Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 7, issue 5

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LeMasurier, W.E.
Marie Byrd Land quaternary volcanism: Byrd ice core correlations and possible climatic influences
p. 139-141

Treves, S.B.
Geology of the Ross Island area, Antarctica
p. 141

Colbert, E.H.
Antarctic Triassic tetrapods in the laboratory
p. 141-142

Jones, L.M.; Walker, R.L.
Geochemistry of the McMurdo volcanics, Victoria Land. Part 1. Strontium isotope composition
p. 142-144

Wade, F.A.
Geologic survey of Marie Byrd Land
p. 144-145

Williams, P.L.; Rowley, P.D.
Composition of Jurassic sandstones, Lassiter Coast
p. 145-146

Coates, D.M.
Geologic mapping in the central Transantarctic Mountains: a progress report
p. 146

Breed, W.J.
Why is Black Island black and White Island white?
p. 146-147

Ford, A.B.; Nelson, S.W.
Density of the stratiform Dufek intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica
p. 147-149

Halpern, M.
Rb-Sr and K-Ar dating of rocks from southern Chile and West Antarctica
p. 149-150

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Structural studies in the Scotia Arc: Isla de los Estados, Argentina. R/V «Hero» Cruise 72-2
p. 151-152

Shultz, C.H.
Petrology of Deception Island volcano
p. 152-153

Lander, J.F.
Circumantarctic seismicity in 1971
p. 153-154

Lorius, C.; Vaugelade, J.
800-km traverse from Dumont d'Urville toward Vostok Station
p. 154-155

Helliwell, R.A.
Magnetospheric research in Antarctica
p. 155-156

Wood, J.D.
NOAA geomagnetic observatories in Antarctica
p. 156-157

Hessler, V.P.; Heacock, R.R.; Troitskaia, V.A.
Micropulsations at the geomagnetic poles, 1971
p. 157-158

Vance, D.L.
U.S. exchange scientists at Vostok Station, 1971
p. 158

Akasofu, S.-I.
Auroral observations at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
p. 158-159

Stenbaek-Nielsen, H.C.; Wescott, E.M.; Peterson, R.W.
Auroral conjugacy
p. 160-161

Masley, A.J.; Baker, M.B.; Satterblom, P.R.
Solar cosmic ray investigations during 1971
p. 161-162

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 162-163

Peden, I.C.
VLF dielectric and loss properties of the ice sheet at Byrd Station
p. 164-165

Rogers, J.C.; Peden, I.C.
Effect of Byrd drill hole diameter variations on «in situ» electrical measurement of the ice sheet
p. 165-166

Helms, W.J.
Vertical sounding of the polar D-region
p. 166-168

Rockney, V.D.
NOAA's meteorological program in Antarctica
p. 168-169

Riordan, A.J.
Atmospheric stability at Plateau Station
p. 169-170

Miller, S.; Schwerdtfeger, W.
Ice crystal formation and growth in the warm layer above the antarctic temperature inversion
p. 170-171

Gladney, E.S.; Zoller, W.H.; Duce, R.A.; Jones, A.G.
Vanadium, aluminum, and manganese in atmospheric particulates from McMurdo and South Pole Stations
p. 171-173

McWhinnie, M.A.
Integrated biology programs in antarctic waters, 1972
p. 173-174

El-Sayed, S.Z.; Fay, R.
Ecological studies of phytoplankton between New Zealand and the Antarctic
p. 174-175

Franceschini, G.A.
Spectral components of solar radiation available to the euphotic zone
p. 175-176

McWhinnie, M.A.; Kirchenberg, R.J.
Physiology of antarctic zooplankton with special reference to crustaceans
p. 176-177

Bahnweg, G.; Sparrow, F.K., Jr.
Marine phycomycetes: Occurrence south of New Zealand and in the Ross Sea
p. 177-178

