Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 17, issue 5

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Grew, E.S.; Manton, W.I.; Sandiford, M.
Geochronologic studies in East Antarctica: age of pegmatites in Casey Bay, Enderby Land
p. 1-2

Stump, E.; Splettstoesser, J.F.; Colbert, P.V.
Northern Victoria Land Project, 1981-1982
p. 3-4

Dreschhoff, G.A.M.; Zeller, E.J.; Kropp, W.-R.
Study of radioelement concentrations in northern Victoria Land by gamma-ray spectrometry
p. 4-5

Kyle, P.R.; Gamble, J.A.; McIntosh, W.C.; Noll, M.
McMurdo Volcanic Group, northern Victoria Land
p. 6

Grew, E.S.; Sandiford, M.
Field studies of the Wilson and Rennick Groups, Rennick Glacier area, northern Victoria Land
p. 7-8

Schmierer, K.; Burmester, R.F.; Wodzicki, A.
Paleomagnetic investigations of the Sledgers Group, Bowers Mountain, northern Victoria Land
p. 8-9

Wodzicki, A.; Burmester, R.F.; Schmierer, K.E.
Geology of the Bowers Trough and its possible correlation with the Dundas Trough, Tasmania
p. 9-11

Wright, T.O.
Structural study of the Leap Year Fault, northern Victoria Land
p. 11-13

Hammer, W.R.; Zawiskie, J.M.
Beacon fossils from northern Victoria Land
p. 13-15

Collinson, J.W.; Kemp, N.R.
Sedimentology of the Takrouna Formation, a Permian-Triassic deposit in northern Victoria Land
p. 15-17

Stump, E.; Halloway, J.R.; Borg, S.G.; Lapham, K.E.
Geological investigations of early to middle Paleozoic magmatic rocks, northern Victoria Land
p. 17-18

Plummer, C.C.
Geological investigation of the Daniels Range, USARP Mountains, northern Victoria Land
p. 18

Elliot, D.H.; Siders, M.; Faure, G.; Taylor, K.S.
Kirkpatrick Basalt, Mesa Range, northern Victoria Land
p. 19-20

McIntosh, W.C.; Kyle, P.R.; Cherry, E.M.; Noltimier, H.C.
Paleomagnetic results from the Kirkpatrick Basalt Group, Victoria Land
p. 20-22

Dahl, P.S.; Palmer, D.F.
Petrographic and chemical study of orbicular rocks in western Taylor Valley, southern Victoria Land
p. 22-24

Webb, P.N.
Cenozoic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the MSST-1 drillhole, western McMurdo Sound
p. 24-25

McGinnis, L.D.
Seismic refraction and reflection program in McMurdo Sound
p. 25

Leung, I.S.; Treves, S.B.
Reactions in a cooling basanite flow from DVDP borehole 2, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island
p. 26

Nagata, T.
Japanese earth science research in the McMurdo Sound region, 1981-1982
p. 26-28

Kienle, J.
Seismicity of Mount Erebus, 1981-82
p. 29-31

Kyle, P.R.; Otway, P.
Volcanic activity of Mount Erebus, 1981-1982
p. 31-32

Wiesnet, D.R.; D'Aguanno, J.
Thermal imagery of Mount Erebus from the NOAA-6 satellite
p. 32-34

LeMasurier, W.E.; Rex, D.C.
Eruptive potential of volcanoes in Marie Byrd Land
p. 34-36

Webers, G.F.; Splettstoesser, J.F.
Geology, paleontology, and bibliography of the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 36-38

Rowley, P.D.; Schmidt, D.L.; Williams, P.L.
Mount Poster Formation, southern Antarctic Peninsula and eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 38-39

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Geological observation of the recently discovered marine Tertiary sequence at Cape Melville, King George Island
p. 40

Zinsmeister, W.J.; Webb, P.N.
CretaceousTertiary geology and paleontology of Cockburn Island
p. 41-42

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Tectonics of the Scotia Arc region
p. 43

