Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 15, issue 5

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Morris, C.E.; Knopoff, L.; Rydelek, P.A.; Smythe, W.D.
Observations of free modes, tides, and tilts at Amundsen-Scott Station
p. 1-2

Shabtaie, S.; Bentley, C.R.; Blankenship, D.D.; Lovell, J.S.; Gassett, R.M.
Dome C geophysical survey, 1979-80
p. 2-5

Tasch, P.
New nonmarine fossil links in Gondwana correlations and their significance
p. 5-6

Wright, T.O.
Sedimentology of the Robertson Bay Group, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 6-8

Treves, S.B.
Hyaloclastite of DVDP 3, Hut Point Peninsula, Antarctica
p. 8-9

Elston, D.P.; Bressler, S.L.
Paleomagnetic investigation of Cenozoic glaciogenic sediments, Taylor Valley and McMurdo Sound
p. 9-10

McGinnis, L.D.
Seismic refraction studies in western McMurdo Sound
p. 11

Nagata, T.
Earth sciences research in the McMurdo Sound region, 1979-1980
p. 12

Stump, E.
Two episodes of deformation at Mt. Madison, Antarctica
p. 13-14

Miotke, F.-D.
Microclimate and weathering processes in the area of Darwin Mountains and Bull Pass, Dry Valleys
p. 14-16

Felder, R.P.; Faure, G.
Rubidium-strontium age determination of part of the basement complex of the Brown Hills, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 16-17

Chatterjee, S.
Paleoposition of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
p. 17-18

Seward, D.; Kyle, P.R.; LeMasurier, W.E.
Fission track ages of Marie Byrd Land volcanic rocks
p. 19

LeMasurier, W.E.; Grindley, G.W.; Rex, D.C.
Unsuccessful search for the Shepard Island Quartzite in Marie Byrd Land
p. 20-31

Cox, C.; Ciocanelea, R.; Pride, D.
Genesis of mineralization associated with Andean intrusions, northern Antarctic Peninsula region
p. 22-23

Elliot, D.H.; Askin, R.A.
Geologic studies in the South Shetland Islands and at Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula: R/V «Hero» cruises 80-1 and 80-2
p. 23-24

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Structural studies in the Scotia Arc and West Antarctica
p. 25

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Marine terraces of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 25-26

Farrar, E.; Rowley, P.D.
Potassium-argon ages of Upper Cretaceous plutonic rocks of Orville Coast and eastern Ellsworth Land
p. 26-28

Thomson, M.R.A.
Late Jurassic ammonite faunas from the Latady Formation, Orville Coast
p. 28-30

Collinson, J.W.; Vavra, C.L.; Zawiskie, J.M.
Sedimentology of the Polarstar Formation (Permian), Ellsworth Mountains
p. 30-32

Dreschhoff, G.A.M.; Thoste, V.; Zeller, E.J.; Bulla, K.
Resource and radioactivity survey in the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 32

Bockheim, J.G.; Leide, J.E.
Soil development and rock weathering in the Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica
p. 33-34

Watts, D.R.; Bramall, A.M.
Paleomagnetic investigation in the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 34-36

Splettstoesser, J.F.; Webers, G.F.
Geological investigations and logistics in the Ellsworth Mountains, 1979-80
p. 36-39

Ford, A.B.; Drinkwater, J.L.; Himmelberg, G.R.
Dufek intrusion and plagioclase characteristics
p. 40-42

Burmester, R.F.; Sheriff, S.D.
Paleomagnetism of the Dufek intrusion, Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica
p. 43-45

Grew, E.S.; Manton, W.I.
Uranium-lead ages of zircons from Mount Provender, Shackleton Range, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 45-46

Grew, E.S.
Petrologic studies in Enderby Land with the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition, 1979-80
p. 46-48

Cassidy, W.A.
Antarctic search for meteorites, 1979-80
p. 49-50

Mason, B.
Characterization of antarctic meteorites
p. 49

Kotra, R.K.; Ponnamperuma, C.
Organic chemical studies on the antarctic carbonaceous chondrites
p. 51-53

Evans, J.C.; Reeves, J.H.; Rancitelli, L.A.
Terrestrial age dating of antarctic meteorites
p. 53-54

Marvin, U.B.
Magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulfate deposits on antarctic meteorites
p. 54-55

Rutford, R.H.; Denton, G.H.; Andersen, B.G.
Glacial history of the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 56-57

