Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 14, issue 5

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Grew, E.S.; Manton, W.I.
Geochronologic studies in East Antarctica: age of a pegmatite in Mawson charnockite
p. 2-3

England, A.W.; Cooke, J.E.; Hodge, S.M.; Watts, R.D.
Geophysical investigations of Dufek intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, 1978-79
p. 4-5

Behrendt, J.C.; Drewry, D.J.; Jankowski, E.; England, A.W.
Revision of known area of Dufek intrusion
p. 6

Abel, K.D.; Himmelberg, G.R.; Ford, A.B.
Petrologic studies of Dufek intrusion: plagioclase variation
p. 6-8

Kistler, R.W.; Ford, A.B.
Potassium-argon ages of Dufek intrusion and other Mesozoic mafic bodies in the Pensacola Mountains
p. 8-9

Ford, A.B.; Reynolds, R.L.; Huie, C.; Boyer, S.J.
Geological field investigation of the Dufek intrusion
p. 9-11

Zinsmeister, W.J.; Camacho, H.H.; Drake, R.; Marshall, L.; Roggenthen, W.M.
Geological studies along Patagonian coast, R/V «Hero» cruise 78-3, July 1978
p. 11-12

Tasch, P.
Conchostracan genus Gabonestheria and the South American-African ligature
p. 13

Nelson, E.P.; Dalziel, I.W.D.; Ridley, W.I.
Geological studies in Cordillera Darwin, Tierra del Fuego, southern Chile: R/V «Hero» cruises 77-4 and 78-2
p. 14-15

Askin, R.A.
Preliminary palynological investigation of Upper Paleozoic and Mesozoic rocks in the Antarctic Peninsula area
p. 15

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Coastal erosion on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 16-17

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Scotia Arc Tectonics Project, 1978-79
p. 17-18

Halpern, M.; Wade, F.A.
Rubidium-strontium geochronology of plutonic igneous rocks from Hobbs and Walgreen Coasts, Marie Byrd Land
p. 18-19

Kellogg, K.S.
Structural geology of Orville Coast and eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 19-21

Rowley, P.D.
Geologic studies in Orville Coast and eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 21-22

Vennum, W.R.
Evaporite encrustations and yellow and green surficial salts from Orville Coast and eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 22-24

Felder, R.P.; Faure, G.
Investigation of an anomalous date for Lone Ridge granodiorite, Nilsen Plateau, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 24

Kyle, P.R.
Geochemical studies of Ferrar Group rocks from southern Victoria Land
p. 25-26

McGinnis, L.D.
Artesian well at Don Juan Pond
p. 26-27

Treves, S.B.
Hyaloclastite of Dry Valley Drilling Project hole 3, Hut Point Peninsula
p. 28

Vavra, C.L.; Stanley, K.O.; Collinson, J.W.
Sedimentary petrology of the Triassic Fremouw Formation, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 28-30

Cosgriff, J.W.; Hammer, W.R.
New species of Dicynodontia from the Fremouw Formation
p. 30-32

Colbert, E.H.
Triassic scaloposaurian reptiles
p. 32-33

Mandra, Y.T.; Brigger, A.L.; Mandra, H.
New silicoflagellate ultrastructures: nanocones and solution cavities
p. 33-34

McGinnis, L.D.
Seismic refraction measurements from sea ice in western McMurdo Sound
p. 34-35

Kyle, P.R.
Volcanic activity at Mount Erebus, 1978-79
p. 35-36

Ward, B.L.; Webb, P.N.
Investigation of Late Quaternary sediments from Cape Royds-Cape Barne area, Ross Island
p. 36-38

Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.; Hoste, V.; Kropp, W.R.
Radioactivity survey in Antarctica, 1978-79
p. 38-39

Stump, E.; Sheridan, M.F.; Borg, S.G.; Lowry, P.H.; Colbert, P.V.
Geological investigations in the Scott Glacier and Byrd Glacier areas
p. 39-40

Cassidy, W.A.
Antarctic search for meteorites (ANSMET 1978-79)
p. 41-42

Ponnamperuma, C.
Uncontaminated carbonaceous chondrites from the Antarctic
p. 42-44

