Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 24, issue 5

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Markgraf, V.
Late Pleistocene/Holocene paleoclimates from subantarctic latitudes
p. 1-2

Elliot, D.H.; Hoffman, S.M.
Geologic studies on Seymour Island
p. 3-5

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Joint Argentine/American expedition to Seymour Island during austral summer, 1988-1989
p. 6

Upchurch, G.R., Jr.; Askin, R.A.
Latest Cretaceous and earliest Tertiary dispersed plant cuticles from Seymour Island
p. 7-10

Feldmann, R.M.
Eocene decapod crustacean faunas of New Zealand
p. 10-12

Krissek, L.A.; Horner, T.C.
Geochemical indicators of source lithologies and weathering intensities in fine-grained Permian Clastics, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 13-16

Horner, T.C.; Krissek, L.A.
Organic carbon characteristics in the Permian Mackellar Formation, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 17-19

Borg, S.G.; DePaolo, D.J.; Wendlandt, E.D.
Studies of granites and metamorphic rocks, Byrd Glacier area
p. 19-21

Rees, M.N.; Duebendorfer, E.M.
Skelton Group, southern Victoria Land
p. 21-24

Taylor, E.L.; Taylor, T.N.; Isbell, J.L.; Cúneo, N.R.
Fossil floras of southern Victoria Land: 1. Aztec Mountain
p. 24-26

Taylor, E.L.; Taylor, T.N.; Isbell, J.L.; Cúneo, N.R.
Fossil floras of southern Victoria Land: 2. Kennar Valley
p. 26-28

Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.L.; Isbell, J.L.
Glossopterid reproductive organs from Mount Achernar, Antarctica
p. 28-30

Wilch, T.I.; Lux, D.R.; McIntosh, W.C.; Denton, G.H.
Plio-Pleistocene uplift of the McMurdo Dry Valley sector of the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 30-33

O'Connell, D.R.H.; Von Frese, R.R.B.; Paskievitch, J.
Ship-to-shore seismic refraction investigation of the lithospheric structure of the Transantarctic Mountain front
p. 33-35

Redfield, T.; Kienle, J.
Gravimetric study of the Transantarctic Mountains in northern Victoria Land
p. 36

Fleming, T.H.; Elliot, D.H.; Jones, L.M.; Bowman, J.R.
Secondary alteration of iron-rich tholeiitic rocks of the Kirkpatrick Basalt, northern Victoria Land
p. 37-40

Hammer, W.R.
«Lystrosaurus» Zone (Triassic) vertebrates from the Beardmore Glacier region, Antarctica
p. 40-41

Grew, E.S.; Asami, M.; Makimoto, H.
Luminous and manganoan titanite from the Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
p. 42-43

Cassidy, W.A.
Meteorite search at Lewis Cliff ice tongue: systematic recovery program completed
p. 44

Sears, D.W.G.; Sears, H.; Myers, B.M.
Natural thermoluminescence measurements on meteorites collected on antarctic blue icefields
p. 45-46

Fireman, E.L.
Comparison of the uranium-series age of Yamato K-26 ice with those of Allan Hills and Lewis Cliff ice
p. 47-48

Fudali, R.F.
Gravity measurements across and between the meteorite-bearing icefields west-southwest of the Allan Hills
p. 48-50

Delisle, G.; Sievers, J.; Schultz, L.
Radio-echo sounding survey across the Allan Hills Icefield
p. 50-52

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1989
p. 52-53

Scherer, R.P.
Microfossil assemblages in "deforming till" from Upstream B, West Antarctica: implications for ice-stream flow models
p. 54-55

Scherer, R.P.
Paleoenvironments of the west antarctic interior: microfossil study of sediments below Upstream B
p. 56-58

Marchant, D.R.; Lux, D.R.; Swisher, C.C., III; Denton, G.H.
Early Pliocene volcanic ash rests on a polar desert pavement
p. 58-60

