Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 9, issue 6

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Neal, V.T.
International Southern Ocean Studies, 1974-1975
p. 289-290

Wade, F.A.
Antarctic Research Center
p. 291

Erickson, A.W.; Denney, R.N.; Brueggeman, J.J.; Sinha, A.A.; Bryden, M.M.; Otis, J.
Seal and bird populations off Adélie, Clairie, and Banzare coasts
p. 292-296

Hoehn, R.C.; Parker, B.C.; Paterson, R.A.
Toward an ecological model of Lake Bonney
p. 297-300

Ayala, F.J.; Valentine, J.W.; Zumwalt, G.S.
Genetic variability in antarctic krill
p. 300-301

Valentine, J.W.; Ayala, F.J.; DeLaca, E.D.; Zumwalt, G.S.
Genetic variability in a population of antarctic brachiopods
p. 302-304

Dearborn, J.H.; Fell, F.J.
Ecology of echinoderms from the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 304-306

Graham, W.L.
Arthropods near Palmer Station, Anvers Island
p. 306-307

Kauffman, T.A.
Seasonality and disturbance in benthic communities, Arthur Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 307-310

Thompson, L.
Distribution of benthic foraminifera near Isla de los Estados
p. 310-311

Barker, P.F.; Dalziel, I.W.D.
Deep Sea Drilling Project leg 36: southernmost Atlantic
p. 312

Mills, E.L.; Hessler, R.R.
Antarctic benthic communities: Hudson '70 expedition
p. 312-316

Cope, W.T.
Fingernail ridging at the South Pole
p. 317

DeGoes, L.
Committee on Polar Research, 1973-1974
p. 317-319

Cassidy, D.S.; Wise, S.W.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1973-1974
p. 319-321

Langway, C.C., Jr.
Ice core storage facility
p. 322-325

Snee, L.W.; Cassidy, D.S.
“List," a computer program for sediment sample inventory
p. 322

Rutford, R.H.
Coordination of ice core drilling
p. 325-326

Splettstoesser, J.F.
Ice Core Drilling Symposium, August 1974
p. 326-327

Thuronyi, G.T.
Current Antarctic Literature user survey
p. 327-328

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic Map Folio Series
p. 328

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series and SAE Information Bulletin
p. 328