Biddle, K.B.
Glacial marine sedimentation in the Ross Sea, DSDP sites 270-273
p. 57-59

Faure, G.; Taylor, K.S.
Interpretation of Rb-Sr dates of feldspar in tillite on Mt. Tuatara, Byrd Glacier
p. 59-60

Kellogg, D.E.; Kellogg, T.B.
Revised age for RISP sediments and implications for the glacial history of Antarctica
p. 61-63

Brecher, H.H.
Apparent surface lowering on Byrd Glacier between 1960 and 1978
p. 64-65

Annexstad, J.O.; Nishio, F.
Glaciological studies in Allan Hills, 1979-80
p. 65-66

Fireman, E.L.
Radioactive dating and the compositions of the gas in Antarctic ice
p. 67-68

Mayewski, P.A.; Hassinger, J.
Characteristics and significance of rock glaciers in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 68-69

Thyssen, F.; Shabtaie, S.
Deep geoelectric and electromagnetic soundings at Dome C
p. 69-71

Mosley-Thompson, E.; Thompson, L.G.
Glaciological interpretation of the microparticle concentration in the 905-meter Dome C core
p. 71-75

Ewing, R.E.
Shallow-depth temperature models for Dome C
p. 75-76

Lorius, C.
French field activities at Dome C
p. 76

Kuivinen, K.C.; Marshall, P.S.; Koci, B.R.
Polar Ice Coring Office (PICO) drilling activities, 1979-80
p. 76-77

King, E.A.; Wagstaff, J.
Search for cometary dust in the antarctic ice
p. 78-79

Parker, B.C.; Zeller, E.J.
Nitrogenous chemical composition of antarctic ice and snow
p. 79-81

Gosink, T.A.
Atmospheric trace gases in association with sea ice
p. 82-83

Tchernia, P.
Observation of the antarctic east wind drift current by using tabular icebergs tracked by satellite
p. 83

Ackley, S.F.; Gow, A.J.; Buck, K.R.; Golden, K.M.
Sea ice studies in the Weddell Sea aboard USCGC Polar Sea
p. 84-96

Jacobs, S.S.
Interdisciplinary investigations in antarctic oceanography
p. 87-89

Gordon, A.L.
Circumpolar water masses
p. 89-90

Ichiye, T.; Inoue, M.
Physical oceanography data from ARA «Islas Orcadas» cruise 17-78
p. 90-91

LaBrecque, J.
«Islas Orcadas» cruise 15 in the Weddell Sea and Queen Maud Margin
p. 92-95

Foster, T.D.; Garrison, D.L.; Michel, R.L.; Törresen, T.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition 1980
p. 95-97

Nowlin, W.D., Jr.
Recovery of the 1979 array from Drake Passage
p. 98

Loutit, T.S.; Kennett, J.P.
Polar glacial evolution and global sea-level changes
p. 99-101

Lena, H.
Preliminary studies of planktonic foraminifera in surface sediments from the south Atlantic Ocean
p. 101-102

Jones, S.C.
Eocene and Oligocene foraminiferal assemblages from the Maurice Ewing Bank
p. 103-104

Huang, T.-C.
Transportation history of subantarctic volcanic ashes derived from the Scotia Arc during the past 1 million years
p. 105-106

Allen, R.B.
R/V «Hero» cruise 79-4: geology and setting of the Sarmiento Complex ophiolite, southern Chile
p. 107-109

Forsythe, R.D.; Dalziel, I.W.D.; Hall, B.; Mpodozis, C.; Barrientos, S.
Geological studies in the outer Chilean Fiords, R/V «Hero» cruise 79-5
p. 109-111

Loutit, T.S.; Kennett, J.P.
Late Miocene paleoclimatology in the subantarctic water mass, southwest Pacific
p. 111-114

Leckie, R.M.; Webb, P.N.
Foraminifera of DSDP site 270 as indicators of the evolving Ross Sea in the late Oligocene/early Miocene
p. 117-118

D'Agostino, A.; Webb, P.N.
Interpretation of mid-Miocene to Recent lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy at DSDP site 273, Ross Sea
p. 118-120

Trinchitella, M.; Dinkelman, M.G.
Regional distribution of late Quaternary and Holocene sedimentary facies in the southeast Pacific subantarctic and antarctic
p. 120-124