Ackert, R.P., Jr.
Origin of isolated gravel ripples in the western Asgard Range, Antarctica
p. 60-62

Fitzpatrick, J.J.; Muhs, D.R.
Borax in the supraglacial moraine of the Lewis Cliff, Buckley Island quadrangle--first antarctic occurrence
p. 63-65

Hagen, E.H.; Johnson, K.S.; Strobel, M.L.; Faure, G.
Iron and titanium anomalies in till from the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 65-66

Hagen, E.H.; Faure, G.; Jones, L.M.
Isotopic studies of calcite, pyrite, and wood from glacial deposits in the Beardmore Glacier area, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 67-68

Thompson, L.G.; Mulvaney, R.; Peel, D.A.
Cooperative climatological-glaciological program in the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 69-70

Raymond, C.F.; Weertman, B.R.
Initiation of strain measurements on Dyer Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 71

Bindschadler, R.A.; Stephenson, S.N.; Vornberger, P.L.; Roberts, E.P.
Continued analysis of field data of the Siple Coast, West Antarctica
p. 72-73

Alley, R.B.
Ice-stream basal modeling: progress report
p. 74

Bentley, C.R.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Atre, S.R.; Retzlaff, R.
Geophysical studies at and around Upstream C camp, Siple Coast, 1988-1989
p. 75-77

Whillans, I.M.
Study of ice streams B and C
p. 78-79

Hodge, S.M.; Jacobel, R.W.; Wright, D.L.
Low-frequency ice radar studies on ice streams B and C, West Antarctica
p. 79-81

Harrison, W.D.; Echelmeyer, K.
Short-term variations in the speed of ice stream B, Antarctica
p. 81-82

Engelhardt, H.; Fahnestock, M.; Humphrey, N.; Kamb, B.
Borehole drilling to the bed of ice stream B, Antarctica
p. 83-84

Moore, R.K.; Davis, C.H.; Xin, W.; Dean, R.H.
Radar depth sounding near Upstream B camp--December 1988
p. 85-86

Ten Brink, U.; Stern, T.A.; Beaudoin, B.
Seismic reflection and refraction experiment on the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
p. 87-88

Palais, J.M.; Chuan, R.L.; Spencer, M.J.
Soluble and insoluble impurities in snow samples from Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 89-91

Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.; Laird, C.M.
Record of solar proton events in a firn core from Windless Bight
p. 92-94

Grootes, P.M.; Stuiver, M.
104-meter oxygen-isotope record at J-9, Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
p. 95-96

Mayewski, P.A.; Lyons, W.B.; Twickler, M.S.
Detailed glaciochemical investigations in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica, 1988-1989--a proxy climate record
p. 96-97

Palais, J.M.; Petit, J.R.; Lorius, C.; Korotkevich, Y.S.
Tephra layers in the Vostok ice core: 160,000 years of southern hemisphere volcanism
p. 98-100

Palais, J.M.; Kirchner, S.; Delmas, R.
Identification and correlation of volcanic eruption horizons in a 1,000 year ice-core record from the South Pole
p. 101-104

MacDonald, T.R.; Ferrigno, J.G.; Williams, R.S., Jr.; Lucchitta, B.K.
Velocities of antarctic outlet glaciers determined from sequential Landsat images
p. 105-106

Lucchitta, B.K.; Ferguson, H.M.; Schafer, F.J.; Ferrigno, J.G.; Williams, R.S., Jr.
Antarctic glacier velocities from Landsat images
p. 106-107

Wei, W.
Reevaluation of the Eocene ice-rafting record from subantarctic cores
p. 108-109

Wei, W.
Latitudinal thermal gradient of the middle Eocene/Oligocene South Atlantic Ocean: calcareous nanoplankton evidence
p. 110-112

Domack, E.W.; Burkley, L.A.; Williams, C.R.
Character of modern glacial marine sediments: Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
p. 113-115

