Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 4, issue 5

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Goodell, H.G.
Marine geology of the southern oceans
p. 167-168

Rex, R.W.; Margolis, S.V.
Surface features on sand grains from Antarctic continental shelf and deep-sea cores
p. 168-170

Bandy, O.L.; Casey, R.E.
Major Late Cenozoic planktonic datum planes, Antarctica to the tropics
p. 170-171

Mandra, Y.T.
Silicoflagellates: a new tool for the study of Antarctic Tertiary climates
p. 172-174

Gram, R.
Grain surface features in Eltanin cores and Antarctic glaciation
p. 174-175

Geitzenauer, K.R.
Pleistocene Coccolithophoridae of the southern oceans
p. 176-177

Watkins, N.D.
Continuing studies of Eltanin sedimentary cores and dredged rocks
p. 177

Goodell, H.G.; Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility
p. 177-178

Kennett, J.P.
Foraminiferal studies of southern ocean deep-sea cores
p. 178-179

Nayudu, Y.R.
Biolithology and chemistry of surface sediments in the subantarctic Pacific Ocean
p. 180-181

Hayes, D.E.; Houtz, R.
Marine geophysical program of USNS Eltanin, 1968-1969
p. 181-183

Gordon, A.L.
Physical oceanography on Eltanin Cruises 32-37
p. 183-184

Fairhall, A.W.; Buddemeier, R.W.; Yang, I.C.; Young, A.W.
Radiocarbon from nuclear testing and air-sea exchange of CO2
p. 184-185

Mathieu, G.G.
Rn222 in Antarctic near-surface waters
p. 185-186

Ku, T.-L.; Li, Y.-H.; Mathieu, G.G.
Radium and inorganic carbon in Antarctic waters
p. 186-187

Kaufman, A.
Ra228 in high-latitude southern hemisphere waters
p. 187

Pomeroy, L.R.; Wiebe, W.J.; Frankenberg, D.; Hendricks, C.; Layton, W.L., Jr.
Metabolism of total water columns
p. 188

Driscoll, E.G.
Analysis of variance of Benthic Parameters
p. 188-189

Hillman, N.S.
Ontogenic studies of Antarctic pelagic Ostracoda
p. 189-190

Menzies, R.J.; George, R.Y.
Polar faunal trends exhibited by Antarctic isopod crustacea
p. 190-191

Foster, M.W.
Antarctic and Subantarctic brachiopods
p. 191-192

Giese, A.C.
General physiology of the echinoderm body wall with special reference to asteroids and echinoids
p. 192-193

Bunt, J.
Microbiology of sea ice
p. 193

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Ecological studies of Antarctic marine phytoplankton
p. 193-194

Wallen, I.E.
Participation in Antarctic expeditions
p. 195-196

Wallen, I.E.
Cooperative systematic studies in Antarctic biology
p. 196

Watson, G.E.
Handbook to the birds of the Antarctic
p. 196-197

Cranwell, L.M.
Antarctic and circum-Antarctic palynological contributions
p. 197-198

Tasch, P.
Antarctic paleobiology: new fossil data and their significance
p. 198-199

Hertlein, L.G.
Fossiliferous boulder of early Tertiary age from Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 199-201

Frakes, L.A.; Crowell, J.C.
Late paleozoic glacial geography of Gondwanaland
p. 201-202

Ford, A.B.; Boyd, W.W., Jr.
Chemical trends in the Dufek intrusion, Pensacola mountains
p. 202-203

Schmidt, D.L.
Precambrian and Lower Paleozoic igneous rocks, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica
p. 203-204

Jones, L.M.; Faure, G.
Age of the basement complex of Wright Valley, Antarctica
p. 204-205

Elliot, D.H.
Jurassic tholeiites of the Beardmore Glacier area
p. 205-206

Halpern, M.
Sr87/Sr86 ratios of ultramafic nodules and host basalt from the McMurdo area and Ford Ranges, Antarctica
p. 206-207

LeMasurier, W.E.
Petrographic and field characteristics of Marie Byrd Land volcanic rocks
p. 207

Treves, S.B.
Volcanic rocks of the Ross Island area
p. 207-208

MacNamara, E.E.
Pedology of Enderby Land, Antarctica
p. 208-210

Williams, P.L.
Volcanic eruption on Deception Island
p. 210-211

Dort, W., Jr.; Dort, D.S.
Antarctic sodium sulfate and recent geomorphic history
p. 211

Barrett, P.J.; Lindsay, J.F.
Colored geologic maps of the Beardmore Glacier area
p. 212

Lander, J.F.
Regional earthquakes recorded at Byrd and South Pole Stations
p. 212-213

Slichter, L.B.; Hager, C.L.; Tamburro, M.B.; O'Connell, R.V.
Long-period earth tide at South Pole
p. 214

Zumberge, J.H.; Smith, B.M.E.; Fuzesy, A.
Ross ice shelf studies, 1969
p. 215-216

Benson, C.S.
p. 217

Langway, C.C., Jr.
p. 218

Langway, C.C., Jr.
Studies on deep ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica
p. 218

Bentley, C.R.; Acharya, H.K.; Beitzel, J.E.; Clough, J.W.
p. 219-220

Judson, S.; Hollin, J.T.; Brush, G.
Further testing for Antarctic ice surges
p. 220-221

Schwerdtfeger, W.
Ice crystal precipitation on the Antarctic Plateau
p. 221-222

Knapp, W.W.
p. 222-223

Frostman, T.O.
Plateau Station micrometeorology
p. 224

Roberts, C.L., Jr.
ESSA's Antarctic meteorological program
p. 224-225

Hessler, V.P.; Heacock, R.R.
Micropulsation studies in the polar caps
p. 225-226

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Investigations of cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 226-227

Davies, K.; Jones, J.E.
Doppler radio soundings of the Antarctic ionosphere during 1968
p. 227-229

Akasofu, S.-I.
Auroral observations at the South Pole
p. 229-230

Reid, G.C.; Hargreaves, J.K.; Ecklund, W.L.; Cowley, F.C.
Riometer observations of the Antarctic ionosphere
p. 231

Millman, P.M.
Conjugate-point auroral studies at Byrd and Great Whale Stations
p. 231-232

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1968-1969
p. 232

Waugh, D.
AGS 1:3,000,000-scale map of Antarctica
p. 232-233

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic Map Folio series
p. 233-234

Alberts, F.G.
Antarctic geographic nomenclature
p. 234

Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center continues its USARP activities
p. 234-235

Simkin, T.
Rock samples from the Antarctic seas
p. 235

Landrum, B.J.
Status of the national data bank for antarctic natural history collections
p. 235-236

McCombs, J.S.
Antarctic research series
p. 236

Smith, W.E.
Translation of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition Information Bulletin
p. 236-237

Thuronyi, G.T.
Antarctic Bibliography
p. 237

DeGoes, L.
Recent activities of the Committee on Polar Research
p. 239

Barber, D.W.
p. 242-245

Imshaug, H.A.
Expedition to Falkland Islands, 1968
p. 247-248

Pomeroy, L.R.
Eltanin Cruise 38
p. 249