Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 29, issue 5

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Feldmann, R.M.
Paleobiogeography of Cretaceous and Paleogene decapods from the high southern latitudes
p. 1-2

Rees, M.N.; Duebendorfer, E.M.; Thorstenson, D.J.
Stratigraphic and structural investigations in the northern Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains: evidence for the Ross Orogeny?
p. 2-4

Dalziel, I.W.D.; Helper, M.A.; Hutson, F.E.; Grimes, S.W.
Geologic investigations in the Shackleton Range and Coats Land nunataks, Antarctica
p. 4-6

Behrendt, J.C.
How important is late Cenozoic tectonic and volcanic activity in the west antarctic rift system on the dynamics of the west antarctic ice sheet?
p. 7-8

Scherer, R.P.
Speculative stratigraphic model for the central Ross embayment
p. 9-11

Dibble, R.R.; Kyle, P.R.; Skov, M.J.
Volcanic activity and seismicity of Mount Erebus, 1986-1994
p. 11-14

Esser, R.; Heizler, M.; Kyle, P.; McIntosh, W.C.
Argon-40/argon-39 dating of Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 14-15

Cooper, A.K.; Cochrane, G.; Zhang, J.; Brancolini, G.; Pellis, G.; Egloff, F.
Antarctic crustal profile seismic project, Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 15-18

Malin, M.C.; Ravine, M.A.
Thirty years of measurements of sand wedge growth in lower Wright Valley, Antarctica
p. 19-20

Hall, B.L.; Denton, G.H.
Late Wisconsin/Holocene history of the Wilson Piedmont Glacier
p. 20-22

Faure, G.; Mensing, T.M.; Manson, V.L.; Place, M.C.
Geochemistry of a layer of volcanic ash in the ice near Brimstone Peak, southern Victoria Land
p. 22-23

Marsh, B.D.; Wheelock, M.M.
Vertical variation of composition in the Peneplain and Basement Sills of the McMurdo Dry Valleys: the null hypothesis
p. 24-25

Goodge, J.W.; Walker, N.W.; Bracchi, K.A.
Geologic investigations in the Lanterman Metamorphic Complex, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 26-27

Boucher, L.D.; Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.N.
Unusual plant organ from the Triassic of Antarctica
p. 28-29

Del Fueyo, G.M.; Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.L.; Cúneo, N.R.
Triassic seed fern cupules from Antarctica
p. 30-31

Hammer, W.R.; Hickerson, W.J.; Slaughter, R.W.
Dinosaur assemblage from the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 31-33

Hanson, R.E.; Elliot, D.H.
Jurassic phreatomagmatic volcanism in the central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 33-35

Isbell, J.L.; Seegers, G.M.; Gelhar, G.; MacKenzie, P.
Stratigraphy of Upper Carboniferous and Permian rocks exposed between the Byrd and Nimrod Glaciers
p. 35-36

Sorkhabi, R.B.; Stump, E.
Geodynamic links between the Transantarctic Mountains and Tethys
p. 36-38

Ten Brink, U.; Bannister, S.; Makovsky, Y.; Hackney, R.; Katzman, R.
EAST93: Geophysical traverse from the Transantarctic Mountains to Wilkes Basin, East Antarctica
p. 39-41

Rowell, A.J.; Van Schmus, W.R.; McKenna, L.W., III; Evans, K.R.
Early Paleozoic continental-rise deposition off East Antarctica: the Patuxent Formation of the Pensacola Mountains
p. 42-44

Mullins, J.L.
Global positioning system surveying, aerial photography, and mapping program of the United States in Antarctica
p. 44-45

Harvey, R.P.; Schutt, J.W.
Results from the antarctic search for meteorites project, 1993-1994 field season
p. 47-48

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1994
p. 49-50

Rubin, A.E.; Kallemeyn, G.W.
Compositional studies of new groups of chondritic meteorites
p. 50-51

Benoit, P.H.; Roth, J.; Sears, H.; Sears, D.W.G.
Stability of antarctic blue icefields over the last 300,000 years: meteorites as surface exposure markers
p. 51-53

Echelmeyer, K.; Cassidy, W.; Schutt, J.
Measurements of ice thickness and related studies on the Lewis Cliff Ice Tongue, 1993-1994
p. 53-55