Bottino, N.R.
Fatty acid exchange among trophic levels of the Ross Sea: phytoplankton, copepods, and euphausiids
p. 178-179

Sackett, W.M.; Brooks, J.M.
Stable carbon isotope variations in the antarctic marine ecosystem
p. 179-180

Morita, R.Y.; Griffiths, R.P.; Hayasaka, S.S.
Heterotrophic potential of antarctic marine microorganisms
p. 180-181

Carlucci, A.F.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Williams, P.M.
Distribution and composition of particulate and dissolved organic matter in antarctic waters
p. 181

Hammond, D.; Doyle, R.; Elsner, R.; Wyburn, R.; Gruenau, S.; Hill, P.
Temperature regulation and related studies on the Weddell seal, «Leptonychotes weddelli»
p. 182

Risebrough, R.W.
Organochlorine pollutants in southern oceans
p. 182-184

Shabica, S.V.
Tidal zone ecology at Palmer Station
p. 184-185

Richardson, M.D.
Benthic studies in the Antarctic
p. 185-186

Thomas, C.W.
Two species of Antarctic rotifers
p. 186-187

Cameron, R.E.; Morelli, F.A.; Johnson, R.M.
Bacterial species in soil and air of the Antarctic Continent
p. 187-189

Frakes, L.A.
Paleoclimatology of the southern ocean
p. 189-190

Kemp, E.M.
Recycled palynomorphs in continental shelf sediments from Antarctica
p. 190-191

Mandra, Y.T.; Brigger, A.L.
Plate tectonics, paleomagnetism, tropical climate, and Upper Eocene silicoflagellates
p. 191-193

Bandy, O.L.
Biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic studies of «Eltanin» samples, 1971-1972
p. 193-194

Bandy, O.L.
Variations in «Globigerina bulloides» d'Orbigny as indices of water masses
p. 194-195

Theyer, F.
Paleomagnetism and planktonic zonation of Late Neogene subantarctic cores
p. 195-197

Kaesler, R..; Lohman, K.C.
Depth distribution of populations of «Krithe producta» (Ostracoda)
p. 197-198

McCollum, D.W.
Neogene genus «Trinacria» as a stratigraphic marker in southern ocean sediments
p. 198-199

Fillon, R.H.
Late Cenozoic paleo-oceanography
p. 199-200

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetic surveys of Amsterdam and St. Paul Islands, south Indian Ocean
p. 200-201

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetic, geochemical, and isotopic analysis of rocks from Kerguelen Island, south Indian Ocean
p. 201-202

Watkins, N.D.; Kennett, J.P.
Continuing paleomagnetic and micropaleontological dating of «Eltanin» deep-sea sedimentary cores
p. 202-203

Houtz, R.E.
«Eltanin» geophysical programs, Cruises 48, 49, 50 and 52
p. 204

Kennett, J.P.; Brunner, C.A.
Associations between antarctic glacial history and bottom water activity
p. 204-205

Gordon, A.L.
Antarctic physical oceanographic studies 1971-1972
p. 206-207

Woodruff, J.L.; Margolis, S.V.
Size analysis of «Eltanin» cores by use of a photometric centrifuge
p. 207-208

Fairhall, A.W.; Bradford, P.; Young, A.W.
Carbon-14 concentrations in the southern oceans
p. 208-209

DeGoes, L.
Recent activities of the Committee on Polar Research
p. 209-210

Southard, R.B., Jr.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1971-1972
p. 210-211

Alberts, F.G.
Antarctic geographic nomenclature
p. 211-212

Landrum, B.J.
Antarctic information services at the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
p. 212-213

Thuronyi, G.T.
Bibliographic coverage of polar literature
p. 213-214

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic Map Folio Series
p. 214-215

Sousk, S.F.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 215

Nordhill, C.H.
Air operations «Deep Freeze» 72
p. 215-217

United States Antarctic Research Program, 1972-1973. Planned field research projects
p. 218-224