Nagata, T.
Japanese scientific activities in Victoria Land, 1978-79
p. 44-45

Carrara, P.
Former extent of glacial ice in the Orville Coast region, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 45-46

Boyer, S.J.
Glacial geologic observations in the Dufek Massif and Forrestal Range, 1978-79
p. 46-48

LeMasurier, W.E.; Melander, O.; Grindley, G.W.; McIntosh, W.C.
Tillite, glacial striae, and hyaloclastite associations on Hobbs Coast, Marie Byrd Land
p. 48-50

Brady, H.T.; Leckie, R.M.; White, R.
Cape Spirit mirabilite beds
p. 50-52

Borns, H.W., Jr.
Ross Sea glaciations: events in the Lower Victoria Valley
p. 52-53

Mayewski, P.A.
Glaciology and glaciogeomorphology in Victoria Land and Queen Maud Mountains
p. 53

Leckie, R.M.; Webb, P.N.
Scallop Hill Formation and associated Pliocene marine deposits of southern McMurdo Sound
p. 54-56

Denton, G.H.
Glacial history of the Byrd-Darwin Glacier area, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 57-58

Bockheim, J.G.; Wilson, S.C.
Pedology of the Darwin Glacier area
p. 58-59

Clough, J.W.
Ross Ice Shelf Project 1978-79
p. 60

Browning, J.A.; Bigl, R.A.; Somerville, D.A.
Hot-water drilling and coring at site J-9, Ross Ice Shelf
p. 60-61

Kvinge, T.; Orheim, O.
Studies of under-ice conditions at J-9, Ross Ice Shelf, during the 1979 winter
p. 61-63

Zotikov, I.A.; Zagorodnov, V.S.; Raíkovskií, IU.V.
Core drilling through Ross Ice Shelf
p. 63-64

Zotikov, I.A.; Zagorodnov, V.S.; Raíkovskií, IU.V.
Sea ice on bottom of Ross Ice Shelf
p. 65-66

Thomas, R.H.; MacAyeal, D.R.
Ross Ice Shelf glaciology
p. 66-67

Clausen, H.B.; Dansgaard, W.; Nielsen, J.O.; Clough, J.W.
Surface accumulation on Ross Ice Shelf
p. 68-72

Molenar, J.V.; Warburton, J.A.
Temporal variations and correlations in the chemistry of snow on Ross Ice Shelf
p. 72-74

Warburton, J.A.; Anderson, A.V.; Owens, M.S.
Enhanced enrichment of metals in precipitation on Ross Ice Shelf
p. 75-76

Warburton, J.A.; Molenar, J.V.; Anderson, A.V.
Heavy metal enrichment in antarctic snow and firn
p. 76-78

Deuser, W.G.
Concentration and isotopic composition of CO2 occluded in the polar ice
p. 78

Gow, A.J.; Kovacs, A.
Subsurface measurements of McMurdo Ice Shelf
p. 79-80

Parker, B.C.; Zeller, E.J.
Nitrogenous chemical composition of antarctic snow and ice
p. 80-82

Keys, J.R.
Saline discharge at the terminus of Taylor Glacier
p. 82-85

Fireman, E.L.
Gas studies: ice from Allan Hills meteorite site and Byrd Station
p. 85-86

Annexstad, J.O.; Nishio, F.
Glaciological studies in Allan Hills, 1978-79
p. 87-88

Hughes, T.
Byrd Glacier
p. 88-91

Mosley-Thompson, E.; Thompson, L.G.
Microparticle deposition at South Pole
p. 91-93

Drewry, D.J.
Stable isotope and radio echo sounding investigations of Taylor Valley, Victoria Land
p. 93-94

Drewry, D.J.; Meldrum, D.T.; Jankowski, E.; Neal, C.S.
Airborne geophysical investigations of ice sheet and bedrock, 1978-79
p. 95-96

