Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 11, issue 4

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Lipps, J.H.
United States' "East Base," Antarctic Peninsula
p. 211-219

Temnikow, N.K.
Ecology of nearshore foraminifera, Arthur Harbor and vicinity (Antarctic Peninsula)
p. 220-222

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Intertidal region and molluscan fauna of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 222-225

Risebrough, R.W.; Watson, G.E.; Angle, J.P.
Red phalarope «(Phalaropus fulicarius)» in breeding plumage on Anvers Island
p. 226

Michel, R.L.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition, 1975: tritium measurements
p. 226-228

Siegel, F.R.; Pierce, J.W.; Dulong, F.T.; Hearn, P.P.
Suspended sediments in southern Chilean Archipelago waters: R/V «Hero» cruise 76-4
p. 228-230

Siegel, F.R.; Pierce, J.W.; Bloch, S.; Hearn, P.P.
Mineral suspensate geochemistry, Argentine continental shelf: R/V «Hero» cruise 75-3
p. 230-231

Vanney, J.R.; Johnson, G.L.
Floor of the Ross Sea and adjacent oceanic provinces
p. 231-233

Miagkov, S.M.; Nedeshava, G.N.; Riabova, E.I.
McMurdo Sound sea-level changes in the last 50,000 years
p. 233-235

Neal, V.T.; Crew, H.; Broome, R.
Oceanographic measurements under winter sea ice in McMurdo Sound
p. 235-239

Tasch, P.
Mesozoic nonmarine ecosystem and faunal data: Antarctica, Tasmania and India
p. 239-240

Grew, E.S.
Geologic studies in the southern Prince Charles Mountains
p. 240-242

Talkington, R.W.; Gaudette, H.E.; Mayewski, P.A.
Weathering stages of a tholeiitic basalt (dolerite), Queen Maud Mountains
p. 242-245

Stump, E.
Accretionary lapilli and lithophysal spherulites from the Taylor Formation, Queen Maud Mountains
p. 246-248

Ugolini, F.C.
Weathering and mineral synthesis in antarctic soils
p. 248-249

Kumai, M.; Anderson, D.M.; Ugolini, F.C.
Examining antarctic soils with a scanning electron microscope
p. 249-252

Kyle, P.R.; Elliot, D.H.
Mineral chemistry of Kirkpatrick Basalts
p. 253-256

Rowley, P.D.; Farrar, E.; McBride, S.L.
Preliminary interpretation of potassium-argon ages of plutons in northern Lassiter Coast and southern Black Coast
p. 257-258

Vennum, W.R.; Bentz, J.L.
Unusual occurrence of scolecite from the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 258-259

Ford, A.B.; Himmelberg, G.R.
Cordierite and orthopyroxene megacrysts in late Precambrian volcanic rocks of the Thiel Mountains
p. 260-263

LeMasurier, W.E.; Kyle, P.R.; Rankin, P.C.
Rare-earth element geochemistry of volcanic rocks from the Executive Committee Range, Marie Byrd Land
p. 263-267

Bastien, T.W.; Craddock, C.
Igneous rocks of Peter I Island
p. 267-269

LeMasurier, W.E.
Intraglacial volcanoes in Marie Byrd Land
p. 269-270

Kyle, P.R.; Giggenbach, W.F.; Keys, H.J.R.
Volcanic activity of Mount Erebus, Ross Island
p. 270-271

Washburn, A.L.
Analysis of permafrost cores from antarctic dry valleys
p. 275-276

Bentley, C.R.
Analysis Of Ross Ice Shelf geophysics
p. 276-277

Mayewski, P.A.
Past levels and present state of northern Victoria Land glaciers
p. 277-279

Thomas, R.H.
Ice velocities on the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 279-281

Hushen, W.T.
Polar Research Board, 1975-1976
p. 281-285

Hamilton, R.; Walraven, R.L.
South Pole computer system
p. 285-287

Cassidy, D.S.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1975-1976
p. 287-290

Langway, C.C., Jr.; Chiang, E.
Ice core storage and information exchange
p. 290-291

Landrum, B.J.
Polar biological collections
p. 292

Thuronyi, G.T.
Increase in «Antarctic Bibliography» citations
p. 292-293