Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 22, issue 5

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Rowley, P.D.; Storey, B.C.; Ford, A.B.; Wever, H.E.
Geologic studies of the Black Coast, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 1-3

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Seymour Island expedition, 1986-1987
p. 3-4

Woodburne, M.O.; Case, J.A.; Chaney, D.S.
New fossil vertebrates from Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 4-5

Stilwell, J.D.; Zinsmeister, W.J.
Late Cretaceous fossils from Cockburn Island collected during the 1986-1987 expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 5-6

Elliot, D.H.; Rieske, D.E.
Field investigations of the Tertiary strata on Seymour and Cockburn islands
p. 6-8

Stilwell, J.D.; Zinsmeister, W.J.
Late Cretaceous fossils from Ula Point, James Ross Island, collected during the 1986-1987 expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 8-9

Stilwell, J.D.; Zinsmeister, W.J.
Late Cretaceous faunal assemblage of Humps Island collected during the 1986-1987 expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 9-10

Feldmann, R.M.
Fossil lobsters from Seymour Island, Antarctica
p. 11-13

Askin, R.A.
Palynological investigations of the James Ross Island basin, Antarctica
p. 13-14

Dextraze, B.L.; Zinsmeister, W.J.
Study of the internal annual growth lines of the Late Eocene mollusk «Eurhomalea antarctica»
p. 14-15

Huber, B.T.
Ontogenetic morphometrics of some Upper Cretaceous foraminifera from the southern high latitudes
p. 15-17

Collinson, J.W.; Isbell, J.L.
Evidence from the Beardmore Glacier region for a late Paleozoic/early Mesozoic foreland basin
p. 17-19

Miller, J.M.G.; Waugh, B.J.
Paleotectonic implications of the Permo-Carboniferous Pagoda Formation, Beardmore Glacier area
p. 19-21

Borg, S.G.
Geochemistry of granites and metamorphic rocks: Central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 21-23

Miller, M.F.; Frisch, R.S.
Early Permian paleogeography and tectonics of the central Transantarctic Mountains: inferences from the Mackellar Formation
p. 24-25

Krissek, L.A.; Horner, T.C.
Provenance evolution recorded by fine-grained Permian clastics, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 26-28

Pigg, K.B.; Taylor, T.N.
Anatomically preserved «Dicroidium» from the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 28-29

Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.L.
Unusual gymnospermous reproductive organ of Triassic age
p. 29-30

Millay, M.A.; Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.L.
Studies of antarctic fossil plants: an association of ferns from the Triassic of Fremouw Peak
p. 31-32

Hammer, W.R.; Ryan, W.J.; DeFauw, S.L.
Comments on the vertebrate fauna from the Fremouw Formation (Triassic), Beardmore Glacier region Antarctica
p. 32-33

Rees, M.N.; Girty, G.H.; Panttaja, S.K.; Braddock, P.
Multiple phases of early Paleozoic deformation in the central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 33-35

Scherer, R.P.
Paleoenvironmental studies of nonmarine diatoms in Quaternary antarctic sediments
p. 35-37

Malin, M.C.
Abrasion in ice-free areas of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 38

Leung, I.S.; Treves, S.B.
Olivine megacrysts and macrocrysts in an alkaline basalt from Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 39-41

Conca, J.; Wright, J.
Aqueous chemistry of weathering solutions in dolerite of the Allan Hills, Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 42-44

Von Frese, R.R.B.; Kovatch, G.T.
MAGSAT magnetic anomalies of the continental margin and adjacent marine areas of Antarctica
p. 44-46

Tasch, P.
Widespread distribution of a new conchostracan species (Lower Jurassic)
p. 46

Suess, E.; Fisk, M.; Kadko, D.
Thermal interaction between back-arc volcanism and basin sediments in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica
p. 47-49

Dalziel, I.W.D.
Evolution of the Scotia Ridge: orogenic processes at convergent plate boundaries
p. 49-50

Dalziel, I.W.D.; Pankhurst, R.J.
Tectonic development of West Antarctica and its relation to East Antarctica: joint U.S./U.K. program 1986-1987
p. 50-51

Cassidy, W.A.
Antarctic search for meteorites during field season 1986-1987
p. 52-53

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1987
p. 53-55

Prentice, M.L.; Denton, G.H.; Burckle, L.H.; Hodell, D.A.
Evidence from Wright Valley for the response of the antarctic ice sheet to climate warming
p. 56-58

