Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 1, issue 5

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Reynolds, D.K.; Swarm, H.M.
University of Washington research program in Antarctica, 1965-1966
p. 185-186

Pomerantz, M.A.
Ionospheric forward-scatter program in the Antarctic
p. 186-187

Pomerantz, M.A.
Investigations of cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 187

Mott, D.L.
Geodetic satellite observations at McMurdo Station
p. 187-188

Penndorf, R.B.; Rourke, G.F.
Antarctic research and data analysis, 1965-1966
p. 188-189

Hastings, J.V.; Elvers, D.J.
Geomagnetism: Plateau Station
p. 189

Masley, A.J.; Goedeke, A.D.
Polar studies of solar cosmic radiation, 1962-1966
p. 190-192

Carpenter, D.L.; Helliwell, R.A.
Very-low-frequency phenomena, 1965-1966
p. 193-194

Rees, M.H.
Radiation from atomic hydrogen in aurora
p. 194

Hessler, V.P.
Micropulsation studies at the geomagnetic poles
p. 195

Hastings, J.V.
Geomagnetism: Byrd and South Pole
p. 195-196

Crary, J.H.
Antarctic Plateau VLF studies
p. 196

Campbell, W.H.
Conjugate point investigations
p. 196

Neuburg, H.A.C.
Antarctic aurora program, 1965-1966
p. 197

Gadsden, M.
Scanning spectrometer at the South Pole
p. 197

Hough, W.S.
Vertical incidence ionosphere sounding program
p. 197

Schwerdtfeger, W.
On the asymmetry of the southern circumpolar vortex, in the winter
p. 198

Schwerdtfeger, W.
Study of the open water areas existing along parts of the Antarctic coast, in the winter
p. 198-199

Dalrymple, P.C.; Stroschein, L.A.
Antarctic plateau radiation climatology
p. 199

Weyant, W.S.
Interdisciplinary research program in Antarctic meteorology
p. 199-200

Roberts, C.L., Jr.
Meteorological research in Antarctica, 1965-1966
p. 200-201

Zeller, E.J.
Age of frigid conditions in Antarctica
p. 201-202

Craddock, C.
Analysis of geologic materials
p. 202

Goodell, H.G.; Osmond, J.K.
Marine geological investigations in the South Pacific Ocean
p. 203

Holmes, C.W.; Osmond, J.K.; Goodell, H.G.
Geochronology of Eltanin cores from the South Pacific Ocean
p. 203-204

Burckle, L.H.; Donahue, J.H.; Hays, J.D.; Heezen, B.C.
Radiolaria and diatoms in sediments of the Southern Oceans
p. 204

Heirtzler, J.R.
Marine geophysics from USNS Eltanin
p. 204-205

Whitmore, G.D.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey
p. 205

Hitchcock, C.B.
American Geographical Society's Antarctic cartographic activities
p. 205-206

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic map folio series
p. 206

Burrill, M.F.
Antarctic geographic nomenclature
p. 206

Hansen, B.L.; Langway, C.C., Jr.
p. 207-208

Swithinbank, C.
Glaciology of the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 208

Untersteiner, N.
Sonic device for measuring thickness changes at the bottom of floating ice
p. 208-209

Bentley, C.R.; Giovinetto, M.B.
Studies in surface glaciology
p. 209

Jeffrey, L.M.; Bottino, N.R.; Reiser, R.
Distribution of fatty acid classes in lipids of Antarctic euphausids
p. 209

McWhinnie, M.A.; Johanneck, R.
Utilization of inorganic and organic carbon compounds by Antarctic zooplankton
p. 210

Menzies, R.J.
Systematics, distribution, and origin of Antarctic deep-sea marine isopoda
p. 210

Zaneveld, J.S.
Vertical zonation of Antarctic and subantarctic benthic marine algae
p. 211-213

Hargis, W.J., Jr.
Study of parasites of Antarctic vertebrates and invertebrates
p. 213

McCammon, H.; Buchsbaum, R.
Study of articulate brachiopods in the Antarctic region
p. 213-214

Hillman, N.S.
Ecology of skeletal plankton
p. 214-215

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Biological productivity of Antarctic and subantarctic waters
p. 215

Fell, J.W.; Martin, C.
Distribution of Antarctic marine fungi
p. 216

Ahmadjian, V.; Gannutz, T.P.
Photosynthesis and respiration of Antarctic lichens
p. 216

Dodge, C.W.
Lichen flora of Antarctica and adjacent islands
p. 217-218

Rudolph, E.D.
Ecology and floristic investigations of lichens
p. 218

Lawrence, B.
Anatomical investigations of Weddell seals
p. 218

Kooyman, G.L.
Polar adaptation of the Weddell seal
p. 219

Watson, G.E.; Angle, J.P.
Identification manual to Antarctic birds
p. 219

Wallen, I.E.
Cooperative systematic studies in Antarctic biology
p. 220

Wallen, I.E.
Participation in USARP expeditions
p. 220

Savage, J.M.; Geiger, S.R.
Patterns of vertical and horizontal distribution of the pelagic and benthic fauna in Antarctic seas
p. 221

Lamb, I.M.
Botanical studies of West Antarctica
p. 221

Heezen, B.C.; Gordon, A.L.
Systematic oceanographic survey of the Southern Oceans
p. 222-223

Capurro, L.R.A.
Surface and deep current measurements in the Drake Passage
p. 223

Ichiye, T.
Rotating model experiment on circulation in the Antarctic seas
p. 223-224

Turekian, K.K.; Schutz, D.F.; Johnson, D.
Distribution of Sr, Ba, Co, Ni, and Ag in ocean water profiles of the Pacific sector of the Antarctic seas
p. 224

Fehlmann, H.A.
Recording of data for specimens collected under the U.S. Antarctic Research Program
p. 225

Fehlmann, H.A.
Sorting of collections from the U.S. Antarctic Research Program
p. 226

Doumani, G.A.
Abstracting and indexing service for current Antarctic literature
p. 226-227

Nash, H.A.
Operation and maintenance of laboratory facilities
p. 227

McCombs, J.S.
Antarctic research series
p. 227

Smith, W.E.
Information Bulletin of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition
p. 228

Wells, H.W.
Committee on Polar Research activities, 1965-1966
p. 228

Bull, C.
Support of the Institute of Polar Studies
p. 228-229

Speidel, G.
Adélie penguins in the Milwaukee County Zoo
p. 229

Myers, F.R.
Belgium-Netherland Antarctic Expedition, 1966
p. 230-231

Starke, P.
South African Expedition to Bouvet Island, 1966
p. 232-234

Francis, H.S., Jr.
With the Japanese to Antarctica
p. 235-238

Meyer, F.G.
Chile-United States Botanical Expedition to Juan Fernández Islands, 1965
p. 238-242