Williams, C.R.; Boies, C.; Domack, E.W.
Glacial drainage systems along the Antarctic Peninsula and Palmer Archipelago
p. 116-117

Lawver, L.A.; Villinger, H.
North Bransfield Basin: R/V «Polar Duke» cruise PD VI-88
p. 117-120

Ishman, S.E.
Modern benthic foraminiferal distribution from the Bellingshausen/Pacific sector of the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 121-123

Nagihara, S.; Lawver, L.A.
Heat-flow measurements in the King George Basin, Bransfield Strait
p. 123-125

Klepeis, K.A.; Lawver, L.A.; Sandwell, D.T.; Small, C.
Morphology and tectonic structure of the Shackleton Fracture Zone
p. 126-128

Reid, D.E.
Quaternary marine geology of the northwestern Ross Sea
p. 128-130

Taviani, M.; Aharon, P.
Assessment of the stable isotope composition of calcareous modern benthic fauna from the Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 131-132

Bartek, L.R.; Anderson, J.B.
Origin and facies distribution of the Recent sedimentary deposits within McMurdo Sound
p. 132-134

Jacobs, S.S.; Comiso, J.C.
Satellite microwave sea-ice observations and oceanic processes on the antarctic continental shelf
p. 135-136

Dunbar, R.B.; Pyne, A.
Current velocities and sedimentation patterns in Granite Harbor fjord, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 136-139

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.
Winter sea-ice cover and ocean processes
p. 140-142

Bullister, J.L.
Dissolved chlorofluorocarbon studies in the Weddell Sea
p. 142-143

Ainley, D.G.; Sullivan, C.W.
AMERIEZ 1988: a summary of a winter cruise of the Weddell and Scotia Seas on «Polar Duke»
p. 144-147

Muench, R.D.; Gunn, J.T.; Husby, D.M.
AMERIEZ 1988: Mid-winter physical oceanographic observations in the Scotia Sea
p. 148-150

Gordon, L.I.; Nelson, D.M.
AMERIEZ 1988: Nutrient distributions and variability along the Weddell-Scotia confluence and marginal ice zone during austral winter
p. 150-152

Cota, G.F.; Smith, W.O., Jr.
AMERIEZ 1988: Phytoplankton biomass and productivity in the marginal ice zone of the Weddell-Scotia Sea during austral winter
p. 152-153

Lizotte, M.P.; Chamberlin, W.S.; Reynolds, R.A.; Sullivan, C.W.
AMERIEZ 1988: Photobiology of microalgae in the sea ice and water column of the Weddell-Scotia Sea during winter
p. 154-156

Fryxell, G.A.; Kang, S.H.; Ashworth, T.K.
AMERIEZ 1988 and ODP Leg 119: Antarctic phytoplankton summer and winter stage indicators
p. 156-157

Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.; Gowing, M.M.
AMERIEZ 1988: Nano- and microplankton in the ice-edge zone during the austral winter
p. 158-160

Gowing, M.M.; Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.; Coale, S.L.
AMERIEZ 1988: Winter protozooplankton from the Weddell and Scotia Seas
p. 160-162

Hopkins, T.L.; Torres, J.J.; Lancraft, T.M.; Donnelly, J.
AMERIEZ 1988: Aspects of the ecology and physiology of zooplankton and micronekton in the vicinity of a winter ice edge
p. 163-164

Daly, K.L.; Macaulay, M.C.
AMERIEZ 1988: Abundance, distribution, and overwintering strategies of krill in the ice-edge zone
p. 165-166

Ainley, D.G.; Fraser, W.R.; Ribic, C.A.
AMERIEZ 1988: Biological oceanography of apex predators in the Weddell-Scotia Confluence, winter 1988
p. 166-168

Rau, G.H.
AMERIEZ 1986: Carbon-13 and nitrogen-15 natural abundances in southern ocean biota collected during AMERIEZ 1986
p. 168-169

