Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 7, issue 4

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Guthridge, G.G.
U.S. Antarctic research program, 1971-1972. Review of the summer season
p. 69

Erickson, A.W.; Gilbert, J.R.; Petrides, G.A.; Oehlenschlager, R.J.; Sinha, A.A.; Otis, J.
Populations of seals, whales, and birds in the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas
p. 70-72

El-Sayed, S.Z.; Dill, W.T.
Ecology of phytoplankton in the southeastern Pacific Ocean studied during «Southwind» cruise
p. 72-73

Siniff, D.; Reichle, R.; Hofman, R.; Kuechle, V.B.
Population dynamics and behavior of Weddell seals at McMurdo Station
p. 73

Felts, W.J.L.
Anatomical studies of antarctic seals
p. 73-74

Kooyman, G.L.; Gentry, R.L.; Bergman, W.P.
Respiratory studies of seals and penguins
p. 74-75

Müller-Schwarze, D.; Müller-Schwarze, C.
Antipredator and social behavior in Antarctic Peninsula penguins
p. 75

Baker, J.R.
Penguin and skua studies at Hallett Station
p. 75-76

Trillmich, F.
Avian ecology studies at Hallett Station
p. 76-77

Weller, M.W.
Ecological studies of the South Georgia pintail («Anas g. georgica»)
p. 77-78

DeVries, A.L.; Checkley, D.M.; Raymond, J.A.
Physiology and biochemistry of freezing resistance in antarctic fishes
p. 78-79

Dearborn, J.H.; Allen, K.W.; Hureau, J.-C.; Arnaud, P.M.
Ecological and taxonomic studies of echinoderms, mollusks, and fishes from the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 80-82

Johnson, W.S.
Respiration in New Zealand echinoderms
p. 82

Lipps, J.H.; DeLaca, T.E.; Krebs, W.; Stockton, W.
Shallow-water foraminifera studies, Antarctic Peninsula, 1971-1972
p. 82-83

Burch, B.L.
Collection of benthic organisms from the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 83-84

Hoshiai, T.
Diatom distribution in sea ice near McMurdo and Syowa Stations
p. 84-85

Paterson, R.A.; Rooney, H.
Aquatic fungi: their occurrence in the McMurdo oasis
p. 85

Strong, F.E.
Terrestrial energy flow studies at Palmer Station
p. 85-86

Longton, R.E.
Studies of classification, biomass, and microclimate of vegetation near McMurdo Sound
p. 86-88

Vishniac, W.V.; Mainzer, S.E.
Soil microbiology studies «in situ» in the dry valleys of Antarctica
p. 88-89

Montgomery, G.E.
Aeromagnetic surveys of the Ross Island and Taylor Glacier quadrangles
p. 90-91

Clark, C.C.
Seismic refraction and electrical resistivity investigations in the dry valleys
p. 91-92

Morelli, F.A.; Cameron, R.E.; Gensel, D.R.; Randall, L.P.
Monitoring of antarctic dry valley drilling sites
p. 92-94

Behar, J.V.; Zafonte, L.; Cameron, R.E.; Morelli, F.A.
Hydrocarbons in air samples from antarctic dry valley drilling sites
p. 94-96

Rorii, T.
Japanese field party surveys in the dry valleys of Antarctica
p. 96

Webb, P.N.
Paleontology of late Tertiary-Quaternary sediments, Wright Valley, Antarctica
p. 96-97

Nelson, C.S.; Wilson, A.T.
Bathymetry and bottom sediments of Lake Vanda, Antarctica
p. 97-99

Orheim, O.; Bull, C.; Schytt, V.
Glaciological studies of past climatic variations in the South Shetland Islands
p. 99-100

Gow, A.J.
Glaciological investigations in Antarctica
p. 100-101

McSaveney, M.J.
Ogive systems on polar alpine glaciers
p. 101-102

McSaveney, E.R.; McSaveney, M.J.
Ancient ice wedges in Wright Valley, Antarctica
p. 102-103

Mayewski, P.A.
Glacial geology near McMurdo Sound and comparison with the central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 103-106

Borns, H.W., Jr.; Hall, B.A.; Ball, H.W.; Brooks, H.K.
Mawson Tillite, Victoria Land, East Antarctica: reinvestigation continued
p. 106-107

Sublett, A.G.; Hauck, W.C.; Houston, R.S.; Smithson, S.B.
Basement geology of Mount Insel area, Victoria Valley, Antarctica
p. 107-108

Evans, S.; Robin, G. de Q.
Ice thickness measurement by radio echo sounding, 1971-1972
p. 108-110

Bucher, P.; Stauffer, B.
Bore hole isotope studies at Byrd Station, Antarctica
p. 110-111

Whillans, I.M.
Ice-sheet dynamics near Byrd Station
p. 111

Ugolini, F.C.; Anderson, D.M.
Ionic migration in frozen antarctic soil
p. 112-113

Morris, E.C.; Holt, H.E.; Mutch, T.A.; Lindsay, J.F.
Mars analog studies in Wright and Victoria Valleys, Antarctica
p. 113-114

Anderson, D.M.; Gatto, L.W.; Ugolini, F.C.
Antarctic analog of Martian permafrost terrain
p. 114-116

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Topographic mapping field operations, 1971-1972
p. 116-117

Katsufrakis, J.
VLF transmitting facility for magnetospheric research
p. 118

Lanzerotti, L.J.; Lie, H.P.
Conjugate magnetic studies near L=4
p. 118-120

Sanak, J.
Atmospheric radon measurements at McMurdo and South Pole Stations
p. 120-121

Warburton, J.A.
Natural concentrations of silver and iodine in antarctic ice
p. 121-122

Hofmann, D.J.; Rosen, J.M.; Kjome, N.T.
Measuring submicron particulate matter in the antarctic stratosphere
p. 122-123

Reid, J.L.; Moynihan, M.J.; Anderson, G.C.
Antarctic research aboard «Northwind» in February 1972
p. 123-125

Houtz, R.E.
USNS «Eltanin» Cruise 52: Ross Sea shelf geophysical survey
p. 125-126

Eittreim, S.L.
«Robert D. Conrad» Cruise 15, Valparaíso to Punta Arenas
p. 126-127

Fowler, A.N.
Antarctic Support Activities in «Deep Freeze 72»
p. 129-131

Boyd, H.F., III; Perry, J.E., Jr.
Construction report «Deep Freeze 72»
p. 131-133

Linn, P.E.
Nuclear power operations, Deep Freeze 72
p. 133-134

Kirkpatrick, T.W.; Anderson, P.J.
U.S. ship operations during Deep Freeze 72
p. 134-136