Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 2, issue 5

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Lettau, H.H.; Schwerdtfeger, W.
Dynamics of the surface-wind regime over the interior of Antarctica
p. 155-158

Dalrymple, P.C.; Stroschein, L.A.
Radiation climatology at Plateau Station
p. 159

Rundle, A.S.
Meteorological observations at Palmer Station, 1965-1966
p. 159-160

Roberts, C.L., Jr.
Meteorological research in Antarctica
p. 161

Dingle, R.; Radok, U.; Schwerdtfeger, P.; Weller, G.
Surface and subsurface micrometeorology at Plateau Station
p. 162

Schwerdtfeger, W.
Seasonal changes of atmospheric mass over the Antarctic continent
p. 162-163

Weyant, W.S.
Interdisciplinary program in Antarctic meteorology
p. 164

Weyant, W.S.
Meteorological studies on the Antarctic Plateau
p. 164-165

Annexstad, J.O.
Kotzebue, Alaska-Macquarie Island conjugate point micropulsation experiment
p. 165

Rees, M.H.
Radiation from atomic hydrogen in aurorae
p. 166

Gadsden, M.
Twilight and nightglow spectrometry at South Pole Station during the 1966 winter
p. 166-167

Reid, G.C.; Hargreaves, J.K.; Sauer, H.H.
ITSA Antarctic riometer program
p. 167-168

Faylor, R.C.
Auroral studies at Plateau and Byrd Stations
p. 168

Hastings, J.V.
Geomagnetic studies at Byrd, South Pole, and Plateau Stations
p. 168-169

Stephens, C.P.; Mott, D.L.
Electron content of the Antarctic ionosphere, 1966
p. 169-170

Pomerantz, M.A.
Investigations of cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 170-171

Crary, J.H.
VLF studies at Plateau Station
p. 171-172

Reynolds, D.K.; Swarm, H.M.; Peden, I.C.
University of Washington's Antarctic research program, 1966-1967
p. 172-173

Helliwell, R.A.
Very-low frequency studies
p. 173-175

Pomerantz, M.A.
Ionospheric forward-scatter program in the Antarctic
p. 175

Masley, A.J.
Solar cosmic ray activity
p. 175-176

Coroniti, S.C.; Penndorf, R.B.
Antarctic geophysical research and data analysis
p. 176-177

Hamilton, W.
Hallett volcanic province
p. 177-178

Schmidt, D.L.; Ford, A.B.
Pensacola Mountains Geologic Project
p. 179

Wasilewski, P.J.
Magnetic signature of rocks from Ellsworth Land
p. 179-181

Lander, J.F.
Seismology at Byrd and South Pole Stations
p. 181

Behrendt, J.C.
Geophysical investigations
p. 181-182

Watkins, N.D.; Goodell, H.G.
Paleomagnetic studies of deep-sea sediments from Antarctic seas
p. 182

Goodell, H.G.; Osmond, J.K.
Marine geological investigations
p. 182-183

Kolpack, R.L.
Surface sediments of Drake Passage
p. 183

Rundle, A.S.
Studies of the Anvers Island ice cap, 1965-1966
p. 183-184

Heezen, B.C.; Hollister, C.D.
Physiography and bottom currents in the Bellingshausen Sea
p. 184-185

Gordon, A.L.
Physical oceanography aboard Eltanin, 1966
p. 185-186

Turekian, K.K.; Schutz, D.F.; Bower, P.; Johnson, D.G.
Alkalinity and strontium profiles in Antarctic waters
p. 186-188

Bé, A.W.H.
Zoogeography of Antarctic and subantarctic planktonic foraminifera in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean sectors
p. 188-189

Somero, G.; Giese, A.C.
Physiological and biochemical mechanics of cold adaptation in fishes of McMurdo Sound
p. 189-190

Wood, E.J.F.
Antarctic phytoplankton distribution
p. 190

Marini, M.A.; Orr, M.F.; Coe, E.L.
Surviving macromolecules in Antarctic seal mummies
p. 190-191

McCammon, H.M.
Ecology of articulate brachiopods in Antarctic regions
p. 191

Foster, M.W.
Summary of Harvard University's brachiopod studies on Eltanin Cruise 27
p. 192

Walls, N.W.
Bacteriology of Antarctic Region waters and sediments
p. 192-193

Fell, J.W.; Martin, C.
Distribution of Antarctic marine fungi
p. 193-194

Bottino, N.R.; Jeffrey, L.M.; Reiser, R.
Lipids of Antarctic fish
p. 194-195

Menzies, R.J.; George, R.Y.
Research on Antarctic isopods, 1966-1967
p. 195-196

Peckham, V.
Studies of the mite Alaskozetes antarcticus (Michael)
p. 196-197

Shurley, J.T.
Study of sleeping, dreaming, and waking patterns of Antarctic wintering-over personnel
p. 197

Savage, J.M.
Vertical and horizontal distribution of pelagic and benthic fauna in Antarctic Seas
p. 198

Holloway, H.L., Jr.
Endoparasites of Antarctic vertebrates
p. 199

Hillman, N.S.
Ecology of Antarctic pelagic ostracoda
p. 199-200

Chen, C.; Ericson, D.B.
Holoplanktonic gastropoda in the Southern Oceans
p. 200

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Biological-productivity investigations of the Pacific sector of Antarctica
p. 200-201

Lamb, I.M.
Botanical studies in West Antarctica
p. 202

Wallen, I.E.
Smithsonian Institution participation in Eltanin cruises
p. 202

Voss, G.L.
Systematics and distribution of Antarctic cephalopods
p. 202-203

Wallen, I.E.
Cooperative systematic studies in Antarctic biology
p. 203

Lawrence, B.
Anatomical investigations of Weddell seals
p. 203

Whitmore, G.D.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey in Antarctica
p. 204

Miller, O.M.
American Geophysical Society's Antarctic cartographic activities
p. 204

Burrill, M.F.
Antarctic geographic names
p. 204

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic map folio series
p. 205

Fehlmann, H.A.
Role of the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center in Antarctic Research
p. 205-206

Landrum, B.J.
Antarctic records program, 1966-1967
p. 206

DeGoes, L.
Recent activities of the Committee on Polar Research
p. 206-207

Smith, W.E.
Translation of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition Information Bulletin
p. 207-208

Smith, W.E.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 208

Floyd, W.R.
Bibliography on snow, ice, and permafrost
p. 208-209

Splettstoesser, J.F.
Abstracting and indexing service for current Antarctic literature
p. 209

Splettstoesser, J.F.
Antarctic Bibliography, 1951-1961
p. 209

Whitmer, R.D.
Fresh water for McMurdo Station
p. 213-216

Sallee, R.W.
Use of weather satellites in Antarctica
p. 216-220

Green, J.B., Jr.
Operational history of the McMurdo Station water-distillation plant
p. 220-221