Sivaprasad, K.
Reflections of pulses from polar ice sheets
p. 96-97

Sivaprasad, K.
Research workshop on radio echo sounding of ice
p. 98

Bentley, C.R.; Jezek, K.C.; Blankenship, D.D.; Lovell, J.S.; Albert, D.G.
Geophysical investigation of the dome C area
p. 98-100

Bolzan, J.F.; Palais, J.M.; Whillans, I.M.
Glaciology of dome C area
p. 100-101

Gillet, F.; Rado, C.
180-meter core drilling at dome C and measurements in the 905-meter drill hole
p. 101

Zwally, H.J.; Parkinson, C.L.; Carsey, F.D.; Gloersen, P.; Campbell, W.J.; Ramseier, R.O.
Seasonal variation of total antarctic sea ice area, 1973-75
p. 102-103

Parkinson, C.L.
Simple parameterization for salt flux to upper ocean owing to freezing and melting at the surface
p. 103-104

DeFelice, D.R.
Relative diatom abundance as tool for monitoring winter sea ice in the fluctuations in southeast Atlantic
p. 105-106

Ackley, S.F.
Drifting buoy measurements on Weddell Sea pack ice
p. 106-108

Schwerdtfeger, W.
Discharge of Weddell Sea ice into the belt of mid-latitude westerlies
p. 108-109

Wright, R.; Anderson, J.B.; Kurtz, D.
Sediment mass transport on the antarctic continental margin
p. 110-112

Gordon, A.L.
Circulation of Weddell Gyre and Antarctic Circumpolar Current in South Atlantic
p. 112-113

Olson, R.J.; Dudley-Hart, P.; Tomo, A.
ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 17 in northern Weddell and Scotia seas
p. 113-114

Michel, R.L.
Tritium concentrations in Ross Sea and Antarctic Circumpolar Current
p. 115-116

Jacobs, S.S.; Szelag, J.J.; Patla, S.M.; Bruchhausen, P.M.
Oceanographic observations near the antarctic continental margin and Ross Ice Shelf
p. 116-117

Bryden, H.L.; Joyce, T.M.
Studies of eddies and interleaving water masses east and south of New Zealand
p. 117-119

Worley, S.; Still, R.E.; Sievers, H.A.
Drake 79 operations aboard AGS «Yelcho»
p. 119-121

Nowlin, W.D., Jr.; Pillsbury, R.D.
Drake 79 operations aboard R/V «Melville»
p. 121-123

Faure, G.; Taylor, K.S.
Dating of detrital feldspar in sediment from RISP site J-9
p. 124-125

Ling, H.Y.; White, R.J.
Silicoflagellate «Mesocena pappii» identified in RISP site J-9 core sediments
p. 126-127

DeFelice, D.R.
Morphological comparison of «Coscinodiscus lentiginosus» Janisch and «Coscinodiscus obovatus» Castracane
p. 127-129

Brady, H.T.
Diatom biostratigraphy in sediment cores from RISP site J-9
p. 130

Webb, P.N.
Sediment coring at RISP site J-9
p. 130-131

Kellogg, T.B.; Kellogg, D.E.
Paleoclimatic analysis of Ross Sea and dry valleys area sediments
p. 131-132

Corliss, B.H.
Response of deep-sea benthonic foraminifera to development of psychrosphere near Eocene/Oligocene boundary
p. 132-134

Warnke, D.A.; Blunt, D.J.; Pollock, G.E.
Amino acid stereochemistry in siliceous oozes: Indications of bacterial activity
p. 134-136

Williams, D.F.; Healy-Williams, N.
Carbonate dissolution indices based on foraminifera from southern ocean sediments
p. 136-137

Malmgren, B.A.
Lithological and textural composition of Recent sediments from the Maurice Ewing Bank
p. 138-140

Williams, D.F.; Ledbetter, M.T.
Cenozoic sedimentary hiatuses south of Australia
p. 140-141

Anderson, J.B.
Geological survey of east antarctic continental margin aboard USCGC «Glacier»
p. 142-144

Kaharoeddin, F.A.; Jones, S.C.; Goldstein, E.H.; Graves, R.S.; Eggers, M.R.
Summary of sediment descriptions of ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 12 piston cores
p. 144-148

