Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 8, issue 4

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Guthridge, G.G.
U.S. research in Antarctica, 1972-1973 season
p. 145

Foster, T.D.
Weddell Sea International Oceanographic Expedition, 1973
p. 146

Bo, R.; Foldvik, A.; Kvinge, T.
Retrieval of current meters and study of thermohaline convection in the Weddell Sea
p. 147-148

Carmack, E.C.; Foster, T.D.
Physical oceanography in the Weddell Sea
p. 148-150

Weiss, R.F.
Geochemical sampling in the Weddell Sea
p. 150

Parmelee, D.F.; MacDonald, S.D.
Birds of the antarctic ice pack
p. 150

Wilkniss, P.E.; Swinnerton, J.W.; Lamontagne, R.A.
Marine chemistry in the Ross Sea
p. 151

Dalziel, I.W.D.; Dott, R.H., Jr.
Structure and sedimentology in the Scotia Arc: South Georgia and southernmost Andes
p. 152-154

Rowley, P.D.
Geologic observations on the northern Lassiter Coast and southern Black Coast
p. 154-155

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Topographic mapping field operations, 1972-1973
p. 155-156

Treves, S.B.; Kyle, P.R.
Renewed volcanic activity of Mt. Erebus, Antarctica
p. 156

McGinnis, L.D.
Dry Valley Drilling Project, 1972-1973
p. 157

Treves, S.B.; Kyle, P.R.
Geology of boreholes 1 and 2, Hut Point Peninsula, Antarctica
p. 157-159

Lyon, G.L.
Preliminary stable isotope analysis of drillhole ice at McMurdo Station
p. 160-162

Wong, H.K.
Aeromagnetic data from the McMurdo sound region
p. 162-163

Stuckless, J.S.
Geochemistry of McMurdo volcanics
p. 162

Torii, T.
Japanese activities in the dry valleys, 1972-1973
p. 163-164

Mudrey, M.G., Jr.; Shimp, N.F.; Keighin, C.W.; Oberts, G.L.; McGinnis, L.D.
Chemical evolution of water in Don Juan Pond, Antarctica
p. 164-166

McGinnis, L.D.
McMurdo Sound--a key to the Cenozoic of Antarctica
p. 166-169

Deep sea drilling in the Southern Ocean, 1972-1973
p. 169-170

Lorius, C.; Vaugelade, J.
International Antarctic Glaciological Project traverse, Dumont d'Urville to Vostok
p. 171-172

Hughes, T.
Ice crater closure studies on Deception Island
p. 172-175

Ten Brink, N.W.; Curl, J.E.
Glaciology and glacial chronology in the South Shetland Islands
p. 175-177

Sites, M.J.
Unmanned geophysical observatory development
p. 178-179

Rosenberg, T.J.
Electron precipitation at middle latitudes
p. 179-182

Ondov, J.M.; Gladney, E.S.; Zoller, W.H.; Duce, R.A.; Jones, A.G.
Atmospheric particulates at South Pole Station
p. 182-183

Hofmann, D.J.; Pinnick, R.G.; Rosen, J.M.
Aerosols in the south polar stratosphere
p. 183-185

Fischer, W.H.; Kuhn, M.
Disturbance produced by "Global pollution in antarctic air documented by solar radiation depletion"
p. 185-186

Imshaug, H.A.
Auckland Islands Expedition, 1972-1973
p. 187-188

Weller, M.W.
Waterfowl in the Auckland Islands
p. 188-190

Connors, P.G.
Pollutants in the Auckland Islands
p. 190-191

Erickson, A.W., Jr.; Gilbert, J.R.; Otis, J.
Census of pelagic seals off the Oates and George V Coasts, Antarctica
p. 191-194

Siniff, D.B.; Kuechle, V.C.; Eberhardt, L.E.
Population dynamics of Weddell seals in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 194-195

Felts, W.J.L.
Anatomical studies of antarctic seals
p. 195

Hofman, R.J.
Leopard seal study at Palmer Station
p. 196-197

Murrish, D.E.; Guard, C.L.
Sympathetic control of nonshivering thermogenesis in south polar skua chicks
p. 197-198

Guard, C.L.; Murrish, D.E.
Temperature dependence of blood viscosity in antarctic homeotherms
p. 198-199

Murrish, D.E.; Guard, C.L.
Peripheral vascular control mechanisms in the giant petrel, «Macronectes giganteus»
p. 199-200

Baker, J.R.
Penguin and skua studies at Hallett Station
p. 200-201

Tomo, A.P.; Panizza, J.S.; Castello, H.P.
Neurophysiological research on fishes and birds at Palmer Station
p. 202-203

Hemmingsen, E.A.; Douglas, E.L.; Stewart, J.B.
Cardiovascular and respiratory studies on hemoglobin-free icefishes
p. 203-204

Stewart, J.B.; Douglas, E.L.
Circulatory anatomy in the icefish, family «Chaenichthyidae»
p. 204-205

DeLaca, T.E.; Lipps, J.H.; Giannini, A.P.; Haley, P.; Kauffman, T.A.; Krebs, W.; Stockton, W.
Biology and ecology of shallow-water foraminifera, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 205-206

Dearborn, J.H.; Jordan, A.J.; Fried, S.M.; King, H.T.; Miller, J.E.
Ecological studies of echinoderms and general marine collecting along the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 206-208

Belman, B.W.
Respiration of antarctic echinoderms
p. 208-209

Strandtmann, R.W.; George, J.E.
Distribution of the antarctic mite «Stereotydeus mollis» Womersley and Strandtmann in southern Victoria Land
p. 209-211

Cameron, R.E.; Morelli, F.A.; Honour, R.C.
Aerobiological monitoring of dry valley drilling sites
p. 211-213

Parker, B.C.; Hoehn, R.C.; Paterson, R.A.
Ecological model for Lake Bonney, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 214-216

Shurley, J.T.; Muchmore, H.G.
Microbiology and immunology of south polar antigen deprivation
p. 216-217

Dana, J.B.
Air operations, Deep Freeze 73
p. 218-220

Kirkpatrick, T.W.
Ship operations, Deep Freeze 73
p. 220-224

Stevens, J.M.
Construction report, Deep Freeze 73
p. 224-227

Du Bay, R.M.
Nuclear power operations, Deep Freeze 73
p. 228-229