Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 28, issue 5

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Brozena, J.M.
CASERTZ 1991-1992: airborne gravity and surface topography measurement
p. 1-3

Saltus, R.W.; Kucks, R.P.
Geomagnetic activity and its implications for the 1991-1992 CASERTZ aeromagnetic survey in Antarctica
p. 3-4

DiVenere, V.J.
Geological investigations in eastern Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
p. 5-6

Wilch, T.I.; McIntosh, W.C.; Panter, K.S.; Dunbar, N.W.
Preliminary report on field investigations and 40argon/39argon geochronology of the Crary Mountains volcanoes, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica
p. 7-9

Luyendyk, B.P.; Smith, C.H.
Geological expedition to King Edward VII Peninsula and the Ford Ranges, Marie Byrd Land
p. 10-13

Skov, M.J.; Kyle, P.R.
Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory: seismic observations
p. 13-14

Hart, S.R.; Kyle, P.R.
Geochemistry of McMurdo Group volcanic rocks
p. 14-16

Stilwell, J.D.; Levy, R.H.; Harwood, D.M.
Preliminary paleontological investigation of Tertiary glacial erratics from the McMurdo Sound region, East Antarctica
p. 16-19

Wheelock, M.M.; Marsh, B.D.
Bimodal differentiation: silicic segregations in the Ferrar Dolerites
p. 19-21

Grunow, A.M.; Encarnacion, J.
Paleomagnetic and geochronologic studies of igneous rocks from southern Victoria Land
p. 21-23

Wilson, T.J.; Bradford, S.C.
Satellite-image analysis of the Transantarctic Mountains, southern Victoria Land
p. 23-26

Wilson, T.J.; Braddock, P.; Janosy, R.J.; Elliot, R.J.
Fault kinematic studies in the Transantarctic Mountains, southern Victoria Land
p. 26-29

Mensing, T.M.; Faure, G.; Place, M.C.; Reed, D.B.
Origin of the moraines between Griffin Nunatak and Brimstone Peak, southern Victoria Land
p. 30-31

Taylor, T.N.; Taylor, E.L.; Horner, T.; Masood, K.R.
Palynostratigraphy of the Mackellar Formation (Beacon Supergroup), East Antarctica
p. 32-33

Hammer, W.R.; Hickerson, W.J.
Brief review of Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrates from the Transantarctic Mountains including evidence of a scavenging theropod
p. 33-35

Rowell, A.J.; Evans, K.R.; McKenna, L.W., III
Cambrian and possible Proterozoic strata in the Transantarctic Mountains, north of Leverett Glacier
p. 35-37

Fleming, T.H.; Foland, K.A.; Elliot, D.H.
Direct dating of mid-Cretaceous alteration of the Kirkpatrick Basalt in northern Victoria Land: 40argon/39argon and rubidium/strontium ages of apophyllite
p. 38-40

Redfield, T.F.; Fitzgerald, P.G.; Roberts, M.
Fission-track investigations of lithotectonic history: northern Victoria Land, 1993
p. 41-42

Fitzgerald, P.G.; Redfield, T.F.; Goldstrand, P.M.; Hobbs, C.
Geologic and fission-track studies in the Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, and nunataks of West Antarctica
p. 43-46

Feldmann, R.M.
Fossil mole crabs from Late Cretaceous rocks on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 46-48

Elliot, D.H.
Geologic studies at Cape Wiman, Seymour Island
p. 48-49

Askin, R.A.
Palynology of an olistostrome at Cape Wiman, Seymour Island
p. 49-50

Harvey, R.P.; Schutt, J.W.
Meteorite recovery and reconnaissance in the Allan Hills--David Glacier region, 1992-1993
p. 51-52

Benoit, P.H.; Sears, D.W.G.
Thermoluminescence profiles in meteorite finds, climatic change, and ice thicknesses in the Allan Hills, Antarctica, during the Quaternary
p. 52-54

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1993
p. 54-56

Rubin, A.E.; Kallemeyn, G.W.
Compositional studies of antarctic meteorites
p. 56-57

Alley, R.B.; MacAyeal, D.R.
West antarctic ice sheet collapse: chimera or clear danger?
p. 59-60

Whillans, I.M.
Ice-stream mechanics
p. 61-63

Engelhardt, H.; Kamb, B.
Vertical temperature profile of ice stream B
p. 63-66

Echelmeyer, K.A.; Harrison, W.D.
Temperature measurements in the margin of ice stream B, 1992-1993
p. 66-67