Ciesielski, P.F.; Jones, S.C.
Sediment ages of ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 15 piston cores
p. 148-151

Jones, S.C.
Basal sediment ages of ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 16 piston cores
p. 151-153

Biggs, D.C.; Bidigare, R.R.; Wilsterman, R.; McCarthy, J.J.
Oceanographic studies of epipelagic ammonium dynamics in Scotia Sea
p. 154-156

Kennicutt, M.C.; Warner, R.A.; El-Sayed, S.Z.
Chemical and microbial characterization of particulate organic matter in Scotia Sea and northern Weddell Sea
p. 156-157

Dustan, P.; Olson, R.J.; Holm-Hansen, O.
Phytoplankton studies in Scotia Sea
p. 158-159

Holm-Hansen, O.; Carlucci, A.F.; Azam, F.
Biological studies of the water column and sediments under the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 160-161

El-Sayed, S.Z.; Trees, C.C.; Warner, R.A.; Weber, L.H.; Meyer, M.A.
Seasonal variability in biological productivity of Scotia Sea and southwest Atlantic
p. 161-162

McWhinnie, M.A.; Denys, C.J.; Parkin, R.; Parkin, K.
Biological investigation of «Euphausia superba» (krill)
p. 163-164

Eastman, J.T.
Buoyancy and morphological studies of antarctic fishes
p. 164-166

Haschemeyer, A.E.V.; Hudson, A.P.; Mathews, R.W.; Smith, M.A.K.
Molecular biological studies in fishes of McMurdo Sound
p. 167-168

Parmelee, D.F.; Maxson, S.J.; Bernstein, N.P.
Fowl cholera outbreak among brown skuas at Palmer Station
p. 168-169

Tirrell, P.C.; Murrish, D.E.
Cutaneous blood flow in the giant petrel
p. 169-171

Tirrell, P.C.; Murrish, D.E.
Vascular anatomy of the brood patch of the giant petrel
p. 171-172

Axelrod, B.
Observations of south polar skuas at dome C
p. 173

Müller-Schwarze, D.; Müller-Schwarze, C.
How antarctic penguins communicate their readiness for nest relief
p. 174-175

Todd, F.S.
Status of high antarctic penguin colony in San Diego, California
p. 175-176

Kooyman, G.L.; Castellini, M.S.; Costa, D.P.; Billups, J.O.; Piper, S.J.
Diving characteristics of free-ranging Weddell seals
p. 176

Siniff, D.B.; Eberhardt, L.L.; Packard, J.M.
Colonial behavior of Weddell seals in eastern McMurdo Sound
p. 177-178

DeMaster, D.; Thomas, J.; Stone, S.; Andriashek, D.
Biological studies of seals in pack ice habitat
p. 179-180

Evans, W.E.; Jehl, J.R., Jr.; White, M.J., Jr.; Holbrook, J.R.
Observations of two genera of small odontocete cetaceans «(Orcinus» and «Globicephala)» in antarctic and adjacent waters
p. 180

Simmons, G.M., Jr.
Ecosystem comparisons of oasis lakes and soils
p. 181-183

Edwards, J.S.; Baust, J.G.; Sugg, P.
Sex ratio in «Belgica antarctica»
p. 183-184

Edwards, J.S.
Insect landings on R/V «Hero» at sea off Argentina
p. 184

Muchmore, H.G.
Respiratory virus shedding throughout isolation at South Pole
p. 185-186

Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, L.V.; Miles, J.A.R.
Parainfluenza virus upper respiratory tract infections at McMurdo Station during austral summer 1975-76
p. 186-187

Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, L.V.
Persistence of parainfluenza virus upper respiratory tract infections at South Pole Station during winter 1976
p. 188-189

Dick, E.C.; Gavinski, S.S.; Mahl, M.C.; Walter, G.R.
Virucidal handkerchief for helping prevent transmission of respiratory infection at McMurdo Station and Scott Base during the winter fly-in period
p. 189-190