Pride, D.; Moody, S.
Trace element chemistry of mineralized rocks, Livingston Island (South Shetlands), Gerlache Strait, and southern Anvers Island
p. 43-45

Tasch, P.
Conchostracan dispersal (Paleozoic/Mesozoic) between South America, Africa, and Antarctica
p. 45-46

Knopoff, L.; Wielandt, E.
Structure of the upper mantle under the East Pacific Rise
p. 46-48

Denton, S.C.; Wilson, S.C.
Late Quaternary geology of the Rennick Glacier Area, northern Victoria Land
p. 49-51

Mayewski, P.A.
Upper Rennick Glacier ice mass fluctuation study
p. 51-52

Borns, H.W., Jr.
Ross Sea glaciations: events in Victoria Valley
p. 52-53

Black, R.F.
Patterned-ground studies in Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 53-54

Cassidy, W.A.
Antarctic search for meteorites, 1981-1982
p. 55

Schutt, J.
Results of the antarctic search for meteorites, 1981-1982
p. 56-57

Annexstad, J.O.; Schultz, L.
Triangulation survey of the Allan Hills icefield, 1981-1982
p. 57-58

Fudali, R.F.
Gravity measurements across the Allan Hills main meteorite collecting area
p. 58-60

King, E.A.; Wagstaff, J.
Extraterrestrial microparticles from antarctic ice cores and the search for cometary dust
p. 61-62

Mason, B.
Victoria Land meteorite collections, 1980-1981
p. 62

Zinsmeister, W.J.
First U.S. Seymour Island expedition to the James Ross Island area, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 63-64

Woodburne, M.O.
Newly discovered land mammal from Antarctica
p. 64-66

Chatterjee, S.; Zinsmeister, W.J.
Late Cretaceous marine vertebrates from Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 66

Fleming, R.F.; Askin, R.A.
Early Tertiary coal bed on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 67

Macellari, C.; Huber, B.T.
Cretaceous stratigraphy of Seymour Island, East Antarctic Peninsula
p. 68-70

Askin, R.A.; Fleming, R.F.
Palynological investigations of Campanian to lower Oligocene sediments on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 70-71

Zinsmeister, W.J.; DeVries, T.J.
Observations on the stratigraphy of the lower Tertiary Seymour Island Group, Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 71-72

Yuen, D.A.; Schubert, G.
Thermomechanical behavior of large ice masses: ice-age causes and recent evolution of the antarctic ice sheet
p. 73-74

Bentley, C.R.
Dome C geophysical survey, 1981-1982
p. 74-75

Gillet, F.; Lorius, C.
French field activities at Dome C
p. 75-76

Grootes, P.M.; Stuiver, M.
Ross Ice Shelf and Dome C oxygen-isotope analysis
p. 76-78

Whillans, I.M.; Bain, T.D.; Bolzan, J.F.
Glaciology at Dome C and in the Allan Hills
p. 78

Brecher, H.H.
Photogrammetric determination of surface velocities and elevations on Byrd Glacier
p. 79-81

Fireman, E.L.
Isotopic studies of ice samples from the Allan Hills meteorite site
p. 81-83

Thompson, L.G.; Mosley-Thompson, E.
Microparticle concentration and size-distribution determinations from the J-9 core, Ross Ice Shelf
p. 83-85

Bromwich, D.H.
Intra-annual relationships between oxygen-isotopic composition of precipitation and temperature at the South Pole
p. 85-87

Parker, B.C.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.; Laird, C.M.; Zeller, E.J.
Nitrates in South Pole snow
p. 88-89

Kuivinen, K.C.; Koci, B.R.; Holdsworth, G.W.; Gow, A.J.
South Pole ice core drilling, 1981-1982
p. 89-91

Ahlnäs, K.; Jayaweera, K.
Some applications of the McMurdo-generated NOAA satellite imagery for polar-ice research
p. 92-93