Karl, D.M.
Petroleum degradation by microorganisms: Initial results from the «Bahia Paraiso» oil spill
p. 170-172

Lubin, D.; Frederick, J.E.
Ultraviolet monitoring program at Palmer Station, spring 1988
p. 172-174

Karentz, D.
Report on studies related to the ecological implications of ozone depletion on the antarctic environment
p. 175-176

Holm-Hansen, O.; Mitchell, B.G.; Vernet, M.
Ultraviolet radiation in antarctic waters: Effect on rates of primary production
p. 177-178

Mitchell, B.G.; Vernet, M.; Holm-Hansen, O.
Ultraviolet light attenuation in antarctic waters in relation to particulate absorption and photosynthesis
p. 179-181

Vernet, M.; Mitchell, B.G.; Holm-Hansen, O.
Ultraviolet radiation in antarctic waters: Response of phytoplankton pigments
p. 181-183

Smith, G.A.; Ringelberg, D.B.; White, D.C.; Marinovic, B.B.
Arthur Harbor sediment fluxes for a spring bloom: Measurements of particulate organic carbon and total lipid
p. 184-185

Letelier, R.M.; Karl, D.M.
Phycoerythrin-containing cyanobacteria in surface waters of the Drake Passage during February 1987
p. 185-188

Iturriaga, R.; Sullivan, C.W.
Spectral light absorption characteristics of individual sea-ice microalgae from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 188-190

Aiken, G.R.; McKnight, D.M.; Harnish, R.A.
Chemical characteristics of aquatic fulvic acid isolated from Lake Fryxell, Antarctica
p. 190-192

Biggs, D.C.
Cooperative study of upper ocean particulate fluxes during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 119 to Prydz Bay
p. 193

Radtke, R.L.; Kellermann, A.K.; Shafer, D.J.; Ruzicka, J.J.
Early life histories of antarctic fishes
p. 194-196

Detrich, H.W., III; Himes, R.H.
Treadmilling of antarctic fish microtubules at low temperatures
p. 196-197

Sidell, B.D.; Crockett, E.L.; Londraville, R.L.; Lund, E.
Metabolic and ultrastructural characteristics of oxidative muscles from antarctic fishes
p. 198-200

Eppley, Z.A.; Rubega, M.A.; Tasker, M.L.
Reproductive success of kelp gulls and south polar skuas at Palmer Station, Antarctic Peninsula, 1988-1989
p. 200-202

Elliot, D.H.
Bird observations at Seymour and Cockburn Islands
p. 202-203

Kooyman, G.L.
Physiology of diving in emperor penguins and Weddell seals
p. 204

Wartzok, D.; Elsner, R.; Mimken, G.; Davis, R.W.
Under-ice movements of Weddell seals
p. 205-206

Palinkas, L.A.; Gunderson, E.K.E.; Burr, R.G.
Social, psychological, and environmental influences on health and well-being of antarctic winter-over personnel
p. 207-209

Palinkas, L.A.; Petterson, J.S.; Gunderson, E.K.E.
Adaptive responses and resources of U.S. Antarctic Program military and civilian personnel
p. 210-212

Deshler, T.; Hofmann, D.J.; Hereford, J.V.
Vertical profiles of ozone and aerosol within, at the edge of, and outside of the antarctic polar vortex in the spring of 1988
p. 213-215

Chuan, R.; Palais, J.M.
Do gold, chromium oxide, and carbon-containing particles provide tracers of Mount Erebus emissions
p. 215-217

Palais, J.M.; Mosher, B.W.
Elemental tracers of volcanic emissions in antarctic aerosol and snow samples
p. 217-218

Bromwich, D.H.
Satellite observations of katabatic winds blowing from Marie Byrd Land onto the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 218-221

Parish, T.R.; Bromwich, D.H.
Observational and modeling studies of the katabatic winds at Terra Nova Bay
p. 221-223

Bromwich, D.H.; Parish, T.R.
Strong katabatic wind event at Terra Nova Bay
p. 223-225