Bentley, C.R.; Burkholder, P.D.; Clarke, T.S.; Liu, C.; Lord, N.
Geophysical experiments on Ridge B1/B2, Siple Coast
p. 57-59

Harrison, W.; Echelmeyer, K.
Temperature measurements in the margin of ice stream B, 1993-1994
p. 60-61

Alley, R.B.
Progress in ice-stream basal modeling
p. 61-62

Jacobel, R.W.; Dorsey, C.W.; Harner, A.M.
Ice velocities near a relict flow feature on Siple Dome
p. 62-66

Jacobel, R.W.; Grommes, B.J.
Internal layer folding patterns from radar studies of ice streams B and C
p. 66-68

Licht, K.; Jiang, X.
Preliminary data from western Ross Sea cores: part of an investigation of long-term ice-sheet stability
p. 68-70

Wahlen, M.
Reconstruction of atmospheric carbon dioxide and isotopic carbon-13 dioxide from air occluded in ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica
p. 71-72

Whung, P.Y.; Saltzman, E.S.; Gross, G.W.
Uptake of methanesulfonate and sulfate in ice
p. 73-75

Gross, G.W.; Svec, R.K.; Whung, P.Y.
Dielectric response of ice growth from dilute sulfate solutions
p. 75-76

Dawber, M.; Powell, R.D.
Study of grounding-line sedimentation processes at the Mackay Glacier tongue using a remotely operated vehicle: observations on the seafloor epibenthic community
p. 77-78

Grootes, P.M.; Steig, E.J.; Stuiver, M.
Taylor Ice Dome study 1993-1994: an ice core to bedrock
p. 79-81

Waddington, E.D.; Morse, D.L.; Clow, G.D.
Glacier geophysics at Taylor Dome: year 4
p. 82-84

Fitzpatrick, J.J.
Preliminary report on the physical and stratigraphic properties of the Taylor Dome ice core
p. 84-86

Braaten, D.A.
Instrumentation to quantify snow accumulation and transport dynamics at two locations on the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 86-87

Andreas, E.L.; Claffey, K.J.
Drifted snow affects momentum exchange over sea ice
p. 89-91

Shen, H.H.; Frankenstein, S.
Wave-pancake ice interactions
p. 91-92

Smith, N.D.; Ashley, G.M.
Observations on the melting rates of brash ice, Arthur Harbor, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 92-94

Ashley, G.M.; Smith, N.D.; Goss, M.C.; Smith, P.C.
Sedimentation at a subpolar tidewater glacier, Maar Ice Piedmont, Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 94-96

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.
Western Weddell stratification and ice cover
p. 97-99

Foster, T.D.
Large, steplike temperature and salinity structures observed in the central Weddell Sea
p. 99-100

Kieber, D.J.
Photochemistry of antarctic waters during the 1993 austral spring
p. 100-102

Nishiguchi, M.K.; Duval, B.; Moser, D.P.
Analysis of dimethylsulfoniopropionate from «Phaeocystis pouchetii» in the waters of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 102-105

Nittrouer, C.A.; Jaeger, J.M.; DeMaster, D.J.
Advection of suspended sediment in the Ross Sea and implications for the fate of biogeochemical materials
p. 106-107

Jacobs, S.S.; Hellmer, H.H.; Schlosser, P.; Smethie, W.M., Jr.
Oceanographic expedition to the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas
p. 109-111

Jacobs, S.S.
Sea-ice evolution in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas
p. 111-113

Rubin, S.; Goddard, J.; Chipman, D.; Takahashi, T.
Carbon dioxide partial pressure in surface waters in the Pacific sector of the southern oceans during austral summers 1992 and 1994
p. 113-115

Hayes, J.M.; McTaggart, A.R.
Sample strategy for the study of factors controlling the carbon-13 in algal and sedimentary biomarkers from the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas
p. 116-117

Ainley, D.
Autumn distribution of marine birds and mammals in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas
p. 118-119

Gelatt, T.; Hill, S.; Scotten, B.
Research to investigate pack-ice seal activities during «Nathaniel B. Palmer» cruise 94-2
p. 120-121

Jenkins, A.; Jacobs, S.S.; Keys, H.
Is this little PIG in hot water?
p. 121-122

Hellmer, H.H.; Jacobs, S.S.
Temporal changes in shelf water of the southern Ross Sea
p. 123-124