Parkinson, C.
Sensitivity studies on a model of the Weddell ice pack
p. 94-95

Gordon, A.L.
U.S.-U.S.S.R. Weddell Polynya expedition
p. 96-98

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.
Physical oceanography during WEPOLEX-81
p. 98-100

Jannings, J.; Nelson, D.; Gordon, L.I.
Nutrient chemistry program during WEPOLEX-81
p. 101

Chen, C.T.A.
Carbonate chemistry during WEPOLEX-81
p. 102-103

Takahashi, T.; Chipman, D.
Carbon dioxide partial pressure in surface waters of the southern ocean
p. 103-104

Ackley, S.F.; Smith, S.J.; Clarke, D.B.
Observations of pack ice properties in the Weddell Sea
p. 105-106

Clarke, D.B.; Ackley, S.F.
Physical, chemical and biological properties of winter sea ice in the Weddell Sea
p. 107-109

Stephen, J.C.
Zooplankton in the Weddell Sea, October-November 1981
p. 109-111

Marra, J.; Burckle, L.H.; Ducklow, H.W.
Sea ice and water column plankton distributions in the Weddell Sea in late winter
p. 111-112

Andreas, E.L.
Atmospheric boundary layer measurements in the Weddell Sea
p. 113-115

Ichiye, T.
Frontal baroclinic instability of the Antarctic Front Zone
p. 116-117

Singer, J.
Role of benthic organisms in sediment erosion and entrainment
p. 118-119

Zlotnicki, V.
Heat flow measurements in the Scotia Sea collected during Atlantis II cruise 107-6
p. 119-120

Harwood, D.M.
Oligocene-miocene diatom biostratigraphy from the equatorial to the antarctic Pacific
p. 121-122

Myers, N.C.
Petrology of Ross Sea basal tills: implications for antarctic glacial history
p. 123-124

Kellogg, T.B.; Kellogg, D.E.; Anderson, J.B.
Preliminary results of microfossil analyses of Amundsen Sea sediment cores
p. 125-126

Anderson, J.B.
Preliminary results from the USARP 1982 marine geologic investigation of the northern Antarctic Peninsula region
p. 127-131

Graves, R.S.; Kaharoeddin, F.A.; Humphreys, C.L.
Summary of sediment descriptions of ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 15 piston cores
p. 132-135

Kaharoeddin, F.A.; Graves, R.S.; Humphreys, C.L.
Summary of sediment descriptions of ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 16 piston cores
p. 135-139

Graves, R.S.
Biostratigraphic correlations and regional erosion shown by the radiolarian «Cycladophora davisiana» and the diatoms «Eucampia balaustium» and «Hemidiscus karstenii»
p. 139-141

Burckle, L.H.
First appearance datum of «Hemidiscus karstenii» in late Pleistocene of the subantarctic region
p. 142-143

Biggs, D.C.
Ross Sea ammonium flux experiment
p. 144-146

Amos, A.F.
Physical oceanography of the southwestern Ross Sea, January 1982
p. 146-148

Johnson, M.A.; Biggs, D.C.; Amos, A.F.
Oceanographic time-series studies with an STD-submersible pump combination
p. 148-150

Holm-Hansen, O.; Neori, A.; Koike, I.
Phytoplankton distribution, biomass, and activity in the southwest Ross Sea
p. 150-152

Bidigare, R.R.; Cox, J.L.
Zooplankton metabolic studies in the Ross Sea
p. 153-154

Sullivan, C.W.; Palmisano, A.C.; Kottmeier, S.; Moe, R.
Development of the sea ice microbial community in McMurdo Sound
p. 155-157

Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.; Silver, M.W.
Ice algal communities in the Weddell Sea
p. 157-159

DeLaca, T.E.
Biology and ecology of shallow-water rhizopodia in McMurdo Sound
p. 159-160

Fryxell, G.A.; Johansen, J.R.; Doucette, G.J.
Phytoplankton cultures and collections around South Georgia
p. 160-162

Dearborn, J.H.; Watling, L.E.; Edwards, K.C.; Fratt, D.B.; Hendler, G.
Echinoderm biology and general benthic collecting along the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 162-164