Morse, D.L.; Waddington, E.D.
Glacier geophysical studies at Taylor Dome: year three
p. 67-69

Faure, G.; Hagen, E.H.; Johnson, K.S.; Buchanan, D.
Profile of oxygen isotope compositions of ice in the Lewis Cliff ice tongue, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 69-70

Lal, D.; Jull, A.J.T.; Donahue, D.J.
Studies of cosmogenic «in situ» produced carbon-14 in polar accumulation and ablation ice
p. 70-73

Foster, T.D.
Antarctic Bottom Water formation in the northwestern Weddell Sea
p. 75-76

Weppernig, R.; Schlosser, P.
Helium isotope results from Ice Station Weddell 1
p. 76-77

Hellmer, H.H.; Gordon, A.L.; Albarracin, J.I.; Huber, B.A.
Western Weddell Sea hydrography
p. 78-79

Ackley, S.F.; Gow, A.J.; Lytle, V.I.
Salinity variations in Weddell Sea pack ice
p. 79-81

Rogers, J.C.; Dunbar, R.B.
Carbon isotopic composition of particulate organic carbon in Ross Sea surface waters during austral summer
p. 81-83

Wendler, G.; Quakenbush, T.
Ultraviolet radiation and its extinction in antarctic sea ice
p. 84-85

Behrendt, J.C.
Marine magnetic and aeromagnetic evidence for late Cenozoic submarine and subglacial volcanism in the west antarctic rift system
p. 87-88

Tréhu, A.; Behrendt, J.C.; Fritsch, J.
Crustal structure of the central basin, Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 89-91

Jennings, A.E.; Williams, K.M.; Licht, K.J.; Andrews, J.T.
Late Glacial and Holocene history of the western Ross Sea: an initial survey of available cores
p. 91-93

McGinnis, J.P.
Fracture zone control on continental margin development: multichannel seismic survey along the southern Antarctic Peninsula
p. 93-95

Domack, E.W.; Stein, A.B.
Late Holocene fluctuations in the front of the Muller Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 96-97

Domack, E.W.; Mammone, K.A.
Modern sedimentation within Andvord Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 97-98

Keller, R.A.; Strelin, J.A.; Lawver, L.A.; Fisk, M.R.
Dredging young volcanic rocks in Bransfield Strait
p. 98-100

Barker, D.H.N.; Austin, J.A., Jr.
«EW»91-01: New multichannel seismic results from Bransfield Strait, Antarctica
p. 101-102

Klepeis, K.A.; Lawver, L.A.
Bathymetry of the Bransfield Strait, southeastern Shackleton Fracture Zone, and South Shetland Trench, Antarctica
p. 103-105

Lawver, L.A.
R/V «Nathaniel B. Palmer NBP»93-1 survey of the Antarctic Peninsula and Powell Basin
p. 105-106

Sloan, B.J.; Lawver, L.A.
R/V «Nathaniel B. Palmer NBP»93-1 cruise to the Larsen Ice Shelf region of the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 107-108

Boersma, A.; Huber, B.
Origins and biogeography of Cretaceous/Tertiary biserial planktonic foraminifera in the southern oceans
p. 109

Burckle, L.H.; Rudolph, S.; Mortlock, R.A.
Evidence for an Early Pliocene cold event in the southern oceans
p. 110-111

Karentz, D.; Gast, T.
Transmission of solar ultraviolet radiation through invertebrate exteriors
p. 113-114

Anderson, S.; Hoffman, J.; Wild, G.; Bosch, I.; Karentz, D.
Cytogenetic, cellular, and developmental responses in antarctic sea urchins «(Sterechinus neumayeri)» following laboratory ultraviolet-B and ambient solar radiation exposure
p. 115-116

Boucher, N.P.; Prézelin, B.B.
Ozone-dependent ultraviolet effects vs. ultraviolet-B specific effects on primary productivity in the southern oceans: how and when to consider a spectral correction of direct field measurements
p. 117-119

Howington, J.P.; Kelly, B.; Smith, J.J.; McFeters, G.A.
Antibiotic resistance of intestinal bacteria from the indigenous fauna of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 119-120

Smith, J.J.; McFeters, G.A.
Survival and recoverability of enteric bacteria exposed to the antarctic marine environment
p. 120-123