Keys, H.J.R.; Jacobs, S.S.; Brigham, L.W.
Evolving front of the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 125-126

Banfield, L.A.; Anderson, J.B.
Glacial-interglacial depositional model in Bransfield Basin, Antarctica
p. 127-128

Rodriguez, A.B.; Domack, E.W.
Geochemical sedimentological analysis of glacial marine sediments from Palmer Deep Basin, Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
p. 128-130

Bartek, L.R.
NBP93-8 preliminary results of coring and high- and intermediate-resolution seismic surveys of Ross Sea, Antarctica: Improving understanding of linkages between eustatic change and sequence architecture of glaciated continental margins
p. 135-136

Shipp, S.S.; Anderson, J.B.
High-resolution seismic survey of the Ross Sea continental shelf: implications for ice-sheet retreat behavior
p. 137-138

Jahns, E.
Evidence for a fluidized till deposit on the Ross Sea continental shelf
p. 139-141

Connell, L.B.
Biogeographic observations on South Georgia marine yeasts
p. 143

Smith, W.O., Jr.; White, A.M.; Rich, J.; Schauer, A.; Garrett, M.L.
Phytoplankton biomass in the western Ross Sea: January and February 1994
p. 144-145

Helmuth, B.S.; Veit, R.R.; Holberton, R.
Dispersal of benthic invertebrates in the Scotia Arc by kelp rafting
p. 145-147

Sigleo, A.C.; Neale, P.J.
Phytoplankton pigment profiles at the Weddell-Scotia Confluence during the 1993 austral spring
p. 147-148

Gooday, A.J.; Bowser, S.S.; Bernhard, J.M.
Foraminifera of Explorers Cove, Antarctica: a deep-sea assemblage in shallow water?
p. 149-151

McClintock, J.B.
Chemical ecology of three antarctic gastropods
p. 151-153

Baker, B.J.; Yoshida, W.Y.; McClintock, J.B.
Chemical constituents of four antarctic sponges in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 153-155

Roberts, K.A.; Kleppel, G.S.; Burkart, C.A.; Carter, K.
Egg production of the copepod «Calanoides acutus» (Giesbrecht) in the Weddell Sea during spring
p. 155-157

Podolsky, R.D.; Virtue, P.; Hamilton, T.; Vavra, J.; Manahan, D.T.
Energy metabolism during development of the antarctic sea urchin «Sterechinus neumayeri»
p. 157-159

Bernardi, G.; DeVries, A.L.
Cytochrome b gene sequences from two eelpouts (perciformes, zoarcidae) from McMurdo Sound (Antarctica): implications on the antifreeze gene structure
p. 159-161

Detrich, H.W., III; Williams, R.C., Jr.
Dynamic instability of microtubules from antarctic fishes
p. 161-162

Laman, E.A.; Loeb, V.J.
RACER: Feeding incidence and yolk resorption in three species of antarctic larval fishes
p. 162-164

Veit, R.R.; Silverman, E.D.; Hewitt, R.P.; Demer, D.A.
Spatial and behavioral responses by foraging seabirds to antarctic krill swarms
p. 164-166

Holberton, R.; Wingfield, J.C.
Adrenocortical responses to stress in antarctic seabirds
p. 167

Hodum, P.J.
Foraging ecology and reproductive energetics of antarctic petrels
p. 167-168

Nevitt, G.A.
Antarctic procellariiform seabirds can smell krill
p. 168-169

Kooyman, G.L.
Natural history of emperor penguin colonies of the Ross Sea, 1993
p. 170-171

Castellini, M.A.; Testa, J.W.; Rea, L.D.; Moss, J.M.; Hastings, K.K.
Diving development and survivorship in Weddell seal pups
p. 171-172

Stanek, K.S.; Roberts, J.D.; Zapol, W.M.; Falke, K.J.; Liggins, G.C.; Liggins, J.
Thoracic circumference and nitric oxide activity in the free-diving Weddell seal
p. 172-174

Powers, L.E.; Freckman, D.W.; Virginia, R.A.
Depth distribution of soil nematodes in Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 175-176

Friedmann, E.I.; Druk, A.Y.; McKay, C.P.
Limits of life and microbial extinction in the antarctic desert
p. 176-179

Rosenberg, J.E.; Hewitt, R.P.; Holt, R.S.
U.S. Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) program: 1993-1994 field season activities
p. 181-183