Clayton-Greene, J.M.; Hendy, C.H.; Denton, G.H.
Origin of drift mounds in Miers Valley, Antarctica
p. 59-61

Faure, G.; Strobel, M.L.; Hagen, E.H.; Buchanan, D.
Glacial geology of the Reckling Moraine on the east antarctic ice sheet
p. 61-63

Herron, M.J.
Late Wisconsin glacial history of the South Orkney Plateau
p. 63-65

Bindschadler, R.A.
Transient behavior of ice stream B and Crary Ice Rise, West Antarctica
p. 66-67

Whillans, I.M.
Flow of ice streams B and C
p. 67-68

Bentley, C.R.
Geophysical studies of the Siple Coast area
p. 68-70

Alley, R.B.; Bentley, C.R.
Analysis of Siple Coast firn cores
p. 70-71

Lindstrom, D.R.; MacAyeal, D.R.
Numerical study of the west antarctic ice sheet formation
p. 71-73

Faure, G.; Buchanan, D.
Glaciology of the east antarctic ice sheet at the Allan Hills: a preliminary interpretation
p. 74-75

Mayewski, P.A.
Transantarctic Mountains ice core study
p. 78

Mosley-Thompson, E.; Paskievitch, J.F.; Gross, S.M.
Ice-core drilling for paleoclimatic information at plateau remote
p. 78-79

Grootes, P.M.; Stuiver, M.
Isotopic alteration of firn cores
p. 79-80

Laird, C.M.; Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.
Nitrate variability in South Pole ice sequences and fossil surface effects
p. 80-83

Moore, R.K.
Modern coherent radar for ice-sheet sounding
p. 83-84

Kuivinen, K.C.; Koci, B.R.
Polar Ice Coring Office activities in East and West Antarctica
p. 84-85

Patterson, C.; Boutron, C.F.; Petrov, V.N.
Lead records in antarctic ice: changes in global atmospheric concentrations during the past 150,000 years
p. 85-87

Ackley, S.F.; Wadhams, P.; Lange, M.A.
Sea-ice investigations during the Winter Weddell Sea Project
p. 88-89

MacAyeal, D.R.; Lindstrom, D.R.; Lange, M.A.
Enigmatic basal sea-ice layer of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf
p. 89-91

Jacobs, S.S.
Ice fronts and icebergs in the Ross and Weddell seas
p. 91-94

Leventer, A.; Dunbar, R.B.; Allen, M.R.; Wayper, R.Y.
Ice thickness in McMurdo Sound
p. 94-96

Huber, B.A.; Gordon, A.L.; Manley, T.O.
Winter Weddell Sea Project 1986--physical oceanography during leg ANT V/2 of «Polarstern»
p. 97-98

Weiss, R.F.
Winter Weddell Sea Project 1986: trace gas studies during legs ANT V/2 and V/3 of «Polarstern»
p. 99-100

Martinson, D.G.
Drifter/modeling program of the Winter Weddell Sea Project 1986
p. 100-102

Jennings, J.C., Jr.; Gordon, L.I.; Nelson, D.M.
Some biogeochemical results of the Winter Weddell Sea Project 1986
p. 102-103

Biggs, D.C.
Cooperative study of upper ocean particulate fluxes in the Weddell Sea
p. 103-105

Whitworth, T., III
Abyssal boundary current studies mooring recovery cruise
p. 106-107

DeMaster, D.J.; Nelson, T.M.; Nittrouer, C.A.; Harden, S.L.
Biogenic silica and organic carbon accumulation in modern Bransfield Strait sediments
p. 108-110

Grumbine, R.W.
Identification of oscillations in Ross Sea current data
p. 110-111

Dunbar, R.B.; Leventer, A.R.
Sediment fluxes beneath fast ice: October 1986 through February 1987
p. 112-115

Chen, C.T.A.
Summer-winter comparisons of oxygen content in the polar seas
p. 115-117

Anderson, J.B.; Bartek, L.R.; Reid, D.E.
Preliminary results of 1986-1987 austral summer marine geological survey of the western Ross Sea
p. 120-122

Steinhauff, D.M.; Renz, M.E.; Harwood, D.M.; Webb, P.N.
Miocene diatom biostratigraphy of DSDP hole 272: stratigraphic relationship to the underlying Miocene of DSDP hole 270, Ross Sea
p. 123-125

