Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 19, issue 5

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Lawver, L.A.
Problems with reconstructions of Gondwana
p. 1-2

Tasch, P.
Fossil conchostraca: Gondwana continents, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, and South Africa
p. 2-3

Feldmann, R.M.
Decapod crustaceans from the Late Cretaceous and the Eocene of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 4-5

Askin, R.A.
Palynological investigations of the James Ross Island basin and Robertson Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 6-7

Chatterjee, S.; Small, B.J.; Nickell, M.W.
Late Cretaceous marine reptiles from Antarctica
p. 7-8

Webers, G.F.; Splettstoesser, J.F.
Geology of the Ellsworth Mountains--data reduction, 1983-1984
p. 8

Knopoff, L.; Grünewald, M.; Zürn, W.
Observations of anomalous long-period surface wave dispersion at the South Pole
p. 9-10

Pennington, D.C.; Collinson, J.W.
Sedimentary petrology of Permian and Triassic Beacon sandstones, northern Victoria Land
p. 10-11

Taylor, T.N.; Smoot, E.L.
Fossil plants from the Beardmore Glacier area
p. 12

Faure, G.; Felder, R.P.
Lithium-bearing pegmatite and bismuth-antimony-lead-copper-bearing veinlets on Mount Madison, Byrd Glacier area
p. 13-14

Malin, M.C.
Abrasion rate observations in Victoria Valley, Antarctica: 340-day experiment
p. 14-16

Schmidt, M.T.; Dahl, P.S.; Friberg, L.M.
Petrologic study of metasediments in Taylor Valley, southern Victoria Land
p. 16-18

Orsini, N.A.
Dry valley real-time telemetry seismological project
p. 18

Conca, J.
Field and laboratory studies of geologic case hardening
p. 18-20

Wright, A.C.; Kyle, P.R.; McIntosh, W.C.; Klich, I.
Geological field investigations of volcanic rocks at Mount Discovery and Mason Spur, McMurdo Sound
p. 20-21

McGinnis, L.D.; Bowen, R.H.
Seismic reflection profiling in McMurdo Sound, 1983-1984
p. 21

Leung, I.S.; Treves, S.B.
Composition and origin of olivine xenocrysts in basanite flow from Hut Point Peninsula, Antarctica
p. 22

Nagata, T.
Geophysical studies on Mount Erebus
p. 22-24

Kienle, J.; Kaminuma, K.; Dibble, R.R.
Seismicity of Mount Erebus and vicinity, 1983-1984
p. 25-27

Berg, J.H.
Crustal inclusions from the Erebus Volcanic Province
p. 27

Faure, G.; Kallstrom, M.L.; Mensing, T.M.
Classification and age of terrestrial boulders in the Elephant and Reckling Moraines
p. 28-29

Wodzicki, A.; Robert, R., Jr.
Geology and geological history of the Bowers Supergroup, northern Victoria Land
p. 29-31

Burmester, R.F.; Anderson, J.K.
Did northern Victoria Land collide with East Antarctica in the Cretaceous
p. 31-33

LeMasurier, W.E.
Mount Siple volcano, Marie Byrd Land
p. 33-35

Dalziel, I.W.D.; Pankhurst, R.J.
West Antarctica: Its tectonics and its relationship to East Antarctica
p. 35-36

Gee, C.T.
Preliminary studies of a fossil flora from the Orville Coast, eastern Ellsworth Land, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 36-37

Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.
Detection of sulfide mineral deposits by remote sensing in the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 37-38

Cassidy, W.A.; Schutt, J.W.
Search for meteorites, 1983-1984
p. 39-40

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: Terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications
p. 40-41

Mason, B.
Classification of antarctic meteorites
p. 41

McKelvey, B.C.; Mercer, J.H.; Harwood, D.M.; Stott, L.D.
Sirius Formation: Further considerations
p. 42-43

Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.
Non-marine diatoms in the Sirius Formation
p. 44-45

Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.
Preliminary diatom results from eastern Taylor Valley drill cores
p. 45-47

Denton, G.H.; Ackert, R.P.; Prentice, M.L.; Potter, N., Jr.
Ice-sheet overriding of the ice-free valleys of southern Victoria Land
p. 47-48