Hewitt, R.P.; Demer, D.A.
AMLR program: Distribution and abundance of krill near Elephant Island in the 1993-1994 austral summer
p. 183-184

Loeb, V.; Siegel, V.
AMLR program: Krill stock structure and macrozooplankton abundance near Elephant Island, January to March 1994
p. 185-188

Holm-Hansen, O.; Villafañe, V.E.; Helbling, E.W.
AMLR program: Photobiological characteristics of phytoplankton around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 188-190

Villafañe, V.E.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Phytoplankton distribution and species composition around Elephant Island, Antarctica, January to March 1994
p. 191-193

Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Distribution of phytoplankton in the upper water column in relation to different water masses
p. 193-195

Silva S., N.; Ramos, M.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Depletion of inorganic nutrients in the area around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 195-197

Reitsch, G.A.; Veit, R.R.
AMLR program: Abundance of vertebrate predators and their spatial association with krill
p. 198-200

Bengtson, J.L.
AMLR program: Pinniped and seabird studies at Seal Island, South Shetland Islands, during the 1993-1994 austral summer
p. 200-201

Amos, A.F.
AMLR program: the underway data acquisition system
p. 201-204

Amos, A.F.
AMLR program: The mean summer windfield in the Elephant Island area
p. 204-206

Sullivan, B.; Matlick, H.A.; Prézelin, B.B.
Palmer LTER: Patterns of distribution of inorganic macronutrients, phytoplankton pigmentation, and photosynthetic activity in an ice-dominated ecosystem in austral winter 1993
p. 207-209

Maranger, R.; Bird, D.F.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Spatial distribution of viruses in the Palmer LTER region
p. 209-211

Christian, J.R.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Relative activities of several bacterial exoenzymes in the western Antarctic Peninsula during austral summer: Evidence of sea-ice influence on pelagic bacterial communities
p. 212-214

Schofield, O.; Prézelin, B.B.; Moline, M.A.
Palmer LTER: Photoadaptation in a coastal phytoplankton bloom and impact on the radiation utilization efficiency for carbon fixation
p. 214-216

Moline, M.A.; Prézelin, B.B.
Palmer LTER: Impact of a large diatom bloom on macronutrient distribution in Arthur Harbor during austral summer 1991-1992
p. 217-219

Klinck, J.M.; Smith, D.A.; Smith, R.C.
Palmer LTER: Hydrography in the LTER region during August and September 1993
p. 219-221

Karl, D.M.; Dore, J.; Houlihan, T.; Hebel, D.; Asper, V.
Palmer LTER sediment trap array experiment: Initial results
p. 222-224

Wharton, R.A., Jr.
McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: An overview of 1993-1994 research activities
p. 224-226

Fountain, A.G.; Vaughn, B.H.; Dana, G.L.
McMurdo LTER: Glacier mass balances of Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 226-228

Powers, L.E.; Freckman, D.W.; Ho, M.C.; Virginia, R.A.
McMurdo LTER: Soil and nematode distribution along an elevational gradient in Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 228-229

McKnight, D.; House, H.; Von Guerard, P.
McMurdo LTER: Streamflow measurements in Taylor Valley
p. 230-232

Dana, G.L.; Tate, C.M.; Dewey, S.L.
McMurdo LTER: Using narrow band spectroradiometry to assess algal and moss communities in a dry valley stream
p. 232-234

Doran, P.T.; Wharton, R.A., Jr.; Spaulding, S.A.; Foster, J.S.
McMurdo LTER: Paleolimnology of Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 234-237

Welch, K.
McMurdo LTER: Inorganic geochemical studies with special reference to calcium carbonate dynamics
p. 237-239

Priscu, J.C.
McMurdo LTER: Phytoplankton nutrient deficiency in lakes of the Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 239-241

Moorhead, D.L.; Wharton, R.A., Jr.
McMurdo LTER: Primary production model of benthic microbial mats in Lake Hoare, Antarctica
p. 241-243

Butt, A.Z.; Hastings, J.T.
McMurdo LTER: Developing a geographic information system database
p. 244-245

Hastings, J.T.; Butt, A.Z.
McMurdo LTER: Developing a geographic information system access system
p. 246-247

Johnson, B.J.; Deshler, T.
Record low ozone measured at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, during the austral spring of 1993
p. 249-251

