Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 9, issue 4

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U.S. antarctic program, 1973-1974 austral summer
p. 95

Pinshow, B.; Fedak, M.A.; Schmidt-Nielsen, K.
Metabolic response of starving emperor penguins at low temperatures
p. 96-97

Fedak, M.A.; Pinshow, B.; Schmidt-Nielsen, K.
Emperor and Adélie penguins: energy cost of walking
p. 97-98

Block, G.A.; Murrish, D.E.
Viscous properties of bird blood at low temperatures
p. 98-99

Hammel, H.T.; Maggert, J.A.; Kaul, R.
Osmoregulation and thermoregulation studies of the Adélie penguin
p. 99-100

Tradatti, C.E.; Esbry, M.A.; DiPaola, R.; Levin, E.
Studies of the brain-blood barrier in antarctic organisms
p. 100-101

Guard, C.L.; Murrish, D.E.
Blood flow in the giant petrel
p. 101-103

Parmelee, D.F.; Maxson, S.J.
Ornithological investigations of the antarctic tern
p. 103

Rugh, D.J.
Bird sightings in Marie Byrd Land
p. 103-104

Siniff, D.B.; DeMaster, D.; Kuechle, V.B.; Watson, A.; Reichle, R.; Kaufman, G.
Population dynamics of McMurdo Sound's Weddell seals
p. 104-105

Bryden, M.M.; Tedman, R.A.
Studies of lactation in Weddell seals
p. 105-106

Hofman, R.; Flesness, N.
Early summer seal studies near the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 107

DeVries, A.L.; DeVries, Y.L.; Dobbs, G.H., III; Raymond, J.A.
Studies of the antarctic cod, «Dissostichus mawsoni»
p. 107-108

Pinto-Coelho, A.
Biological and geological sampling in the Antarctic Peninsula area
p. 109-110

Di Paola, R.; Marschoff, E.
Argentine Antarctic Institute activities at Palmer Station
p. 110-111

Lipps, J.H.; DeLaca, T.E.
Foraminiferal ecology, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 111-113

Cameron, R.E.; Morelli, F.A.
Viable microorganisms from ancient Ross Island and Taylor Valley drill core
p. 113-116

Cameron, R.E.; Ford, A.B.
Baseline analyses of soils from the Pensacola Mountains
p. 116-119

Muchmore, H.G.; Shurley, J.T.
Microbiology and immunology of South Pole antigen deprivation
p. 119-120

Cahill, R.A.; Mroz, G.J.; Zoller, W.H.; Duce, R.A.; Fletcher, I.
Trace metals and halogens at the South Pole, 1973-1974
p. 120-121

Rosen, J.M.; Hofmann, D.J.; Olson, G.; Martell, D.; Kiernan, J.
Aerosols in the antarctic stratosphere
p. 121-122

Hogan, A.W.
Atmospheric aerosol investigations
p. 122

Carroll, J.J.; Coulson, K.L.; Fitch, B.W.
Atmospheric processes and energy transfers at the South Pole
p. 122-123

Kuhn, M.
Anisotropic reflection from sastrugi fields
p. 123

McGinnis, L.D.
Dry Valley Drilling Project, 1973-1974
p. 125-127

Rosenberg, T.J.
Electron precipitation and radio wave emissions
p. 125

Kyle, P.R.; Treves, S.B.
Geology of DVDP hole 3, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island
p. 127-129

Mudrey, M.G., Jr.
Geology of DVDP holes 6, 7, 8, and 9
p. 130

Torii, T.
Japanese activities in DVDP, 1973-1974
p. 130-131

Cartwright, K.; Harris, H.; Heidari, M.
Hydrogeological studies in the dry valleys
p. 131-133

Pruss, E.F.; Decker, E.R.; Smithson, S.B.
Preliminary temperature measurements at DVDP holes 3, 4, 6, and 8
p. 133-134

Wilson, A.T.; Hendy, C.H.; Healy, T.R.; Gumbley, J.W.; Field, A.B.; Reynolds, C.P.
Dry valley lake sediments: a record of Cenozoic climatic events
p. 134-135

Gumbley, J.W.; Wilson, A.T.; Hendy, C.H.; Nelson, C.S.
Sedimentology of shallow cores from Lake Vanda
p. 135-137

Wilson, A.T.; Holdsworth, R.; Hendy, C.H.
Lake Vanda: source of heating
p. 137-138

Barrett, P.J.; Christoffel, D.A.; Northey, D.J.; Sissons, B.A.
Seismic profiles across the extension of Wright Valley into McMurdo Sound
p. 138-140

Cameron, R.E.; Morelli, F.A.; Donlan, R.; Guilfoyle, J.; Markley, B.; Smith, R.
DVDP environmental monitoring
p. 141-144

Hendy, C.H.; Holdsworth, R.
Physical impact of DVDP drilling at site 4, Lake Vanda
p. 144-146

Treves, S.B.; Kyle, P.R.
Volcanic activity of Mount Erebus, 1973-1974
p. 147

Behling, R.E.; Reger, J.P.; Calkin, P.E.
Soil and glacial history studies in Wright Valley (revisited)
p. 148-149

Coutts, D.A.
Gravity observations
p. 149

Ford, A.B.
Basalt dikes of the Cordiner Peaks: satellitic bodies of the Dufek intrusion
p. 149-152

Treves, S.B.; Rinehart, J.G.; Pochon, R.
Geology and petrography of rocks from the floor of the Ross Sea near Ross Island
p. 152-154

Hollister, C.D.; Craddock, C.
DSDP leg 35: Bellingshausen Sea
p. 154-155

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Topographic mapping field operations
p. 156

Rutford, R.H.
Ross Ice Shelf Project, 1973-1974
p. 157

Bentley, C.R.; Clough, J.W.; Robertson, J.D.
RISP geophysical work
p. 157-159

Clough, J.W.
RISP radio-echo soundings
p. 159

Thomas, R.H.; Gaylord, D.R.
Glaciological measurements on the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 160-162

Robinson, E.S.; Neuburg, H.A.C.; Williams, R.
Ocean tides beneath the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 162-164

McSaveney, M.J.
Buckling of the Meserve Glacier surface
p. 164-166

McSaveney, M.J.
3.1-meter recession of Meserve Glacier, Wright Valley
p. 166-167

Whillans, I.M.; Thompson, L.G.
Glaciological studies along Byrd Station strain network
p. 167-168

Denton, G.H.; Borns, H.W., Jr.
Former grounded ice sheets in the Ross Sea
p. 167

Curl, J.E.; Ten Brink, N.W.
Glaciology and glacial chronology in the South Shetland Islands
p. 168-171

Orheim, O.
Glaciological studies in the South Shetland Islands
p. 172

Hughes, T.
Ice crater closure studies on Deception Island
p. 172-174

Kovacs, A.; Abele, G.
Blue ice runway site survey, Pensacola Mountains
p. 175-177

Kovacs, A.; Abele, G.
Crevasse detection using an impulse radar system
p. 177-178

Peters, V.W.
Air operations, «Deep Freeze» '74
p. 178-180

Kirkpatrick, T.W.
Ship operations, «Deep Freeze» '74
p. 180-183

Korb, K.
Construction report, «Deep Freeze» '74
p. 183-185

Buettner, R.J.
Contractor support operations
p. 185-186

Renzetti, J.L.
PM-3A operations, Deep Freeze 74
p. 186-187

International Antarctic Glaciological Project
p. 187-189