Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 8, issue 5

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Rockney, V.D.
NOAA antarctic meteorological program
p. 233

Schwerdtfeger, W.; Kachelhoffer, S.
Frequency of cyclonic vortices over the Southern Ocean in relation to the extension of the pack ice belt
p. 234

Miller, S.A.
Local cooling effects of ice crystal precipitation within and above the antarctic temperature inversion
p. 235

Warburton, J.A.
Surface measurements of Aitken nuclei at McMurdo, Siple, Byrd, and South Pole Stations
p. 236

Kuhn, M.; Riordan, A.
Friction layer characteristics over the antarctic plateau
p. 236-238

Masley, A.J.; Baker, M.B.
1972 solar cosmic ray events
p. 238-240

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 240-241

Rogers, J.C.; Peden, I.C.
VLF electrical properties of the ice sheet measured at Byrd Station
p. 241-243

Tucker, A.J.
Observed ionospheric scintillations
p. 243

Chivers, H.J.A.; Axford, W.I.
Investigation of high latitude ionospheric absorption
p. 244

Cobb, W.E.
Atmospheric electric program
p. 245

Kuhn, P.M.; Stearns, L.P.
Long wave antarctic radiation budget anomaly
p. 245-246

Stenbaek-Nielsen, H.C.; Wescott, E.M.; Peterson, R.W.
Pulsating auroras over conjugate areas
p. 246-247

Mende, S.B.
Auroral photometry at South Pole Station
p. 247-248

Akasofu, S.-I.
Auroral studies at South Pole Station
p. 248-249

Willard, H.R.; Helms, W.J.; Liemohn, H.B.
Antarctic Unmanned Geophysical Observatory magnetic micropulsation experiment
p. 249-252

Heacock, R.R.; Troitskaia, V.A.
Observations of geomagnetic micropulsations, 1972
p. 252-253

Wood, J.D.
Geomagnetic observatory operations at South Pole Station, 1972-1973
p. 253

Pack, D.H.
Geophysical monitoring for climatic change
p. 253-254

Slichter, L.B.; Zurn, W.; Ritala, K.
Observations of earth tides and earth's free vibrations at the South Pole
p. 254-255

Lander, J.F.
Circumantarctic seismicity in 1972
p. 255-256

Knopoff, L.; Vane, G.
Antarctic seismological studies
p. 256-257

Wade, F.A.
Geological survey of Marie Byrd Land and western Ellsworth Land
p. 257-258

Craddock, C.
Antarctic geological studies
p. 258-259

LeMasurier, W.E.
Neotectonics in the antarctic Pacific sector
p. 259-260

Himmelberg, G.R.; Ford, A.B.
Pyroxene compositional trends in the Dufek Intrusion, Pensacola Mountains
p. 260-263

Bentley, C.R.; Acharya, H.K.; Clapp, J.L.; Clough, J.W.; Kohnen, H.; Robertson, J.D.
Analysis of antarctic geophysical data
p. 263-264

Faure, G.; Hill, R.L.
Age of the Falla Formation (Triassic), Queen Alexandra Range
p. 264-266

Behrendt, J.C.; Henderson, J.R.; Rambo, W.; Meister, L.
Geophysical investigations of the Pensacola Mountains and adjacent glacierized areas
p. 266

McSaveney, M.J.
New data for a Cenozoic history of Wright Valley, southern Victoria Land
p. 266-268

Jones, L.M.; Walker, R.L.; Hall, B.A.; Borns, H.W., Jr.
Origin of the Jurassic dolerites and basalts of southern Victoria Land
p. 268-270

Jones, L.M.; Whitney, J.A.; Stormer, J.C., Jr.
Volcanic ash deposits, Wright Valley
p. 270-272

Tasch, P.
Antarctic and other Gondwana nonmarine deposits
p. 272-273

Colbert, E.H.
Antarctic «Lystrosaurus» defined
p. 273-274

Jones, L.M.
Principal cation concentrations for a length profile of the Onyx River, Wright Valley
p. 274-276

Halpern, M.
Rubidium-strontium geochronology of antarctic and South American rocks
p. 276-278

Burch, T.L.; Black, R.F.
Patterned-ground studies in Antarctica
p. 278

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1972-1973
p. 278-279

George, R.Y.
Structure and function of antarctic marine benthic communities
p. 279-280

Nayudu, Y.R.
Marine geology of the subantarctic Pacific region
p. 280-281

Nayudu, Y.R.
Geochemistry of deep sea manganese nodules in subantarctic regions of the Pacific Ocean
p. 281-282

Mandra, Y.T.; Brigger, A.L.; Mandra, H.
Temperature fluctuations during the Late Eocene in southern ocean waters near South Island, New Zealand
p. 282-284

Williams, D.F.
Late Pleistocene water mass fluctuations in the southern Indian Ocean
p. 284-285

Bandy, O.L.
Planktonic biostratigraphy, Southern Ocean deep sea cores
p. 286

Abbott, W.H.
Investigation of diatoms in Southern Ocean deep sea cores
p. 286-287

Keany, J.
«Antarctissa strelkovi» as a paleoclimatic index in the Southern Ocean
p. 287-288

Kennett, J.P.
Suggested relations between the development of the circumantarctic current and Cenozoic planktonic biogeography
p. 289-290

Kennett, J.P.
Continuing paleoenvironmental studies of «Eltanin» deep sea sedimentary cores
p. 291

Osmond, J.K.; Cochran, J.K.
Sediment accumulation rates in the Tasman Sea
p. 291-293

McCollum, D.W.
«Denticula» Kutzing in southern ocean sediments
p. 293

Vella, P.
Variations of the coiling ratio in different size fractions of «Neogloboquadrina pachyderma»
p. 293-295

Ciesielski, P.F.; Weaver, F.M.
Southern ocean Pliocene paleotemperatures based on silicoflagellates from deep sea cores
p. 295-297

Kaharoeddin, F.A.; Weaver, F.M.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Cretaceous and Paleogene cores from the Kerguelen Plateau, southern ocean
p. 297-298

Weaver, F.M.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Early diagenesis of a deep sea bedded chert
p. 298-300

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetic, geochemical, isotopic, and petrographic studies of subantarctic islands
p. 300-301

Watkins, N.D.
Continuing paleomagnetic and associated studies of «Eltanin» deep sea sedimentary cores
p. 302

DeWitt, H.H.
Systematics, distribution, and abundance of antarctic demersal fishes
p. 302-303

Vishniac, W.F.
Analysis and related work on antarctic soil microbiology
p. 303

Giam, C.S.; Richardson, R.L.; Wong, M.K.; Sackett, W.M.
Polychlorinated biphenyls in antarctic biota
p. 303-305

Stockton, W.L.
Intertidal assemblage at Palmer Station
p. 305-307

Krebs, W.N.
Ecology of antarctic marine diatoms
p. 307-309

Rutford, R.H.
Coordination of the Ross Ice Shelf Project
p. 309

Weertman, J.
Closure rates expected for a Ross Ice Shelf drill hole at 166 deg W. 82 deg 30 min S.
p. 310

McSaveney, M.J.
Spatially discontinuous strain in the "semi-rigid" zone of an ice cliff
p. 311-313