Domack, E.W.
Late Quaternary geology of the George V and Adélie continental shelf, East Antarctica
p. 127-128

Engelhardt, N.L.; Webb, P.N.
Late Miocene foraminiferal biostratigraphy and paleoecology at DSDP site 265, southeast Indian Ocean
p. 129-130

Styzen, M.J.; Webb, P.N.
Late Eocene foraminifera from DSDP site 267B, southeast Indian Ocean
p. 130-132

Corliss, B.H.
Distribution of Recent deep-sea benthonic foraminifera from the southwest Indian Ocean
p. 132-133

Hanson, R.B.
Microbial dynamics in antarctic waters, Drake Passage
p. 134-135

Lena, H.
Benthonic foraminifera collected by the R/V «Hero» near Adelaide, Anvers, and Brabant Islands, 1972-73
p. 135-136

Lena, H.; Watanabe, S.
Planktonic foraminifera collected by the R/V «Hero,» cruise 71-4
p. 137-138

Milam, R.W.
Ecology of Recent benthonic foraminifera of the Dumont D'Urville Sea
p. 139-141

Fryxell, G.A.; Villareal, T.A.; Doucette, G.J.
Antarctic phytoplankton: fieldwork and establishment of living cultures
p. 141-142

George, R.Y.
Pressure and temperature adaptations of antarctic krill and common peracarid crustaceans
p. 145-146

Denys, C.J.; Poleck, T.P.; O'Leary, M.M.
Biological studies of krill, austral summer 1979-80
p. 146-147

Haschemeyer, A.E.V.
Temperature effects on protein metabolism in cold-adapted fishes
p. 147-149

DeVries, A.L.
Effect of temperature on freezing avoidance and levels of antifreeze in antarctic fishes
p. 149

Andriiashev, A.P.
New liparid fish in McMurdo Sound
p. 150

Eastman, J.T.
Evolutionary divergence in McMurdo Sound fishes
p. 151-153

Thomas, J.A.; Kuechle, V.B.; Ross, M.J.; Eagle, T.C.
Satellite tracking and automatic position activity monitoring techniques for the antarctic cod and the Weddell seal
p. 153-154

Ainley, D.G.
R/V «Hero» cruise 80-5: summary report of the distribution and occurrence of marine birds
p. 154-155

Elliot, D.H.
Wildlife observations in the South Shetland Islands
p. 155-156

Maxson, S.J.; Bernstein, N.P.
Ecological studies of southern black-backed gulls, blue-eyed shags, and Adélie penguins at Palmer Station
p. 157

Pietz, P.J.; Maxson, G.-A.D.
Comparative ecology of south polar and brown skuas at Palmer Station
p. 158

Kooyman, G.L.; Davis, R.W.; Costa, D.P.
Behavior and energetics of diving in king penguins, «Aptenodytes patagonicus»
p. 158-159

Kooyman, G.L.; Davis, R.W.
Feeding behavior of female antarctic fur seals, «Arctocephalus gazella»
p. 159-160

Siniff, D.; Stone, S.; Reichle, D.; Smith, T.
Aspects of leopard seals «(Hydrurga leptonyx)» in the Antarctic Peninsula pack ice
p. 160

Jehl, J.R., Jr.; Evans, W.E.; Awbrey, F.T.; Drieschmann, W.S.
Distribution and geographic variation in the killer whale «(Orcinus orca)» populations of the antarctic and adjacent waters
p. 161-163

Friedmann, E.I.; LaRock, P.A.; Brunson, J.O.
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), chlorophyll, and organic nitrogen in endolithic microbial communities and adjacent soils in the dry valleys of southern Victoria Land
p. 164-166

Friedmann, E.I.; Garty, J.; Kappen, L.
Fertile stages of cryptoendolithic lichens in the dry valleys of southern Victoria Land
p. 166-167

Parker, B.C.; Simmons, G.M., Jr.; Seaburg, K.G.; Wharton, R.A., Jr.
Ecosystem comparisons of oasis lakes and soils
p. 167-170

Baust, J.G.; Lee, R.E.
Environmental "homeothermy" in an antarctic insect
p. 170-172

Dick, E.C.; Jennings, L.C.; Meschievitz, C.K.; MacMillan, D.; Goodrum, J.
Possible modification of the normal winter fly-in respiratory disease outbreak at McMurdo Station
p. 173-174

