Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 2, issue 4

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Wade, F.S.
Geology of the Marie Byrd Land coastal sector of West Antarctica
p. 93-94

Sporli, B.; Craddock, C.
Geology of the Ruppert Coast
p. 94

Scharon, L.; Early, T.
Paleomagnetic investigation in Marie Byrd Land
p. 94-95

Beitzel, J.E.; Bentley, C.R.
Geophysical investigations in Marie Byrd Land
p. 95-96

Rudolph, E.D.
Biological survey of Marie Byrd Land
p. 96-97

Boyd, J.C.; Sladen, W.J.L.; Baldwin, H.A.
Biotelemetry of penguin body temperatures, 1966-1967
p. 97-99

Gless, E.E.
Entomological studies at Hallett Station
p. 99

Hemmingsen, E.A.; Douglas, E.
Snow blindness in animals
p. 99-100

Feeney, R.E.
Comparative biochemistry of proteins
p. 100

Ahmadjian, V.; Gannutz, T.P.; Frishman, S.
Photosynthesis and respiration of Antarctic lichens
p. 100-101

Wood, R.C.; LeResche, R.E.; Sladen, W.J.L.
Antarctic avian population studies, 1966-1967
p. 101-103

Richter, J.; Warnke, D.; Schwartz, W.
Microbial activity in Antarctica
p. 103-104

Dillon, R.D.
Ecology of free-living and parasitic protozoa of Antarctica
p. 104

Hemmingsen, E.A.; Grigg, G.C.
Oxygen consumption in a hemoglobin-free fish
p. 104-105

Ray, C.
Social behavior and acoustics of the Weddell seal
p. 105-106

Strandtmann, R.W.; Pittard, D.; Schaefer, P.
Prostigmatic mites and other terrestrial arthropods of Antarctica
p. 106-107

Penney, R.L.
Adélie penguin orientation
p. 107

Thermal-metabolic relationships in stenothermal fishes
p. 107-108

Matthews, J.L.; Crowell, J.C.; Coates, D.A.; Neder, I.R.; Frakes, L.A.
Late paleozoic glacial rocks in the Sentinel and Queen Alexandra Ranges
p. 108

Pinet, P.R.; Matz, D.B.; Hayes, M.O.
Petrology of the upper division of the Beacon sandstone
p. 108-109

Minshew, V.H.
Petrologic investigations in the area of Scott Glacier--Wisconsin Range
p. 109-110

Barrett, P.J.; Elliot, D.H.; Lindsay, J.F.
Geology of the Beardmore Glacier area
p. 110-112

Tasch, P.
Antarctic fossil conchostracans and the continental drift theory
p. 112-113

Dort, W., Jr.
Geomorphic studies in Southern Victoria Land
p. 113

Geochemical studies in Wright Valley
p. 114

Schopf, J.M.
Antarctic fossil plant collecting during the 1966-67 season
p. 114-116

Black, R.F.; Bowser, C.J.
Patterned ground studies in Victoria Land
p. 116-118

Dewart, G.
Anvers Island gravity survey, 1967
p. 118

Whitmore, G.D.
Topographic mapping: field operations, 1966-1967
p. 118-119

Clough, J.W.; Bentley, C.R.
Electromagnetic sounding of glacial and shelf ice
p. 119-120

Ueda, H.T.; Hansen, B.L.
p. 120-121

Gow, A.J.
Antarctic glaciological studies
p. 121-122

Koerner, R.M.; Kane, H.S.
Glaciological studies at Plateau Station
p. 122-123

Brecher, H.H.
Measurement of ice-surface movement by aerial triangulation
p. 123

Holdsworth, G.
Investigation of Meserve Glacier
p. 123-124

Belon, A.E.; Mather, K.B.; Glass, N.W.
Conjugacy of visual aurorae
p. 124-127

Barcus, J.R.; White, F.E.; Williamson, P.R.
Study of particle precipitation and magnetospheric phenomena by means of balloon-borne instrumentation
p. 127-128

Balish, D.
Deep Freeze 67 Air Operations
p. 133-137

Pope, D.R.
Construction Report: Deep Freeze 67
p. 137-141

Whitmer, R.D.; Kelley, G.J.
Construction at Palmer Station
p. 142-143

Smith, L.O.
U.S. observers inspect foreign Antarctic stations
p. 145-147