expeditions
p. 162

Littlepage, J.L.
Plankton investigations in McMurdo Sound
p. 162-163

Hargis, W.J., Jr.; Zwerner, D.E.
Parasites of antarctic vertebrates and invertebrates
p. 163-164

Cameron, R.E.; David, C.N.; King, J.
Soil toxicity in antarctic dry valleys
p. 164-166

Ugolini, F.C.; Perdue, M.J.
Biological weathering in Antarctica
p. 166

Wallen, I.E.
Cooperative systematic studies in antarctic biology
p. 166-167

Pierce, C.M.; Shurley, J.T.
Current status of sleep research at U.S. Antarctic stations
p. 167

Reid, J.L.; Stommel, H.M.; Stroup, E.D.; Warren, B.A.
Physical oceanography in the South Pacific, 1967
p. 168-169

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetic studies of Eltanin sedimentary cores and dredged rocks
p. 169-171

Hayes, D.E.
Marine geophysical observations aboard Eltanin, 1967-1968
p. 171-172

Osmond, J.K.; Goodell, H.G.
Geochronological studies of antarctic deep-sea cores
p. 172-173

Siegel, F.R.; Dort, W., Jr.
Mirabilite and associated seal bones, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 173

Faure, G.; Hill, R.L.; Eastin, R.; Montigny, R.J.E.
Age determination of rocks and minerals from the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 173-175

Schopf, J.M.
Studies in antarctic paleobotany
p. 176-177

Smith, H.T.U.
p. 177

Smith, H.T.U.
Aerial color photography for antarctic phytogeology
p. 177

Sporli, B.; Craddock, C.
Analysis of Ellsworth Mountains and Ruppert Coast geologic data
p. 179

Quantitative paleolimnology and fossil conchostracans
p. 179-180

Williams, P.L.; Ford, A.B.
Pensacola Mountains project
p. 181-182

Slichter, L.B.; Hager, Clarence L.; O'Connell, R.V.
Observations of earth tides and free variations at South Pole
p. 182-183

Bentley, C.R.
p. 183

Judson, S.; Hollin, J.T.
Testing for Antarctic ice surges
p. 183-184

Langway, C.C., Jr.
p. 184-185

Davis, P.A.; Serebreny, S.M.
Satellite-viewed cloud cover and computed atmospheric transports for the antarctic
p. 185-186

Rockney, V.D.
ESSA weather bureau programs in Antarctica
p. 186-187

Viebrock, H.J.
Interdisciplinary program in antarctic meteorology
p. 187-189

Sponholz, M.P.
Meteorological studies on the antarctic plateau
p. 189-190

Schwerdtfeger, W.; Mahrt, L.J.
Relation between terrain features, thermal wind, and surface wind over Antarctica
p. 190-191

Martin, D.W.
Cyclones over the southern oceans
p. 191-193

Schwerdtfeger, W.
New data on the winter radiation balance at the South Pole
p. 193-194

Robinson, E.; Robbins, R.C.
Evaluation of CO data obtained on Eltanin cruises 27, 29, and 31
p. 194-197

Davies, K.; Jones, J.E.
Transient ionospheric phenomena in Antarctica
p. 197-198

Reid, G.C.; Hargreaves, J.K.; Ecklund, W.L.; Leinbach, H.; Sauer, H.H.
Energetic-particle precipitation over Antarctica
p. 199-200

Gadsden, M.
Spectrometry of the twilight and night skies
p. 200

Inoue, Y.; Tartaglia, N.A.
Geomagnetic pulsations during a magnetic storm in the southern auroral zone
p. 201-202

Crary, J.H.
VLF studies in Antarctica
p. 202-203

Masley, A.J.; McDonough, J.W.; Satterblom, P.R.
Solar-cosmic radiation and magnetosphere studies during 1967-1968
p. 203-204

Coroniti, S.C.; Penndorf, R.B.
Antarctic geophysical research and data analysis
p. 204-207

Spitz, A.L.
Conjugate point studies
p. 207

Hastings, J.V.
Geomagnetic observations in Antarctica
p. 207-208

Rees, M.H.
Radiation from atomic hydrogen in aurorae
p. 208

Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center expands its USARP activities
p. 209

Landrum, B.J.
Innovations in the Antarctic records program
p. 210

McCombs, J.S.
Antarctic research series
p. 211

Smith, W.E.
Translation of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition Information Bulletin
p. 211

Thuronyi, G.T.
Abstracting and indexing service for current antarctic literature
p. 212

Thuronyi, G.T.
Antarctic Bibliography, 1951-1961
p. 212

Alberts, F.G.
Antarctic geographic nomenclature
p. 212

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic Map Folio Series
p. 213-214

Waugh, D.
Antarctic and southern ocean mapping by the American Geographical Society
p. 214

Bernstein, F.J.
Antarctic Treaty logistics meeting in Tokyo
p. 217

DeGoes, L.
Tenth meeting of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
p. 218-219

Cameron, R.E.; Conrow, H.P.
Antarctic simulator for soil storage and processing
p. 219-221

Watson, G.E.; Angle, J.P.
Adelie penguin with three chicks
p. 221