Wendler, G.
Katabatic winds in Adélie Land, East Antarctica
p. 226-228

Machta, L.; Ostlund, G.; Hanson, K.
Tropospheric radiocarbon at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica from 1972 to 1987
p. 228-229

Stone, R.S.; Dutton, E.G.; DeLuisi, J.J.
Surface radiation and temperature variations associated with cloudiness at the South Pole
p. 230-232

Bodhaine, B.A.
South Pole aerosol measurements
p. 233-235

Conway, T.J.; Thoning, K.W.
Short-term variations of atmospheric carbon dioxide at the South Pole
p. 236-238

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Seasonal cycles of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in polar regions: opposite-phase relationships
p. 238-239

Steele, L.P.; Lang, P.M.; Martin, R.C.
Atmospheric methane in Antarctica
p. 239-241

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations: austral summer 1988-1989
p. 242-243

Jefferies, S.M.; Pomerantz, M.A.; Duvall, T.L.; Harvey, J.W.
Helioseismology from the South Pole: 1987 results and 1988 campaign
p. 244-245

Hernandez, G.; Smith, R.W.; Clark, K.C.
Global thermospheric dynamics and thermodynamics from South Pole, Antarctica
p. 245-248

Gaier, T.; Schuster, J.; Lubin, P.M.
Cosmic background anisotropy measurement at 10 degrees
p. 249-250

Meinhold, P.R.; Lubin, P.M.; Chingcuanco, A.O.; Morris, D.E.
Anisotropy measurements of the cosmic background radiation from the South Pole at 1 degree
p. 251-252

Dragovan, M.
Isotropy observations of the cosmic microwave background
p. 253-254

Wu, Q.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Auroral observations with the imaging riometer at South Pole Station
p. 254-255

Chen, K.Y.; Oliver, J.P.; Wood, F.B.
Atmospheric extinction in blue and yellow light at the South Pole
p. 255-256

Baker, K.B.; Greenwald, R.A.
Observing the ionosphere with the Polar Anglo-American Conjugate Experiment radars
p. 256-258

Wolfe, A.; Venkatesan, D.; Slawinski, R.; Maclennan, C.G.; Lanzerotti, L.J.
Hydromagnetic-band magnetic variations observed in conjugate regions--South Pole and Iqaluit
p. 258-260

Byrne, G.J.; Benbrook, J.R.; Bering, E.A., III
Balloon-borne measurements of the global atmospheric-electrical circuit at the South Pole
p. 261-262

Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.; Liang, D.
Balloon observations of the electric field over South Pole: convection patterns
p. 263-265

Bering, E.A., III; Lin, Z.M.
Examples of high-latitude electric and magnetic-field perturbations that were not accompanied by solar wind pressure fluctuations
p. 266-268

Arnoldy, R.L.; Engebretson, M.J.; Cahill, L.J., Jr.; Potemra, T.A.
Ground and satellite investigation of a possible flux-transfer event
p. 269-271

Burgess, W.C.; Inan, U.S.
Simultaneous lightning-associated precipitation of radiation belt-electrons into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
p. 271-273

Abbott, S.B.
Polar Research Board: antarctic-related activities, July 1988 through June 1989
p. 274-275

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1987-1988 and 1988-1989
p. 275-277

Thuronyi, G.T.
«Antarctic Bibliography» issued in new format
p. 277-278

Starr, L.E.; Brownworth, F.S.
Antarctic mapping program
p. 278-279

Becker, R.A.
Antarctic support operations, 1988-1989
p. 279-280

Reed, L.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: station operations, 1988-1989
p. 281-282

Reed, L.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: detachment operations, 1988-1989
p. 282-284

Reed, L.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: weather operations, 1988-1989
p. 284-285

Reed, L.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: ship operations, 1988-1989
p. 286-287

Trembly, L.A.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six activities, 1988-1989
p. 287-288