Muchmore, H.G.; Parkinson, A.J.; Glenn, S.B.; Scott, E.N.
Effect of breathing cold air on pharyngeal mucosal surface temperature and secretions
p. 174-175

Robinson, E.
Atmospheric trace gases of antarctic ocean areas
p. 176-177

Rasmussen, R.A.; Khalil, M.A.K.; Dalluge, R.W.
Halocarbons and other trace gases in the antarctic atmosphere
p. 177-179

Carroll, J.J.
Surface energy exchange at the South Pole
p. 180-182

Barnard, S.; Henry, R.; Hogan, A.; Sampson, J.
Antarctic aerosol research
p. 182-183

Hofmann, D.J.
Balloon-borne measurements of trace gases and aerosols over the South Pole
p. 183-184

Murcray, D.G.; Murcray, F.H.; Murcray, F.J.
Studying atmospheric composition using infrared techniques
p. 185-186

Bortniak, J.C.; Mendonca, B.G.
Geophysical monitoring for climatic change at the South Pole, 1979
p. 186-188

Smiley, V.N.
Lidar measurements in Antarctica
p. 188-190

Wiesnet, D.R.; Berg, C.P.; Rosenberger, G.C.
High-resolution picture transmission satellite receiver at McMurdo Station aids antarctic mosaic project
p. 190-193

Wendler, G.; Poggi, A.
Measurements of the katabatic wind in Antarctica
p. 193-195

Carpenter, D.L.; Tkalcevic, S.
VLF studies at Palmer Station, Antarctica
p. 196

Carpenter, D.L.; Miller, T.R.; Bell, T.F.; Anderson, R.; Gurnett, D.
Comparison of ground-based and satellite measurements of plasma densities in space
p. 197-198

Pomerantz, M.A.; Duggal, S.P.; Tsao, C.-H.; Owens, A.J.
Cosmic ray intensity variations
p. 198-199

Pomerantz, M.A.; Grec, G.; Fossat, E.
Solar seismology: a new view from the South Pole
p. 200-201

Akasofu, S.-I.
Two auroral arc systems
p. 201-202

Eather, R.H.; Mende, S.B.
Dayside aurora studies with a keogram camera
p. 203

Chivers, H.J.A.
High latitude ionospheric absorption
p. 204

Mende, S.B.
New instrument in Antarctica for the observation of faint auroral signatures
p. 205

Carpenter, D.L.; Miller, T.R.; Gonzales, C.A.; Kelley, M.C.; Wand, R.H.
First simultaneous observations of magnetospheric plasma drifts by the whistler and incoherent scatter radar methods
p. 206-207

Doolittle, J.H.
Photometrically detected precipitation burst at the conjugate point of Siple Station
p. 207-209

Matthews, D.L.
Direct observation of microburst electron characteristics
p. 209

Siren, J.C.; Rosenberg, T.J.; Detrick, D.; Carpenter, D.L.
Characteristics of the common origin of electron microbursts and VLF chorus
p. 210-212

Katsufrakis, J.P.; Helliwell, R.A.; James, G.
Observations of Siple transmitter signals on the ISIS satellites
p. 212-213

Bell, T.F.; Inan, U.S.; Kimura, I.; Matsumoto, H.
High altitude satellite observations of signals from the Siple transmitter
p. 214-215

Cahill, L.J., Jr.; Arnoldy, R.L.
Further evidence of wave-particle interaction in the magnetosphere
p. 215-216

Olson, J.V.
Propagation of Pc 1 signals into the polar cap
p. 217-218

Polar Research Board activities, June 1979 - June 1980
p. 219-220

Scully, R.T.
Inspection of non-U.S. stations in Antarctica
p. 221-222

Baack, L.J.
Study of the U.S. Antarctic Research Program since World War II
p. 222

Thuronyi, G.T.
Antarctic bibliography available on-line
p. 223

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 224

Drewry, D.J.; Jordan, S.R.
Compilation of antarctic glaciological and geophysical folio
p. 224-225

Landrum, B.J.
Support of biological studies
p. 226

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1978-80
p. 227-228

Cassidy, D.S.
ARA «Islas Orcadas:» Core recovery, core storage, and sample distribution
p. 228-229

Taylor, P.R.
Ship operations, «Deep Freeze» 80
p. 230-232

Murphy, R.L.
Antarctic activities of Holmes and Narver, Inc.
p. 232-233