Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 8, issue 3

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Capurro, L.R.A.
USNS «Eltanin's» 55 cruises-scientific accomplishments
p. 57-61

Gordon, A.L.
Physical oceanography
p. 61-69

Watkins, N.D.
Marine geology
p. 69-78

Hayes, D.E.
Marine geophysics
p. 79-86

El-Sayed, S.Z.
Biological oceanography
p. 93-100

McWhinnie, M.A.
Physiology and biochemistry
p. 101-106

Hedgpeth, J.W.
Systematic zoology
p. 106-108

Zillman, J.W.; Dingle, W.R.J.
p. 111-119

Cassidy, D.S.; DeVore, G.W.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library
p. 120-128

Simmons, K.L.; Landrum, B.J.
Sea floor photographs
p. 128-133

Griffiths, K.H., Jr.; Dudley-Hart, P.
Capabilities and specifications
p. 134-137

Heezen, B.C.; Tharp, M.
USNS «Eltanin» cruise 55
p. 137-141