Hamner, W.M.
Procedures for «in situ» observations of krill schools in the southern ocean
p. 165

Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.
«Euphausia superba:» fecundity and physiological ecology of its eggs and larvae
p. 166-167

Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.; Dearborn, J.H.; Edwards, K.C.; Fratt, D.B.
Diatoms from brittle star stomach contents: implications for sediment reworking
p. 167-169

George, R.Y.; Fields, J.R.; Amsler, M.O.
Effect of hydrostatic pressure and temperature on krill growth
p. 170

Haschemeyer, A.E.V.
Protein synthesis studies in icefishes and nototheniids
p. 171-172

DeVries, A.L.; O'Grady, S.M.; Schrag, J.D.
Temperature and levels of glycopeptide antifreeze in antarctic fishes
p. 173-175

Ainley, D.G.; Wood, R.C.
Population studies of the south polar skua
p. 175-176

Pietz, P.J.
Comparative ecology of south polar and brown skuas at Palmer Station
p. 176

Ricklefs, R.E.
Development of homeothermy in antarctic seabirds
p. 177-178

Hunt, G.L., Jr.
Distribution and abundance of marine birds in the Ross and Bellingshausen Seas
p. 179

Volkman, N.J.; Trivelpiece, S.G.; Trivelpiece, W.Z.; Young, K.E.
Comparative studies of pygoscelid penguins in Admiralty Bay
p. 180

Astheimer, L.B.; Grau, C.R.; Boekelheide, R.J.
Timing of egg formation in Adélie penguins
p. 180-182

Halpryn, B.M.; Tirrell, P.C.; Murrish, D.E.
Circadian rhythms in the body temperature of Adélie penguins
p. 182-183

Davis, R.
Winter ecology of Weddell Seals at White Island
p. 183-184

Bengtson, J.L.
Reproductive ecology of crabeater and leopard seals along the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 185

Thomas, J.A.; Fisher, S.R.; Evans, W.E.; Awbrey, F.T.
Ultrasonic vocalizations of leopard seals «(Hydrurga leptonyx)»
p. 186

Thomas, J.A.; Kuechle, V.B.
Melt pools as natural experimental arenas for acoustical studies
p. 187-188

Ross, J.; Testa, J.W.; Winter, J.D.; Kuechle, L.; Reichle, R.
Weddell seal population dynamics and antarctic cod movement patterns in McMurdo Sound
p. 188-189

Hopkins, T.L.; Robinson, B.H.
Trophodynamics of mesopelagic micronekton in the southern ocean
p. 189

Vestal, J.R.; Friedmann, E.I.
«In situ» carbon metabolism by the cryptoendolithic microbial community in the antarctic cold desert
p. 190-191

Parker, B.C.
Physiological adaptations of biota in antarctic oasis lakes
p. 191-193

Lee, R.E., Jr.; Baust, J.G.
Physiological adaptations of antarctic terrestrial arthropods
p. 193-195

Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, E.N.; Scott, L.V.
Environmental survival of human respiratory viruses at South Pole Station
p. 196-197

Meschievitz, C.K.
Possible modification of summer season respiratory disease transmission in an open community at Scott Base
p. 198-199

Robinson, E.; Bamesberger, W.L.
Air chemistry monitoring at Palmer Station
p. 200-201

Wendler, G.; Kodama, Y.; Poggi, A.
Climate of Dome C
p. 201-203

Rasmussen, R.A.; Khalil, M.A.K.
Atmospheric fluorocarbons and methyl chloroform at the South Pole
p. 203-205

Sheppard, J.C.; Hardy, R.J.; Hopper, J.F.
Hydroxyl radical measurements
p. 206-207

Murcray, D.G.; Murcray, F.H.; Murcray, F.J.; Williams, W.J.
Infrared atmospheric transmission and emission measurements, South Pole Station
p. 207-208