Adriani, A.; Gobbi, G.P.; Di Donfrancesco, G.
Polar stratospheric clouds observed by lidar at McMurdo Station during the 1993 winter
p. 251-252

De Zafra, R.L.; Trimble, C.; Reeves, M.; Cheng, D.J.; Shindell, D.T.
Measurement of stratospheric trace gases by millimeter-wave spectroscopy for an annual cycle at the South Pole
p. 253-254

Wendler, G.; Quakenbush, T.
Ultraviolet radiation in the southern seas in early spring 1993
p. 254-256

Booth, C.R.; Lucas, T.B.; Mestechkina, T.; Tusson, J., IV
High-resolution ultraviolet spectral irradiance monitoring program in polar regions: nearly a decade of data available to polar researchers in ozone and ultraviolet-related studies
p. 256-259

Villafañe, V.E.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Sala, L.
Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation on antarctic phytoplankton during springtime ozone depletion
p. 259-262

Helbling, E.W.; Villafañe, V.E.; Holm-Hansen, O.
«In situ» inhibition of primary production due to ultraviolet radiation in Antarctica
p. 262-263

Marguet, E.R.; Helbling, E.W.; Villafañe, V.E.; Holm-Hansen, O.
Effects of solar radiation on viability of two strains of antarctic bacteria
p. 264-265

Neale, P.J.; Spector, A.M.
Ultraviolet absorbance by diatom populations from the Weddell-Scotia Confluence
p. 266-267

Ferreyra, G.A.; Schloss, I.R.; Demers, S.; Neale, P.J.
Phytoplankton responses to natural ultraviolet irradiance during early spring in the Weddell-Scotia Confluence: an experimental approach
p. 268-270

Sikorski, R.J.; Sigleo, A.C.; Neale, P.J.
Spectral measurements of ultraviolet and visible solar irradiance at the Weddell-Scotia Confluence during 1993 austral spring
p. 270-272

Boucher, N.
«Icecolors '93:» Biological weighting function for the ultraviolet inhibition of carbon fixation in a natural antarctic phytoplankton community
p. 272-275

Evens, T.; Roll, S.; Golden, B.; Prézelin, B.B.
«Icecolors '93:» Epilithic productivity by microalgae exhibits a potentially high sensitivity to natural levels of ultraviolet-B radiation
p. 275-277

Jovine, R.V.M.; Prézelin, B.B.
«Icecolors '93:» Beginnings of an antarctic phytoplankton and bacterial DNA library from southern ocean natural communities exposed to ultraviolet-B
p. 277-279

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.; Holmes, R.E.
Antarctic automatic weather stations: Austral summer 1993-1994
p. 281-284

Stearns, C.R.; Sinkula, B.B.
Antarctic weather forecasting: 1993
p. 284

Stearns, C.R.; Holmes, R.E.; Sinkula, B.B.
2 June 1993 storm
p. 285-287

Stearns, C.R.; Young, J.T.
Antarctic Meteorological Research Center: 1993
p. 288-289

Parish, T.R.; Bromwich, D.H.
Large-scale surface pressure changes over Antarctica
p. 289-290

McNider, R.T.; Goodrick, S.L.
Modeling the coupled ocean--katabatic wind systems of the Antarctic
p. 291-292

Liu, Z.; Bromwich, D.H.
Satellite investigation of spring cloud cover in West Antarctica
p. 293-295

Du, Y.; Bromwich, D.H.; Parish, T.R.
Influence of synoptic-scale cyclones on summer surface winds in the Siple Coast confluence zone, West Antarctica
p. 296-298

Carrasco, J.F.; Bromwich, D.H.
Survey of mesoscale cyclonic activity near McMurdo Station, Antarctica
p. 298-301

Neff, W.D.
Studies of variability in the troposphere and atmospheric boundary layer over the South Pole: 1993 experimental design and preliminary results
p. 302-304

Neff, W.D.
Decadal change in the troposphere and atmospheric boundary layer over the South Pole
p. 304-306

Lubin, D.; Chamberlin, R.; Harper, D.A.
Cloud detection in satellite imagery over the South Pole
p. 307-309

Saxena, V.K.
Cloud-mediated enhancement of cloud condensation nuclei at Palmer Station: a natural antigreenhouse mechanism
p. 309-312