Bentley, C.R.; Shabtaie, S.; Blankenship, D.D.; Schultz, D.G.
Glaciogeophysical survey of the interior Ross embayment (GSIRE): Summary of 1983-1984 field work
p. 49-51

Whillans, I.M.
Ice stream dynamics
p. 51-53

Lindstrom, D.; Tyler, D.
Preliminary results of Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers study
p. 53-55

Lindstrom, D.; Hughes, T.J.
Downdraw of the Pine Island Bay drainage basins of the west antarctic ice sheet
p. 56-58

Kuivinen, K.C.; Koci, B.R.
Hot-water drilling on the Siple Coast and ice core drilling at Siple and South Pole Stations
p. 58-59

Stauffer, B.; Schwander, J.
Core processing and first analysis of ice cores from Siple and South Pole Stations
p. 59-60

Gillet, F.; Legrand, M.
French glaciological activities at the South Pole
p. 61

Grootes, P.M.; Stuiver, M.
Oxygen isotope studies at the South Pole
p. 62-63

Kyle, P.R.; Palais, J.; Thomas, E.
Vostok tephra--an important englacial stratigraphic marker?
p. 64-65

Yuen, D.A.; Saari, M.R.; Schubert, G.
Thermomechanical behavior of large ice masses
p. 65

Fireman, E.L.
Dating antarctic ice by the carbon-14 and uranium-238 series methods
p. 66-67

Chen, C.T.A.; Rodman, M.R.
Inhomogeneous distribution of tracers in the abyssal southern ocean
p. 68-69

Dunbar, R.B.
Sediment trap experiments on the antarctic continental margin
p. 70-71

Jacobs, S.S.; Smethie, W.M., Jr.; Pillsbury, R.D.; MacAyeal, D.R.
Ross Sea oceanography, 1984
p. 72-73

Chen, C.T.A.; Poisson, A.
Excess carbon dioxide in the Weddell Sea
p. 74-75

Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.
Diatoms from the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
p. 76-77

Smith, M.J.; Anderson, J.B.
USCGC «Polar Sea» Ross Sea cruise, 1983-1984
p. 77-80

Cooper, A.K.; Davey, F.J.
Marine geological and geophysical investigations in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 80-82

Eittreim, S.L.; Hampton, M.A.
Marine geological and geophysical investigations of the Wilkes Land continental margin, 1984
p. 82-84

Braatz, B.V.; Corliss, B.H.
Bottom water circulation in the South Australian Basin during the last 3.2 million years
p. 84-87

Setty, M.G.A.P.; Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.
Preliminary report on diatoms from the Deep Lake terraces, Vestfold Hills, Antarctica
p. 88-90

Truswell, E.M.; Anderson, J.B.
Recycled palynomorphs and the age of sedimentary sequences in the eastern Weddell Sea
p. 90-92

Andrews, B.A.
Petrology of Weddell Sea glacial sediments: Implications for provenance and glacial history
p. 92-94

MacDonald, S.E.
Sedimentologic and paleoceanographic implications of terrigenous deposits on the Maurice Ewing Bank, southwest Atlantic Ocean
p. 94-96

Granlund, A.
Paleoclimatological indices in the southern ocean based on morphological parameters in the radiolarian genus «Antarctissa»
p. 96-97

Malmgren, B.A.
Ranking of selective dissolution of modern cool-water planktonic foraminifera, South Atlantic
p. 98-99

Ainley, D.G.; Sullivan, C.W.
AMERIEZ 1983: a summary of activities on board the R/V «Melville» and USCGC «Westwind»
p. 100-103

Miller, M.A.; Krempin, D.W.; Manahan, D.T.; Sullivan, C.W.
Growth rates, distribution, and abundance of bacteria in the ice-edge zone of the Weddell and Scotia Seas, Antarctica
p. 103-105

Nelson, D.M.; Gordon, L.I.; Smith, W.O.
Phytoplankton dynamics of the marginal ice zone of the Weddell Sea, November and December 1983
p. 105-107

Fryxell, G.A.; Theriot, E.C.; Buck, K.R.
Phytoplankton, ice algae, and choanoflagellates from AMERIEZ, the southern Atlantic and the Indian Oceans
p. 107-109

Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.; Silver, M.W.
Microheterotrophs in the ice-edge zone
p. 109-111

Heinbokel, J.F.; Coats, D.W.
Reproductive dynamics of ciliates in the ice-edge zone
p. 111-113

Brinton, E.
Observations of plankton organisms obtained by bongo nets during the November-December 1983 ice-edge investigations
p. 113-115

Macaulay, M.C.; Daly, K.L.; English, T.S.
Acoustic and net assessment of the distribution and abundance of micronekton and nekton in the Weddell Sea, November and December 1983
p. 115-117

Torres, J.J.; Lancraft, T.M.; Weigle, B.L.; Hopkins, T.L.; Robison, B.H.
Distribution and abundance of fishes and salps in relation to the marginal ice zone of the Scotia Sea, November and December 1983
p. 117-119

Ainley, D.G.; Fraser, W.R.
AMERIEZ 1983: Oceanographic factors affecting seabird occurrence in the Scotia and Weddell Seas
p. 119-121

Erickson, A.W.
Aerial census of seals, whales, and penguins in the pack ice of the northwestern Weddell Sea, November 1983
p. 121-124

White, D.C.; Smith, G.A.; Stanton, G.R.
Biomass, community structure, and metabolic activity of the microbiota in benthic marine sediments and sponge spicule mats
p. 125-126

Dunbar, R.B.; Dehn, M.; Leventer, A.
Distribution of biogenic components in surface sediments from the antarctic continental shelf
p. 126-128

Dayton, P.K.; Kooyman, G.L.; Barry, J.P.
Benthic life under thick ice
p. 128

Kottmeier, S.T.; Muscat, A.M.; Craft, L.L.; Kastendiek, J.E.; Sullivan, C.W.
Ecology of sea-ice microbial communities in McMurdo Sound
p. 129-131

Palmisano, A.C.; SooHoo, J.B.; Sullivan, C.W.
Photoadaptation in sea-ice microalgae in McMurdo Sound
p. 131-132

Wilson, D.L.; Smith, W.O.
Species-specific productivity in an ice-edge phytoplankton bloom in the Ross Sea
p. 132-133

Hewes, C.D.
Phytoplankton studies of the Scotia Ridge
p. 133-134

Weber, L.H.; El-Sayed, S.Z.
Spatial variability of phytoplankton biomass in the Indian sector of the southern ocean
p. 135-136

Wormuth, J.H.
Net sampling of the zooplankton and krill in and around Elephant Island
p. 136

Marschall, H.-P.
Development, swimming, and feeding of early stages of krill
p. 137-138

Dearborn, J.H.; Edwards, K.C.
Analysis of data on the feeding biology of antarctic sea stars and brittle stars
p. 138-139

Reinhardt, S.B.; Van Vleet, E.S.
Lipid composition of Antarctic midwater invertebrates
p. 139-141

Macaulay, M.C.; Daily, K.L.; Mathisen, O.A.
Acoustic assessment of the distribution and abundance of micronekton and nekton in the Scotia Sea, March 1984
p. 141-143

Reinhardt, S.B.; Van Vleet, E.S.
Lipid composition of antarctic midwater fish
p. 144-145

Torres, J.J.; Weigle, B.L.; Lancraft, T.M.
Metabolism of two antarctic mesopelagic fish species
p. 145-146

Targett, T.E.; Radtke, R.L.
Growth and feeding ecology studies on coastal antarctic fishes
p. 147-149

Ahlgren, J.A.; DeVries, A.L.
Role of glycopeptide antifreeze in freezing avoidance of antarctic fish
p. 149-150

Hill, R.D.
Microprocessor-controlled monitoring of free-diving Weddell seals
p. 150-151

Testa, J.W.
Population dynamics and behavior of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddelli) in McMurdo Sound, 1983-1984
p. 152

Todd, F.S.; Thomas, J.A.
Observations of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddelli) at Nelson Island, Antarctica
p. 153-154

Thomas, J.A.; Puddicombe, R.; George, M.; Lewis, D.
Investigations on geographic variation of Weddell seal vocalizations around the Antarctic
p. 154-155

Zinsmeister, V.A.P.; Valencia, J.; Golowasch, J.
Procedures and methodologies for obtaining tissue samples from the pygoscelid penguins of Antarctica
p. 155-158