Steinhauff, D.M.; Webb, P.N.
Miocene foraminifera from DSDP site 272, Ross Sea
p. 125-126

Eittreim, S.L.
Wilkes Land continent-ocean crustal boundary
p. 126-129

Barnes, P.W.; Lien, R.
Icebergs rework sediments on antarctic shelf
p. 130-131

Jeffers, J.D.
Preliminary results of marine geological and geophysical investigations in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 131-133

Griffith, T.W.
Late Quaternary sedimentation and glacial history in the Gerlache Strait region Graham Land, Antarctica
p. 133-134

Huntley, M.E.; Niiler, P.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: an interdisciplinary field study
p. 135-137

Amos, A.F.
RACER: physical oceanography of the western Bransfield Strait
p. 137-140

Mitchell, B.G.; Menzies, D.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: optical oceanography of the western Bransfield Strait
p. 140-142

Holm-Hansen, O.; Letelier, R.; Mitchell, B.G.
RACER: temporal and spatial distribution of phytoplankton biomass and primary production
p. 142-145

Mitchell, B.G.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Stallings, C.; Kiefer, D.A.
RACER: optical prediction of photobiological properties
p. 145-147

Tien, G.
RACER: spatial and temporal variations in microbial biomass
p. 148-149

Bailiff, M.D.
RACER: bacterial abundance and thymidine incorporation in the Bransfield Strait, 1986-1987
p. 150-153

Haberstroh, P.R.
RACER: dissolved free amino acid concentrations, molecular composition, and microbial uptake rates in the Bransfield Strait
p. 153-156

Karl, D.M.
RACER: seasonal changes in the downward flux of biogenic matter
p. 157-158

Huntley, M.E.; Marin, V.; Oresland, V.
RACER: feeding and egg production rates of some antarctic copepods
p. 158-160

Huntley, M.E.; Brinton, E.
RACER: mesoscale variation in the growth and early development of «Euphausia superba» Dana
p. 160-162

Brinton, E.
RACER: population structures of «Euphausia superba» near the Antarctic Peninsula, December to March 1986-1987
p. 163-165

Huntley, M.E.; Niiler, P.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: dynamics of the Antarctic Peninsula coastal ecosystem--an overview
p. 165-166

Sullivan, C.W.; Ainley, D.G.
AMERIEZ 1986: a summary of activities on board the R/V «Melville» and USCGC «Glacier»
p. 167-169

Aarset, A.V.
AMERIEZ 1986: under-ice fauna from the Weddell Sea--responses to low temperature and osmotic stress
p. 170-171

Ainley, D.G.; Fraser, W.R.; Ribic, C.A.
AMERIEZ 1986: oceanic factors affecting the occurrence of seabirds in the Scotia and Weddell seas
p. 172-173

Fryxell, G.A.; Kang, S.H.; Reap, M.E.
AMERIEZ 1986: phytoplankton at the Weddell Sea ice edge
p. 173-175

Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.
AMERIEZ 1986: microzooplankton abundance and distribution in the ice-edge zone
p. 175-176

Macaulay, M.C.; Daly, K.L.; Frost, B.W.
AMERIEZ 1986: acoustic assessment of krill «(Euphausia superba,» Dana)
p. 176-178

Muench, R.D.; Husby, D.M.
AMERIEZ 1986: physical oceanographic conditions in the northwestern Weddell Sea marginal ice zone
p. 179-181

Nelson, D.M.; Smith, W.O., Jr.; Gordon, L.I.
AMERIEZ 1986: nutrient and phytoplankton biomass distributions in the ice-edge zone of the northwestern Weddell Sea
p. 182-183

Hopkins, T.L.; Torres, J.J.; Lancraft, T.M.; Donnelly, J.
AMERIEZ 1986: notes on the ecology and physiology of zooplankton and micronekton
p. 184-185

SooHoo, J.B.; Lizotte, M.P.; Robinson, D.H.; Sullivan, C.W.
AMERIEZ 1986: photoadaptation of phytoplankton and light limitation of primary production in the ice-edge zone of the Weddell Sea
p. 185-187

Sullivan, C.W.; Cota, G.F.; Kottmeier, S.T.
AMERIEZ 1986: microbial growth and metabolism in sea ice and the water column of the marginal ice zone
p. 188-190

Priscu, J.C.; Priscu, L.R.; Sullivan, C.W.; Palmisano, A.C.
Comparison of neutral lipid content among sea-ice microalgal communities in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 191-193

