Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 4, issue 4

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Sandved, K.G.
U.S. Antarctic research program, 1968-1969. Review of the Summer Season
p. 91

Wade, F.A.; Croddock, C.
Ellsworth Land Survey
p. 92

Wade, F.A.; La Prade, K.E.
Geology of the King Peninsula, Canisteo Peninsula, and Hudson Mountains areas, Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
p. 92-93

Craddock, C.; White, C.M.; Rutford, R.H.
Geology of the Eights Coast
p. 93-94

Scharon, L.; Shimoyama, A.; Scharnberger, C.
Paleomagnetic investigations in the Ellsworth Land area, Antarctica
p. 94-95

Gilbert, G.E.; Early, T.J.; King, H.T.
Biological survey of Ellsworth Land
p. 95-96

Rankin, J.S., Jr.; Clark, K.B.; Biernbaum, C.K.
Weddell Sea benthic studies
p. 97

Capurro, L.R.A.
Research program in cooperation with Argentina, 1968-1969
p. 98

Hufford, G.L.; Elder, R.B.
U.S. Coast Guard Oceanographic Unit's participation in IWSOE-1969
p. 98-99

Erickson, A.W.; Cline, D.R.; Hofman, R.J.
Population study of seals in the Weddell Sea
p. 99-100

Le Fever, R.D.; Chriss, T.; Frakes, L.A.; Matthews, J.L.
Marine geology of the Weddell Sea
p. 101

Cameron, R.E.; Benoit, R.E.
Microbial and ecological investigations of recent cinder cones, Deception Island, Antarctica
p. 102-103

Rastorfer, J.R.; Gnau, J.M.
Physiological studies of antarctic mosses, 1968-1969
p. 103

Schuster, R.M.
Results of bryological field work in the Antarctic Peninsula, Austral summer 1968-1969
p. 103-104

DeVries, A.L.
Freezing resistance in fishes of the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 104-105

McCain, J.C.; Stout, W.E.
Benthic zonation on submarine cliffs in the vicinity of Arthur Harbor, Antarctica
p. 105-106

McCain, J.C.
Smithsonian Institution collections from the first antarctic cruise of Hero
p. 106

Hedgpeth, J.W.
Preliminary observations of life between tidemarks at Palmer Station, 64 deg 45 mins and 64 deg 05 min W
p. 106-107

Hemmingsen, E.A.; Douglas, E.L.
Studies of respiration in antarctic hemoglobin-free fishes
p. 108

Thompson, J.C., Jr.; Croom, J.M.
Systematic survey of ciliated protozoa from the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 108-109

Douglas, E.L.; Hedgpeth, J.W.; Hemmingsen, E.A.
Oxygen consumption of some antarctic pycnogonids
p. 109

Voss, W.J.; Strandtmann, S.B.
Arthropods of southern Victoria Land
p. 110

Ugolini, F.C.; Grier, C.C.
Biological weathering in Antarctica
p. 110-111

Schofield, E.; Rudolph, E.D.
Factors influencing the distribution of antarctic terrestrial plants
p. 112-113

Feeney, R.E.
Comparative biochemistry of proteins
p. 114

Dillon, R.D.; Walsh, G.L.; Heth, S.R.
Ecology of antarctic protozoan ponds
p. 114-115

Kooyman, G.L.; Campbell, W.B., Jr.
Biology of deep diving in antarctic birds and mammals
p. 115

Baker, J.R.
Studies of the rate of development of the Adelie penguin embryo
p. 116

Penney, R.L.; Riker, D.K.
Adélie penguin orientation under the northern sun
p. 116-117

Shurley, J.T.; Brooks, R.E.; Elsner, R.; Hammond, D.D.
Behavioral and electrographic study of sleeping and waking patterns in Weddell seals
p. 118

Elsner, R.; Hammond, D.D.; Shurley, J.T.; Brooks, R.E.
Electroencephalographic and blood gas correlates during simulated dives in Weddell seals
p. 118-119

Elsner, R.; Hammond, D.D.
Circulatory responses to asphyxia in pregnant Weddell seals
p. 119-120

Siniff, D.B.; Tester, J.R.; Kuechle, L.B.
Population studies of Weddell seals at McMurdo Station
p. 120-121

Bermel, P.F.
Topographic mapping field operations, 1968-1969
p. 121-122

Pomerantz, M.A.; Baird, G.A.
Investigations of energetic particles and radiation in the polar cap with balloon-borne instruments
p. 122-123

Langway, C.C., Jr.; Hansen, B.L.; Oeschger, H.; Stauffer, B.
p. 123-124

Gow, A.J.
p. 124-125

Kläy, J.-R.; Orheim, O.
Glaciology and glacial geology on Deception Island
p. 125-126

Holdsworth, G.
Structural glaciology of Meserve Glacier
p. 126-128

Behling, R.E.; Calkin, P.E.
Chemical-physical weathering, surficial geology, and glacial history of the Wright Valley, Victoria Land
p. 128-129

Black, R.F.; Twomey, A.A.
Patterned ground studies in Victoria land
p. 129

Lindholm, R.C.; Siegel, F.; Dort, W., Jr.
Diagenetic syngenite from Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 130-131

Smitson, S.B.; Murphy, D.; Toogood, D.J.
Geological and geophysical studies in the ice-free valley area of Victoria Land
p. 131-132.

Watkins, N.D.; Abranson, C.E.
Paleomagnetism of igneous rocks from île Amsterdam, Kerguelen, and îles Crozet
p. 132-133

Stephens, G.C.; Siegel, F.R.
Calcium salts from Taylor Glacier, Southern Victoria Land
p. 133

Borns, H.W., Jr.; Hall, B.A.
Reinvestigation of the Mawson tillite, Victoria Land, East Antarctica
p. 133-134

Harrington, H.J.
Fossiliferous rocks in moraines at Minna Bluff, McMurdo Sound
p. 134-135

La Prade, K.E.
Geology of the Roberts Massif, Queen Maud Range, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
p. 135-136

Porter, S.C.
p. 136

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Structural studies in the Scotia Arc: Livingston Island
p. 137

Everett, K.R.
Pedology of the Trinity Peninsula and offshore islands
p. 138

Fuchs, V.
Shackleton Range Traverse
p. 139-140

Winsnes, T.S.
Norwegian Antarctic Expedition, 1968-1969
p. 140-141

Moulton, K.N.
Animal airlift, 1968
p. 141-142

Dater, H.M.
Deep Freeze 69: an overview
p. 142-144

Hall, P.L.
Construction report, Deep Freeze 69
p. 144-147

Van Reeth, E.W.
Deep Freeze 69: air operations
p. 148-151

Groover, E.D.
Nuclear power operations, deep freeze 68-69
p. 151-153

Paige, R.A.
Drilling in snow, ice, and frozen ground in Antarctica
p. 154-158

Smith, P.M.
Antarctic engineering
p. 159-162