Samson, J.; Henry, R.; Kebschull, K.; Hogan, A.
Investigation of aerosol transport processes at McMurdo and South Pole
p. 208-209

Wilson, C.R.; Collier, J.L.
Atmospheric infrasonic waves
p. 209-210

Radke, L.F.
Contribution of Mount Erebus to the antarctic sulfate budget
p. 211-212

Saxena, V.K.
Biogenic nuclei involvement in clouds over the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 212-214

Renard, R.J.; Thompson, W.J.
Analysis of antarctic automatic weather station data from the western Ross Sea/Ice Shelf
p. 214-217

Stearns, C.R.
Antarctic automatic weather stations
p. 217-219

Cronn, D.R.; Robinson, E.
Air chemistry and meteorology
p. 219-221

McFee, C.; Mendonca, B.G.
Geophysical monitoring for climatic change, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, 1981
p. 221-222

Coco, D.S.; Clynch, J.R.
Measurement of ionospheric electron columnar content changes over McMurdo Station
p. 223-224

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.
Cosmic ray intensity variations
p. 224-225

Gail, B.W.
Correlative results from South Pole Station, 1981
p. 225-228

Akasofu, S.-I.
Geometry of the open region and South Pole Station
p. 228-229

Detrick, D.L.
Upper atmosphere research at South Pole Station
p. 230-231

Eather, R.H.
Dayside aurora studies with a color keogram camera
p. 231-232

Pomerantz, M.A.; Harvey, J.W.; Duvall, T., Jr.
Large-scale motions and structure of the Sun
p. 232-233

Mende, S.B.
Imaging of atmospheric emissions in Antarctica
p. 234-235

Lanzerotti, L.J.; Medford, L.V.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Magnetic field and particle precipitation observations at the South Pole
p. 235-236

Rosenberg, T.J.
Electron precipitation effects associated with VLF radiowave transmissions from Siple Station
p. 236-238

Bell, T.F.; Inan, U.S.; Katsufrakis, J.P.; James, H.G.
Frequency bandwidth increase of VLF transmitter signals during propagation at low altitude
p. 238-239

Kintner, P.M.; Brittain, R.; Kelley, M.C.
«In situ» measurements of Siple VLF transmissions entering the ionosphere
p. 239-241

Lanzerotti, L.J.; Medford, L.V.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Particle precipitation and magnetic field variations at Siple Station and in the conjugate region
p. 241-243

Engebretson, M.J.; Cahill, L.J., Jr.; Arnoldy, R.L.
Asymmetric magnetic pulsations observed at Siple Station
p. 243-245

Matthews, D.L.
Energy spectrum of precipitating electrons during an artificially triggered wave event
p. 245-246

Siren, J.C.; Matthews, D.L.
Energetic electron observations by high-altitude rockets launched from Siple Station
p. 246-247

Carpenter, D.L.; Bao, Z.T.
Occurrence properties of ducted whistler-mode signals from the new VLF transmitter at Siple Station
p. 248-249

Hushen, W.T.
Polar Research Board antarctic-related activities, June 1981-June 1982
p. 250-252

Southard, R.B.
Mapping operations in Antarctica
p. 252-253

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 253-254

Thuronyi, G.T.
Some statistics on antarctic serial literature
p. 254-255

Pyne, S.J.
Earth and ice: Antarctica as history and civilization
p. 256

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1981-1982
p. 257-258

Landrum, B.J.
Processing and systematic analyses of antarctic collections
p. 259

Gray, R.E.
Antarctic support operations
p. 260-261

Scott, L.B., Jr.
Feasibility of wind turbine/diesel hybrid generators at McMurdo Station
p. 261-263

Smith, B.E.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six activities, 1981-1982
p. 264

Jones, W.A.
Detachment Christchurch, 1981-1982 season
p. 265

Foster, M.S.
Aviation forecasting for the U.S. antarctic program
p. 265-266

Fulgham, J.G.
Public works, 1981-1982
p. 266-268

Taylor, P.R.
Ship operations
p. 268-270