Müller-Schwarze, D.
Possible human impact on penguin populations in the Antarctic Peninsula area
p. 158-159

Hoberg, E.P.
Trematode parasites of marine birds in Antarctica: The distribution of Gymnophallus deliciosus (Olsson 1893)
p. 159-160

Stemmler, J.; Herwig, R.P.; Staley, J.T.; Nagy, K.A.
Chitin degradation in Adélie penguins
p. 161-162

Trivelpiece, S.G.; Trivelpiece, W.Z.; Volkman, N.J.; Bengtson, J.L.
Pygoscelid penguin and skua reproductive success and foraging behavior of penguins in Admiralty Bay
p. 162-163

Nagy, K.A.; Obst, B.S.; Wilson, R.P.
Energetics and feeding ecology of free-living penguins and petrels
p. 163-164

Parmelee, D.F.; Rimmer, C.
Status of known-age birds banded as chicks near Palmer Station in the 1970s
p. 164-165

Veit, R.R.; Braun, B.M.
Hydrographic fronts and marine bird distribution in the Antarctic and Subantarctic
p. 165-167

Ainley, D.G.; Ribic, C.A.; Wood, R.C.
Population studies of the south polar skua
p. 167-168

Friedmann, E.I.
Antarctic cryptoendolithic microbial ecosystem research during the 1983-1984 austral summer
p. 169

Hale, M.E.; Ocampo-Friedmann, R.
Ascospore cultures of lichen phycobionts from the antarctic desert
p. 170

McKay, C.P.; Friedmann, E.I.
Continuous temperature measurements in the cryptoendolithic microbial habitat by satellite-relay data acquisition system
p. 170-172

Vestal, J.R.; Federle, T.W.; Friedmann, E.I.
Effects of light and temperature on antarctic cryptoendolithic microbiota in vitro
p. 173-174

Vishniac, H.S.
Yeast biomass in Ross Desert soils: Evaluation of quantitation methods and sample transport effects
p. 174-176

Mikell, A.T., Jr.; Parker, B.C.
Physiological adaptations to high oxygen by heterotrophic bacteria from Lake Hoare
p. 176-177

Gardner, T.J.; Green, W.J.; Angle, M.P.; Varner, L.C.
Nutrient chemistry of Lakes Fryxell and Hoare and associated glacial feed streams
p. 178-180

Komarkova, V.
Studies of plant communities of the Antarctic Peninsula near Palmer Station
p. 180-182

Dick, E.C.; Warshauer, D.M.; Mandel, A.D.
Rhinovirus infections in an isolated antarctic station: Transmission of the viruses
p. 183-185

Vickers, M.L.; Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, E.N.
Recovery of herpes virus type 1 from the respiratory tract of subjects at South Pole Station during the 1983 winter
p. 185-186

Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, E.N.
Rhinovirus respiratory tract infections during isolation at South Pole Station
p. 186-188

Stearns, C.R.
Antarctic automatic weather stations, austral summer 1983-1984
p. 189-191

Mroz, E.J.
Atmospheric tracers released in Antarctica
p. 191-193

Samson, J.A.; Barnard, S.C.; Hogan, A.W.; Kukla, G.; Egan, W.
Meteorological variation of antarctic aerosols
p. 193

Murphey, B.; Hogan, A.
Winter meteorological phenomena of the McMurdo area
p. 194

Rose, W.I., Jr.; Kyle, P.R.; Chuan, R.L.; Palais, J.
Emission rates of sulfur dioxide and particulate material from Mount Erebus, Ross Island
p. 195

Shaw, G.E.; McKibben, B.
Size distribution of aerosols in the vicinity of Ross Island
p. 196

Hofmann, D.J.; Rosen, J.M.
Detection of El Chichon volcanic aerosol in the antarctic stratosphere
p. 196-199

Kodama, Y.; Wendler, G.
Coreless winter in Adélie Land, Antarctica, 1983
p. 199-201

Ohtake, T.; Fountain, A.G.
Ice crystal nucleation on antarctic hygroscopic aerosols
p. 201-202

Brainard, R.E.
Geophysical monitoring for climatic change, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, 1983-1984
p. 202-203