Smith, J.J.; Howington, J.P.; McFeters, G.A.
Plasmid maintenance and expression in «Escherichia coli» exposed to the antarctic marine environment
p. 123-124

Fritsen, C.H.; Mordy, C.W.; Sullivan, C.W.
Primary production in the Weddell Sea pack ice during the austral summer
p. 124-126

Garrison, D.L.; Thomsen, H.A.
«Polarstern» "ANT X/3" austral autumn in the ice 1992: sea-ice community studies
p. 126-128

Smith, W.O., Jr.
Primary productivity of the Antarctic Peninsula region during November 1992
p. 128-130

DiTullio, G.R.; Smith, W.O., Jr.
Dimethyl sulfide concentrations near the Antarctic Peninsula: November 1992
p. 130-132

Baker, B.J.; Kopitzke, R.W.; Hamann, M.; McClintock, J.B.
Chemical ecology of antarctic marine invertebrates in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: chemical aspects
p. 132-133

McClintock, J.B.; Slattery, M.; Baker, B.J.; Heine, J.N.
Chemical ecology of antarctic sponges from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: ecological aspects
p. 134-135

Slattery, M.; Bosch, I.
Cost of brood maintenance and development in the seastar «Neosmilaster georgianus» from Anvers Island, Antarctica
p. 136-138

Kaufmann, R.S.; Smith, K.L., Jr.; Baldwin, R.J.; Glatts, R.C.; Robinson, B.H.; Reisenbichler, K.R.
Epipelagic communities in the northwestern Weddell Sea: results from acoustic, trawl, and trapping surveys
p. 138-141

Daly, K.L.; DiTullio, G.R.
Biogenic production of dimethyl sulfide: krill grazing
p. 141-142

Detrich, H.W., III; Parker, S.K.
Novel neural beta tubulin from the antarctic fish «Notothenia coriiceps neglecta»
p. 143-145

Roby, D.D.; Taylor, J.R.E.; Place, A.R.
Physiological aspects of stomach-oil formation in antarctic seabirds
p. 146-147

Miller, G.D.; Couch, L.; Duszynski, D.W.
Preliminary survey for coccidian parasites in the birds at Cape Bird, Ross Island
p. 148

Kooyman, G.L.; Horning, M.; Ponganis, P.J.; Kooyman, T.; Kooyman, C.; Cherel, Y.
Emperor penguin foraging behavior in the western Ross Sea, 1992
p. 149

Janes, D.N.; Shoemaker, V.H.; Chappell, M.A.; Peterson, C.J.
Reproductive effort and foraging energetics in Adélie penguins
p. 150-151

McCormick, D.F.; Emslie, S.D.; Karnovsky, N.J.; Keith, L.W.; Trivelpiece, S.G.; Trivelpiece, W.Z.
Continuing studies of the demography and foraging behavior of the «Pygoscelis» penguins
p. 151-152

Hurford, W.E.
Splenic contraction, blood volume, and muscle saturation of free-diving Weddell seals
p. 152-155

Testa, J.W.; Castellini, M.A.; Rea, L.D.
Physiological and behavioral ecology of juvenile Weddell seals
p. 155-156

Amos, A.F.
RACER: Data reports
p. 157-158

Amos, A.F.
RACER: Racer Rocks
p. 159-161

Amos, A.F.
RACER: The tides at Palmer Station
p. 162-164

Tilbrook, B.D.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: Methane enrichments in Port Foster, Deception Island
p. 165-166

Dore, J.E.; Houlihan, T.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: Nitrogen remineralization within antarctic sea ice during the 1992 austral winter
p. 167-169

Cochlan, W.P.; Martinez, J.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: Utilization of nitrate, ammonium, and urea during austral winter in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica
p. 169-172

Cochlan, W.P.; Martinez, J.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: Primary production in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica, during austral winter
p. 172-174

Brinton, E.
RACER: «Euphausia superba» in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica, springs of 1989 and 1991
p. 174-176

Loeb, V.J.
RACER: Ichthyoplankton abundance, species composition, and distribution in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica, October to November 1989
p. 177-179

Laman, E.A.; Loeb, V.J.
RACER: Larval feeding ecology of three species of antarctic fishes «(Lepidonotothen larseni, Trematomus newnesi,» and «T. lepidorhinus)» from Gerlache Strait, Antarctica, November 1989
p. 179-180