Smith, W.O., Jr.; Nelson, D.M.
New production in the marginal ice zone of the Weddell Sea during AMERIEZ-1983
p. 193-194

Leventer, A.; Dunbar, R.B.
Surface sediment diatom assemblages, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 194-196

Priscu, J.C.; Priscu, L.R.; Palmisano, A.C.; Sullivan, C.W.
Effect of temperature on inorganic nitrogen and carbon metabolism in sea-ice microalgae
p. 196-198

Palmisano, A.C.
Isolation and identification of photosynthetic pigments in sea-ice communities in McMurdo Sound
p. 198-199

Rivkin, R.B.; Putt, M.
Diel periodicities in polar planktonic communities
p. 200-202

Herwig, R.P.; Staley, J.T.
Chitin degradation during the austral summer in Antarctica
p. 202-203

Weber, L.H.; El-Sayed, S.Z.
Phytoplankton biomass and productivity in the Bransfield Strait and Elephant Island region of the southern ocean in January 1987
p. 204-205

Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.; Amsler, M.O.; Elias, M.C.
Larval and adult antarctic krill, «Euphausia superba,» 1986 winter observations at Palmer Station
p. 205-206

George, R.Y.
Eggs and embryos of the antarctic krill «Euphausia superba»
p. 207-209

DeVries, A.L.; Cheng, C.H.C.; Raymond, J.A.
Role of antifreeze glycopeptides and peptides in the freezing avoidance of antarctic fishes
p. 209-210

Targett, T.E.; Young, K.E.; Konecki, J.T.; Grecay, P.A.
Research on wintertime feeding in antarctic fishes
p. 211-213

Sidell, B.D.; Crockett, L.
Characterization of energy metabolism in antarctic fishes
p. 213-214

Feeney, R.E.; Osuga, D.T.; Yeh, Y.
Antifreeze glycoproteins: physical, chemical, and functional properties
p. 215-217

Detrich, H.W., III
Formation of cold-stable microtubules by tubulins and microtubule-associated proteins from antarctic fishes
p. 217-219

Radtke, R.L.
Growth of antarctic fish: «Notothenia nudifrons» and «Trematomus newnesi»
p. 219-220

Kooyman, G.L.; Croll, D.A.
Feeding patterns of emperor penguins
p. 221

Trivelpiece, S.G.; Geupel, G.R.; Kjelmyr, J.; Trivelpiece, W.Z.
«Pygoscelis» penguin population studies at King George Island
p. 222-223

Paris Zinsmeister, V.A.; VanDerHeyden, N.
Hematological parameters of the penguin genus «Pygoscelis» of Antarctica (Adélie, gentoo, and chinstrap)
p. 223-224

Paris Zinsmeister, V.A.
Morphologic description of Adélie penguin «(Pygoscelis adeliae)» granular leucocytes from blood films
p. 225-226

Paris Zinsmeister, V.A.
Cellular characterization and morphometric analysis of resin-embedded blood samples of Adélie penguins «(Pygoscelis adeliae)»
p. 226-227

Chappell, M.A.; Souza, S.L.
Physiological ecology of Adélie penguins during the reproductive season
p. 228-229

Todd, F.S.
Continuing penguin research at Sea World Research Institute, San Diego, California
p. 229-230

Testa, J.W.; Bartsh, S.S.; Siniff, D.B.; Banish, L.D.; Burns, J.J.
Reproductive effort and population dynamics of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) in McMurdo Sound
p. 231

Thomas, J.A.; Ferm, L.M.; Kuechle, V.B.
Silence as an anti-predation strategy by Weddell seals
p. 232-234

Simmons, G.M., Jr.; McKay, C.P.; Wharton, R.A., Jr.
Ice thickness changes on Lake Hoare, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 235-236

Simmons, G.M., Jr.; Wharton, R.A., Jr.; McKay, C.P.; Nedell, S.; Clow, G.D.
Sand/ice interactions and sediment deposition in perennially ice-covered antarctic lakes
p. 237-240

Friedmann, E.I.; Meyer, M.A.
Antarctic cryptoendolithic microbial ecosystem research, 1986-1987
p. 240-241

Solomon, S.
National Ozone Expedition, 1986
p. 242-243

De Zafra, R.L.; Parish, A.; Solomon, P.; Barrett, J.W.; Connor, B.; Jaramillo, M.
Observation of stratospheric trace gases related to ozone depletion in the antarctic spring
p. 243-245