Robinson, E.; Cronn, D.R.
Boundary layer air chemistry research at South Pole
p. 203-204

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Variability of methane and carbon monoxide at the South Pole
p. 204-206

Murcray, D.B.; Murcray, F.H.; Murcray, F.J.
Measurements of column densities of water, nitric acid, fluorocarbons 11 and 12, and ozone during the antarctic winter
p. 207

Cassidy, W.A.; Witkowski, R.E.
Atmospheric submicron particle collection at South Pole Station, 1983-1984
p. 207-209

Robinson, E.; Bamesberger, W.L.
Air chemistry monitoring at Palmer Station
p. 209-211

Rosenberg, T.J.; Detrick, D.L.
Riometry in Antarctica
p. 212

Doolittle, J.H.; Mende, S.B.
Automatic geophysical observatories in Antarctica
p. 213-214

Wilson, C.R.
Mountain-associated infrasonic waves
p. 214

Pomerantz, M.A.
Cosmic-ray intensity variations
p. 215-216

Holzworth, R.H.
Global scale electric fields
p. 217-218

Imhof, W.L.; Gaines, E.E.
Coordinated satellite and antarctic ground-based measurements of precipitating electrons
p. 218-219

Coco, D.S.; Clynch, J.R.
Measurement of ionospheric electron columnar content changes over McMurdo Station
p. 220

Carpenter, D.L.; Inan, U.S.; Smith, A.J.
Use of subionospheric Siple transmitter signals to study burst precipitation outside the plasmapause
p. 220-222

Berkey, F.T.; Doupnik, J.R.
Observations of the midlatitude ionospheric trough from Siple Station
p. 222-225

Helliwell, R.A.; Katsufrakis, J.P.; Carpenter, D.L.; Inan, U.S.
Simulation magnetospheric hiss from Siple Station
p. 225-226

Helliwell, R.A.; Inan, U.S.
Growth suppression and sideband generation by Siple Station transmitter signals
p. 227-228

Inan, U.S.; Helliwell, R.A.; Katsufrakis, J.P.
Siple Station/Dynamics Explorer-1 satellite very-low-frequency wave-injection experiments
p. 228-230

Bell, T.F.; Katsufrakis, J.P.; Sonwalkar, V.S.; Helliwell, R.A.; James, H.G.
Siple Station VLF wave-injection experiments: ISIS and ISEE satellite observations
p. 230-232

Gail, W.B.
Particle precipitation at high latitudes
p. 232-233

Lanzerotti, L.J.; Maclennan, C.G.; Medford, L.V.; Carpenter, D.L.
Hydromagnetic and very-low-frequency wave studies at the South Pole
p. 233-234

Mende, S.B.
Monochromatic imaging of the 6,300 angstrom emissions from South Pole Station
p. 235-236

Pomerantz, M.A.
Solar seismology at the South Pole
p. 236-237

Wood, F.B.; Chen, K.Y.; Schneider, G.; Giovane, F.
South Pole astronomical observatory
p. 237-238

Eather, R.H.
Dayside aurora studies with a color keogram camera and zenith photometers
p. 238

Hushen, W.T.; Compton, B.E.
Polar Research Board: Antarctic-related activities June 1983 to June 1984
p. 239-241

Wasilewski, P.
NASA participation in the 25th Japanese antarctic research expedition (JARE 25)
p. 241-242

Parfit, M.
«Smithsonian Magazine» coverage of Antarctica
p. 242-243

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1983-1984
p. 243-245

Barry, R.G.; Brennan, A.M.
World Data Center-A for Glaciology Antarctic-related activities, 1983-1984
p. 245-246

Thuronyi, G.T.
Bibliographic control of the growing Antarctic literature
p. 246-247

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 247-248

Southard, R.B.
Mapping activities in Antarctica
p. 248

Lucchitta, B.K.; Eliason, E.M.; Southworth, S.
Multispectral digital mapping of Antarctica with Landsat images
p. 249-250

Becker, R.A.
ITT/Antarctic Services, Inc. support to the U.S. Antarctic Research Program, 1983-1984
p. 250-251

Barton, W.H.; Nohe, K.E.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six activites, 1983-1984
p. 251-252