Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 5, issue 5

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Zumberge, J.H.
Ross ice shelf studies, 1970
p. 153-154

LeMasurier, W.E.
Volcanic evidence for early tertiary glaciation in Marie Byrd Land
p. 154-155

Hollin, J.T.
Antarctic ice surges
p. 155-156

Eastin, R.; Faure, G.; Neethling, D.C.
Age of the Trolikhellrygg Volcanics of Western Queen Maud Land
p. 157-158

Craddock, C.
Analysis of geologic collections
p. 158

Myers, P.B., Jr.; MacNamara, E.E.
Rocks of coastal Enderby Land near Molodezhnaya Station, Antarctica
p. 158-159

Halpern, M.
Rubidium-strontium dates and Sr 87/Sr 86 initial ratios of rocks from Antarctica and South America: A progress report
p. 159-161

Bauman, A.J.; Bollin, E.M.; Shulman, G.P.; Cameron, R.E.
Isolation and characterization of coal in Antarctic dry-valley soils
p. 161-162

Palmer, A.R.
Early and Middle Cambrian trilobites from Antarctica
p. 162

Webers, G.F.
Paleontological investigations in the Ellsworth Mountains, west Antarctica
p. 162-163

Scharon, L.
Paleomagnetic investigations in Antarctica
p. 164

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetism and geochemistry of igneous rocks from Iles Amsterdam, Kerguelen, and Crozet
p. 164-165

Slichter, L.B.; Hager, C.L.; Holbrook, R.; Jackson, B.V.
Gravity tides at South Pole
p. 165-166

Tucker, A.J.
Geodetic satellite observations at McMurdo Station
p. 166

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Investigations of cosmic ray intensity variations in Antarctica
p. 167-168

Pomerantz, M.A.; Baird, G.A.
Investigations of energetic particles and radiation in the polar cap with balloon-borne instruments
p. 168-169

Hessler, V.P.; Heacock, R.R.
Cooperative micropulsation research at high latitudes
p. 169-170

Helliwell, R.A.
VLF studies of the magnetosphere
p. 170-171

Nelson, J.H.
Antarctic geomagnetic observatories
p. 171-172

Masley, A.J.; McDonough, J.W.; Satterblom, P.R.
Solar cosmic ray observations during 1969
p. 172-173

Crowley, F.C.; Ecklund, W.L.; Reid, G.C.; Sauer, H.H.
Riometer observations of radio-wave absorption in the Antarctic ionosphere
p. 173-174

Rockney, V.D.
ESSA'S meteorological programs in Antarctica
p. 174

Kuhn, M.
Analysis of direct solar radiation at Plateau Station, 1966-1968
p. 175

Schwerdtfeger, W.; Sponholz, M.
Theory and observations of the wind in the friction layer over the Antarctic Plateau
p. 175-176

Bandy, O.L.; Casey, R.E.
Late cenozoic paleoclimatic cycles, Antarctica to the Tropics, 1970
p. 176-178

Mandra, Y.T.; Mandra, H.
Antarctic tertiary marine climate based on silicoflagellates
p. 178-180

Theyer, F.
Benthic foraminiferal studies in the Pacific-Antarctic Basin
p. 180-181

Kennett, J.P.; Fillon, R.H.
Micropaleontological and associated studies of Southern Ocean deep-sea cores
p. 181-182

Driscoll, E.G.; Swanson, R.A.
Numerical abundance of benthic taxa in Antarctic seas
p. 182-183

Watkins, N.D.; Kennett, J.P.
Paleomagnetic and associated studies of Eltanin deep-sea sedimentary cores
p. 183-184

Watkins, N.D.
Paleomagnetic and geochemical studies of Eltanin dredged igneous rocks
p. 184-185

Hayes, D.E.; Houtz, R.
Lamont-Doherty geophysical activities aboard Eltanin Cruises 39-43
p. 185-186

Lander, J.F.
Seismicity of the circum-antarctic belt
p. 186-187

Callahan, J.E.
Hydrographic and current-meter programs on Eltanin Cruise 41
p. 187-188

Heezen, B.C.
Tectonic control of Antarctic deep-sea bathymetry
p. 188

Jacobs, S.S.; Gordon, A.L.; Rosselot, F.L.
Studies in Antarctic physical oceanography
p. 188-189

Li, Y.H.; Ku, T.-L.; Mathieu, G.G.
CO2-CaCO3 system in the Antarctic as related to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
p. 190

Fairhall, A.W.; Ostenson, A.T.; Yang, I.C.; Young, A.W.
Radiocarbon in the southern oceans
p. 190-191

Kaesler, R.L.; Cadot, H.M.
Biogeography and systematics of southern ocean Benthic Ostracoda
p. 191-192

Dearborn, J.H.; Dean, D.
Invertebrates from the Davis Strait and Labrador Sea
p. 192

Pawson, D.L.
Echinoderm studies in southern Chile
p. 192-193

Rastorfer, J.R.
Physiological studies of Antarctic mosses: continuing studies
p. 193-194

Shurley, J.T.
Biomedical and biobehavioral studies of human adaptation to antarctic wintering
p. 194-195

Southard, R.B.
Cartographic activities of the U.S. Geological Survey
p. 196

Waugh, D.
Antarctic maps of the American Geographical Society
p. 196

Bushnell, V.C.
Antarctic Map Folio Series
p. 197

Wallen, I.E.
Participation in antarctic expeditions
p. 197

Status report on USARP activities at the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
p. 198

Simkin, T.
Rock samples from the antarctic seas
p. 198-199

Landrum, B.J.
Antarctic records program
p. 199

Thuronyi, G.T.
Bibliographic coverage of antarctic literature
p. 200

Smith, W.E.
Translation of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition Information Bulletin
p. 201

McCombs, J.S.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 201

Alberts, F.G.
Antarctic geographic nomenclature
p. 201-202

DeGoes, L.
Recent activities of the Committee on Polar Research
p. 202-203

Eldridge, D.B.
Deep Freeze 70 air operations
p. 203-205

Alexander, R.F.
Nuclear power operations, Deep Freeze 69-70
p. 205-206

Van Reeth, E.W.
Deep Freeze 70 Antarctic Support Activities
p. 207

Dewart, G.
Glaciology meeting at the Ohio State University
p. 207

Alton, M.; Fehlman, H.A.
Hero Cruise 70-2
p. 209