Hofmann, D.J.; Harder, J.W.; Rolf, S.R.; Rosen, J.M.
Balloonborne ozone and aerosol measurements in the antarctic ozone hole
p. 246

Meeker, K.; Kyle, P.R.; Chuan, R.
Particle emissions from Mount Erebus during the 1986-1987 field season
p. 247-248

Hale, R.A.; Renard, R.J.
Statistical prediction of restricted visibility at McMurdo Station and Williams Field, Antarctica
p. 248-252

Parish, T.R.
Numerical simulation of the Terra Nova Bay katabatic wind regime
p. 252-254

Bromwich, D.H.
Case study of mesoscale cyclogenesis over the southwestern Ross Sea
p. 254-256

Oltmans, S.J.; Komhyr, W.D.; Grass, R.D.
Atmospheric ozone at the South Pole during 1986
p. 257-259

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Global trends of natural and anthropogenic gaseous chlorine in the atmosphere: observations at the South Pole and in the Pacific northwest
p. 259-262

Tape, W.
Correlating ice crystal types with halo types
p. 262-264

Wendler, G.
Blowing snow in eastern Antarctica
p. 264-265

Saxena, V.K.; Weintraub, D.C.
Ice-forming nuclei at Palmer Station, Antarctica
p. 266-267

Schilling, K.J.; DeLorey, D.C.; Cronn, D.R.; Bamesberger, W.L.
Atmospheric halocarbons and nitrous oxide measurements: Palmer Station monitoring, latitudinal gradients and standardization
p. 268-270

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations, austral summer 1986-1987
p. 270-272

Mende, S.B.; Rairden, R.L.
All-sky imager at the South Pole
p. 273-274

Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.; Byrne, G.J.
Preliminary search for evidence of flux transfer events seen in the ionospheric electric field above the south geographic pole
p. 274-275

Matthews, D.L.; Rosenberg, T.J.; Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.
Balloon measurements of energetic electron precipitation in the vicinity of South Pole Station
p. 276-277

Wolfe, A.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; Maclennan, C.G.; Medford, L.V.
Relationships of high-latitude geomagnetic variations to interplanetary plasma conditions
p. 277-278

Rosenberg, T.J.; Wolfe, A.; Lanzerotti, L.J.
Cosmic noise absorption and ionospheric currents at the South Pole and Frobisher Bay: initial results
p. 279-281

Arnoldy, R.L.; Cahill, L.J., Jr.; Engebretson, M.J.
Bursts of Pc 1-2 related to flux transfer events
p. 282-283

Chen, K.Y.; Oliver, J.P.; Wood, F.B.
Stellar photometry with the South Pole optical telescope
p. 283-284

Carpenter, D.L.; Orville, R.E.
Identification of the lightning sources of whistlers
p. 285-286

Bell, T.F.; Katsufrakis, J.P.
ISIS-II satellite observations during Siple Station very-low-frequency wave-injection experiments
p. 286-288

Berkey, F.T.; Jarvis, M.J.
Possible identification of very-low-frequency wave-induced precipitation in high-frequency sounding radar measurements
p. 288-291

Molnia, B.F.; Smith, A.L.
Polar Research Board: Antarctic-related activities July 1986 through June 1987
p. 292-293

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1986-1987
p. 293-295

Landrum, B.J.
Support services for polar biology
p. 295

Thuronyi, G.T.
Literature on antarctic law and politics: a quantitative assessment of the last 36 years
p. 296

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 297-298

Webers, G.F.; Splettstoesser, J.F.
Geology and paleontology of the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 298-299

Splettstoesser, J.F.; Turner, M.D.
Geology of the central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 299-300

Starr, L.E.; Kelmelis, J.A.
Advances in antarctic surveying and mapping
p. 300-301

Lucchitta, B.K.; Bowell, J.A.; Tessensohn, F.; Behrendt, J.C.
Hybrid maps of northern Victoria Land
p. 301

Scharfen, G.R.
Antarctic mosaic compiled from DMSP imagery
p. 302

Becker, R.A.
Antarctic support operations 1986-1987
p. 302-304

Mendicino, F.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six activities, 1986-1987
p. 305-306

Marthaler, J.G.
Ship operations, 1986-1987
p. 306-309

Heide, G.H.
U.S. weather observations in Antarctica
p. 309-310