Berresheim, H.; Eisele, F.L.; Tanner, D.J.; Jefferson, A.
Atmospheric sulfur and hydroxyl radical measurements at Palmer Station
p. 312-315

Arnoldy, R.L.; Engebretson, M.J.
Magnetic impulse events measured at Pc 1 frequencies and at multiple sites
p. 317-318

Inan, U.S.; Reising, S.C.
Global thunderstorm tracking via measurements of radio atmospherics at Palmer Station
p. 319-320

Engebretson, M.J.; Alford, J.L.; Goerke, R.T.
Study of seasonal variations in the occurrence and characteristics of quasiperiodic very-low-frequency emissions
p. 321-322

Carroll, J.J.
Observations and model studies of episodic events over the south polar plateau
p. 322-323

Van Allen, R.; Murcray, F.J.
Infrared atmospheric absorption and emission studies
p. 324-325

Berkey, F.T.; Kelly, C.N.
Transient auroral events observed from South Pole Station
p. 325-327

Clark, K.C.; Hernandez, G.; Smith, R.W.
Wide-aperture light source
p. 327-329

Kogut, A.; Bersanelli, M.; Maino, D.; De Amici, G.; Smoot, G.F.
Polar measurements of atmospheric continuum microwave emission
p. 329-331

Jefferies, S.M.; Duvall, T.L., Jr.; Harvey, J.W.
Helioseismology from South Pole: a clear view of the Sun
p. 331-332

Bieber, J.W.; Evenson, P.; Lin, Z.M.
Solar cosmic-ray observatories at polar sites
p. 333-335

AMANDA Collaboration
First data and future prospects for AMANDA, the antarctic muon and neutrino detector
p. 337-339

Evenson, P.
South Pole air shower experiment
p. 339-341

Gundersen, J.; Lim, M.; Gaier, T.
Preliminary analysis of the University of California's degree-scale anisotropy measurements of the cosmic microwave background
p. 341-343

Stark, A.A.
Predeployment tests of the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory instrument
p. 344-345

Rosenberg, T.J.; Doolittle, J.H.
Studying the polar ionosphere and magnetosphere with automatic geophysical observatories: the U.S. program in Antarctica
p. 347-349

Doolittle, J.H.; Mende, S.B.
Coordinated auroral observations at South Pole Station and AGO-P2
p. 349-352

Rosenberg, T.J.; Detrick, D.L.
Coordinated auroral absorption observations at South Pole Station and AGO-P2
p. 352-354

Detrick, D.L.; Lutz, L.F.
16-beam phased-array radiowave imager for studies of cosmic noise absorption at U.S. AGO sites
p. 354-356

Detrick, D.L.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Initial results from the PENGUIN imaging riometer at AGO-P2
p. 356-358

Inan, U.S.; Brown, A.D.; Yarbrough, J.
Initial results from the PENGUIN ELF/VLF receiver at AGO-P2
p. 359-361

Shafer, D.C.; Brown, A.D.; Trabucco, W.J.; Inan, U.S.
Programmable and low-power ELF/VLF receiver for automatic geophysical observatories
p. 361-363

Weatherwax, A.T.; LaBelle, J.; Trimpi, M.L.
Auroral radio emissions observed at AGO-P2
p. 363-364

Weatherwax, A.T.; LaBelle, J.; Trimpi, M.L.
Comparison of electromagnetic noise at ground-based radio observing sites
p. 365-366

Wolfe, A.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; Maclennan, C.G.; Arnoldy, R.L.
Simultaneous enhancement of Pc1, Pc4, Pc5 hydromagnetic waves at AGO-P2, Antarctica
p. 366-368

Fukunishi, H.; Taguchi, M.; Lanzerotti, L.J.
Pc1-2 pulsations observed by a search-coil magnetometer at AGO-P2
p. 369-371

Tumeo, M.A.; Larson, M.K.
Movement of fuel spills in the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 373-374

Tumeo, M.A.; Wolk, A.E.
Assessment of the presence of oil-degrading microbes at McMurdo Station
p. 375-377

Morris, J.F.; Weinstock, J.S.; Rothblum, E.D.
Women in the Antarctic: constructive risk-taking and social consequences
p. 379-382

Cravalho, M.A.
Folk psychology of the winter experience in Antarctica
p. 382

Offen, J.L.
Voices at the bottom of the world: community identity in McMurdo
p. 383