Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 1, issue 4

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Moulton, K.N.
United States Antarctic Research Program, field season 1965-1966
p. 118-121

Huffman, J.W.; Schmidt, D.L.
Pensacola Mountains project
p. 123-124

Behrendt, J.C.; Meister, L.; Henderson, J.R.
Airborne geophysical study in the Pensacola Mountains of Antarctica
p. 125-126

Schmidt, D.L.; Ford, A.B.
Geology of the northern Pensacola Mountains and adjacent areas
p. 125

Bermel, P.F.
Topographic field operations
p. 126

Llano, G.A.
USCGC Eastwind oceanographic cruise
p. 126-127

Fell, J.W.; Martin, C.; Walsh, J.J.
Distribution of marine fungi
p. 127

Oppenheimer, C.H.; Warnke, D.A.
Geomicrobiological parameters along the Antarctic peninsula shelf
p. 128

Gressitt, J.L.; Flint, O.S., Jr.
Entomological collections
p. 128

Squires, D.F.; Pawson, D.L.; Yeater, L.W.
Benthic invertebrate collections
p. 128

Watson, G.E.
Identification guide to Antarctic birds
p. 128

Picciotto, E.E.
South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse II, 1965-1966
p. 129-131

Hastings, J.V.; Elvers, D.J.
Geomagnetism and navigation on the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse II
p. 131-132

Picciotto, E.E.; Kane, H.S.
Glaciological studies on the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse II
p. 132

Beitzel, J.E.; Clough, J.W.; Bentley, C.R.
Geophysical studies on the South Pole-Queen Maud Land Traverse II
p. 132-133

Frakes, L.A.; Crowell, J.C.; Matthews, J.L.; Neder, I.R.
Late paleozoic glacial rocks, Pensacola and Horlick Mountains
p. 134

Matz, D.B.; Hayes, M.O.
Sedimentary petrology of Beacon sediments
p. 134-135

Schopf, J.M.
Antarctic paleobotany and palynology
p. 135

Cox, A.V.
Paleomagnetic research on volcanic rocks of McMurdo Sound
p. 136

Laudon, T.S.
Geology of the Ellsworth Land nunataks
p. 136-137

Halpern, M.
Geochronologic investigations in eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 137

Black, R.F.
Patterned ground studies in Antarctica
p. 137

Dort, W., Jr.
Antarctic cirques and glaciated valleys
p. 137-138

Holdsworth, G.
Glaciological investigation of a cold glacier
p. 138

Zumberge, J.H.
Ross Ice Shelf Survey II, 1965-1966
p. 138

Brecher, H.H.
Measurement of ice surface movement by aerial triangulation
p. 139

Patterson, C.C.
Measurement of common lead in Antarctic snow
p. 139-140

Gow, A.J.
Glaciological studies in Antarctica
p. 140

Sladen, W.J.L.; Wood, R.C.; Emison, W.B.
Antarctic avian population studies, 1965-1966
p. 141-142

Sladen, W.J.L.; Boyd, J.C.; Pedersen, J.M.
Biotelemetry studies on penguin body temperatures
p. 142-143

Ray, C.
Ecology of Antarctic seals
p. 143-144

Thompson, D.H.; Emlen, J.T.
Parent-chick individual recognition in the Adélie penguin
p. 144

Koob, D.D.
Ecology of some Antarctic algae
p. 144-145

Feeney, R.E.
Comparative biochemistry of proteins
p. 145

Morris, R.W.
Thermal-metabolic relationships in stenothermal fishes
p. 145

Gless, E.E.; Gressitt, J.L.
Entomological studies
p. 145-146

Holloway, H.L., Jr.
Endoparasites of Antarctic vertebrates
p. 146

Dater, H.M.
Operation Deep Freeze 66
p. 147-152

Morris, M.E.
Air operations, Deep Freeze 66
p. 153-155

Kauffman, S.K.; Weber, A.M.
Design for survival; the story of plateau station
p. 156-160

Whitmer, R.D.
Mobile Construction Battalion Six, Deep Freeze 66
p. 161-162

Sandved, K.G.
USNS Eltanin: four years of research
p. 164-174