Rosenberg, J.E.; Hewitt, R.P.; Holt, R.S.
U.S. Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) program: 1992-1993 field season activities
p. 181-182

Hewitt, R.P.; Demer, D.A.
AMLR program: Distribution and abundance of krill around Elephant Island, Antarctica, in the 1993 austral summer
p. 183-185

Loeb, V.; Siegel, V.
AMLR program: Krill and macrozooplankton in the Elephant Island area, January to March 1993
p. 185-188

Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Morán, P.
AMLR program: Ultraviolet and visible solar irradiance around Elephant Island, Antarctica, January to March 1993
p. 189-191

Holm-Hansen, O.; Villafañe, V.E.; Helbling, E.W.; Sala, L.
AMLR program: Rates of primary production around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 191-193

Villafañe, V.E.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Helbling, E.W.; Rivera, S.G.
AMLR program: Distribution of phytoplankton biomass around Elephant Island, Antarctica, January to March 1993
p. 193-196

Silva S., N.; Hormázabal F., S.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Inorganic nutrient concentrations in near-surface waters around Elephant Island, Antarctica, January to March 1993
p. 196-198

Veit, R.R.
AMLR program: Foraging behavior and spatial pattern of pelagic birds at sea
p. 198-200

Bengtson, J.L.; Jansen, J.K.; Meyer, W.R.; Miller, R.V.; Schwartz, M.K.; Walker, B.R.
AMLR program: Fur seal and seabird studies at Seal Island, South Shetland Islands, during the 1992-1993 austral summer
p. 200-201

Amos, A.F.
AMLR program: Interannual variability in the Elephant Island surface waters in the austral summer
p. 201-204

Quetin, L.B.; Ross, R.M.; Baker, K.
Palmer long-term ecological research (LTER): An overview of the 1992-1993 season
p. 205-208

Hofmann, E.E.; Lipphardt, B.L., Jr.; Smith, D.A.; Locarnini, R.A.
Palmer LTER: Hydrography in the LTER region
p. 209-211

Lascara, C.M.; Hofmann, E.E.; Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.
Palmer LTER: Overview of krill acoustic studies and results from the Antarctic Peninsula grid
p. 212-214

Lascara, C.M.; Quetin, L.B.; Ross, R.M.
Palmer LTER: Krill distribution and biomass within coastal waters near Palmer Station
p. 214-217

Haberman, K.L.; Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.
Palmer LTER: Grazing by the antarctic krill «Euphausia superba» on «Nitschia» sp. and «Phaeocystis» sp. monocultures
p. 217-219

Houlihan, T.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Dissolved silicic acid-nitrate relationships during austral autumn 1993
p. 219-221

Christian, J.R.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Bacterial exoprotease activity in the Antarctic Peninsula region during austral autumn 1993
p. 221-222

Asper, V.L.; Diercks, A.R.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: The first profiles of marine snow aggregate abundance from Antarctica
p. 223-225

Karl, D.M.; Resing, J.; Tien, G.; Letelier, R.; Jones, D.
Palmer LTER: Hydrogen peroxide in the Palmer LTER region. I. An introduction
p. 225-226

Resing, J.; Tien, G.; Letelier, R.; Karl, D.M.; Jones, D.
Palmer LTER: Hydrogen peroxide in the Palmer LTER region. II. Water column distribution
p. 227-229

Tien, G.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Hydrogen peroxide in the Palmer LTER region. III. Local sources and sinks
p. 229-230

Karl, D.M.; Resing, J.
Palmer LTER: Hydrogen peroxide in the Palmer LTER region. IV. Photochemical interactions with dissolved organic matter
p. 231-234

Bird, D.F.; Maranger, R.; Karl, D.M.
Palmer LTER: Aquatic virus abundances near the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 234-235

Priscu, J.C.; Ward, B.B.; Downes, M.T.
Water column transformations of nitrogen in Lake Bonney, a perennially ice-covered antarctic lake
p. 237-239

Ward, B.B.; Cockcroft, A.R.; Priscu, J.C.
Nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria in Lake Bonney
p. 239-241

Woolston, C.D.; Priscu, J.C.
Phytoplankton utilization of ammonium and nitrate in Lake Bonney: a preliminary assessment
p. 241-243

Smith, J.J.; Priscu, J.C.
Microbial respiration potential in Lake Bonney using a novel tetrazolium-reduction method
p. 244-245

