Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 5, issue 6

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Scharon, L.; Scharnberger, C.; Early, T.; Shimoyama, A.
International cooperation for paleomagnetic insight into antarctic tectonic history
p. 219-224

Maish, F.M.
U.S.-Soviet exchange program at Vostok
p. 224-228

Robin, G. de Q.; Evans, S.; Drewry, D.J.; Harrison, C.H.; Petrie, D.L.
Radio-echo sounding of the antarctic ice sheet
p. 229-232

Friis, H.R.
With the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition to Antarctica, 1969-1970
p. 232-239

Antarctic season 1970-71 opens: plane crashes at Williams Field
p. 240