Boyer, S.J.
Medical summary for a remote antarctic field party, 1978-79
p. 190-191

Hogan, A.W.
Meteorological research flights over Antarctica and southern Pacific
p. 191-192

Hogan, A.W.; Bernard, S.C.; Samson, J.A.
Meteorological transport of particulate material to south polar plateau
p. 192-193

Carroll, J.J.; Fitzjarrald, D.E.; Coulson, K.L.
Atmospheric processes and energy transfers at South Pole
p. 193-194

Sulek, A.M.
Atmospheric chemistry at the South Pole
p. 194-195

Shaw, G.E.
Antarctic aerosols
p. 196-197

Murcray, D.G.; Williams, W.J.; Murcray, F.H.; Murcray, F.J.; Kosters, J.
Atmospheric composition using infrared techniques
p. 197-198

Mason, A.S.; Östlund, H.G.
Antarctic and Pacific atmospheric tritium
p. 198-199

Hofmann, D.J.
Stratospheric trace gas and aerosol profiles at McMurdo and South Pole Stations
p. 200-201

Ohtake, T.; Yogi, T.
Winter ice crystals at South Pole
p. 201-203

Osborn, J.C., Jr.
Geophysical Monitoring for Climatic Change (GMCC)
p. 203-205

Smiley, V.N.; Morley, B.M.; Warburton, J.A.
Lidar operations at Palmer Station
p. 205-206

McMurtry, G.; Brill, R.; Siegel, B.Z.; Siegel, S.M.
Antarctic mercury distribution in comparison with Hawaii and Iceland
p. 206-209

Rosenberger, G.C.
Operational meteorology, Deep Freeze 79
p. 209-210

Carpenter, D.L.
VLF direction finding from Palmer Station
p. 210-211

Whinnery, R.; Barnhardt, B.; Warburton, J.A.
Radar reflectivity and precipitation rate studies at Palmer Station and Faraday Base
p. 212-213

Dudeney, J.R.; Crowley, G.; Jones, T.B.
Large simultaneous disturbances in antarctic ionosphere
p. 213-214

Clynch, J.R.; Tucker, A.J.
Measurement of ionospheric scintillation in polar regions
p. 215-216

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Cosmic ray intensity variations
p. 216-218

Chivers, H.J.A.
High-latitude ionospheric absorption
p. 218

Heacock, R.R.
Asymmetries in magnetic field pulsation activity observed simultaneously in southern and northern polar caps
p. 219-220

Ogawa, T.; Balsley, B.B.; Ecklund, W.L.; Carter, D.A.; Johnston, P.E.
Siple Station auroral radar results: yearly averaged doppler velocity and echo occurrence patterns
p. 221-223

Bell, T.F.; Inan, U.S.
Cold plasma diagnostics using ISEE-1 satellite measurements of nonducted VLF waves from Siple Station transmitter
p. 223-224

Rosenberg, T.J.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; Maclennan, C.G.
Control of particle precipitation by hydrodynamic waves
p. 225-226

Matthews, D.L.
Rocket investigation of naturally and artificially triggered electron precipitation near the plasmapause
p. 226-227

National Research Council. Polar Research Board
Polar Research Board activities, May 1978-June 1979
p. 227-228

Thuronyi, G.T.
Library of Congress Cold Regions Data Base: Dynamics of antarctic subject coverage
p. 228-229

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic research series
p. 230

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1978-79
p. 230-231

Hickerson, R.L.
LC-130 antarctic research flights, 1978-79
p. 233

O'Leary, J.M.; Watson, K.L.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6) activities, 1978-79
p. 233-234

Eckman, J.F.
Ship operations, Deep Freeze 79
p. 234-235

Evans, R.L.
Public works, Deep Freeze 79
p. 235-237

Weyler, M.E.
Industrial safety
p. 237-238

Murphy, R.L.
Contractor support
p. 238-239

Angino, E.E.
Burial of high-level and long-lived radioactive wastes in Antarctica: a reappraisal
p. 239-240

Dew, T.R.
Boy Scout joins antarctic research teams
p. 240