Bartlett, R.D.; Priscu, J.C.; Woolston, C.D.
Influence of high salinity levels on ambient inorganic nitrogen and nitrogen-15 extraction efficiency in Lake Bonney, Antarctica
p. 245-246

Wing, K.T.; Priscu, J.C.
Microbial communities in the permanent ice cap of Lake Bonney, Antarctica: relationships among chlorophyll-«a,» gravel, and nutrients
p. 247-249

McKnight, D.M.; Andrews, E.D.
Potential hydrologic and geochemical consequences of the 1992 merging of Lake Chad with Lake Hoare in Taylor Valley
p. 249-251

Ocampo-Friedmann, R.; Friedmann, E.I.
Biologically active substances produced by antarctic cryptoendolithic fungi
p. 252-254

Warren, S.G.; Brandt, R.E.; Boime, R.D.
Blue ice and green ice
p. 255-256

Carlson, R.W.; Arakelian, T.
Spectral bidirectional reflectance and energy absorption rates of antarctic snow
p. 256-258

Van Allen, R.; Murcray, F.
Infrared atmospheric absorption and emission studies
p. 259-260

Johnson, B.J.; Deshler, T.
Balloonborne measurements of ozone and aerosol profiles at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, during the austral spring of 1992
p. 260-262

De Zafra, R.L.; Emmons, L.K.; Reeves, M.; Shindell, D.T.; Trimble, C.
Field observations of stratospheric trace gases in support of the upper atmospheric research satellite mission during the antarctic spring of 1992
p. 262-263

Trimble, C.; De Zafra, R.L.
Observation of trace gases in the stratosphere over a 1-year cycle at the South Pole
p. 264-265

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Carbon monoxide in the antarctic atmosphere: observations of decreasing concentrations
p. 265-267

Montzka, S.A.; Myers, R.C.; Butler, J.H.; Elkins, J.W.; Cummings, S.O.
Atmospheric measurements of HCFC-22 at the South Pole
p. 267-269

Walden, V.P.; Warren, S.G.
Atmospheric longwave radiation spectrum and near-surface atmospheric temperature profiles at South Pole Station
p. 269-271

Warren, S.G.; Starbuck, M.; Groeneveld, C.
Relative elevations of meteorological facilities at South Pole Station
p. 271-273

Carroll, J.J.; Neff, W.D.
Observational and modeling studies of episodic events in the antarctic atmospheric boundary layer
p. 273-274

Andreas, E.L.; Claffey, K.J.; Makshtas, A.P.
Low-level atmospheric jets and inversions on Ice Station Weddell 1
p. 274-276

Liu, Z.; Bromwich, D.H.
Observational study of boundary-layer dynamics over West Antarctica
p. 277-280

Du, Y.; Bromwich, D.H.
Summer surface winds in the Siple Coast confluence zone, West Antarctica
p. 280-282

Smith, S.R.; Carrasco, J.F.; Liu, Z.
Case study of a Siple Coast mesocyclone
p. 283-285

Carrasco, J.F.; Bromwich, D.H.
Katabatic-wind-forced mesoscale cyclone development over the Ross Ice Shelf near Byrd Glacier during summer
p. 285-288

Liu, Z.; Bromwich, D.H.
Northwesterly wind event near Ross Island
p. 288-291

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Snow temperature, wind speed, and wind direction around the Pegasus Runway during 1992
p. 291-294

Parish, T.R.; Bromwich, D.H.
Katabatic wind forcing on the antarctic circumpolar easterlies
p. 294-295

Holmes, R.E.; Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations: austral summer 1992-1993
p. 296-299

Doolittle, J.H.; Mende, S.B.; Paschal, E.W.; Trimpi, M.L.; Anderson, M.R.
First automatic geophysical observatory installed on the polar plateau
p. 301-302

Weatherwax, A.T.; LaBelle, J.; Trimpi, M.L.; Brittain, R.
Monitoring natural low-frequency/medium-frequency/high-frequency radio emissions from remote sites
p. 303-305

Bersanelli, M.
Absolute measurements of the cosmic microwave background from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
p. 306-308

De Amici, G.
Low-frequency maps of the galactic radio emission
p. 308-310

Gaisser, T.K.
Results from the South Pole air shower experiment
p. 310-311

Vinje, W.
Neutrino detection with the radio-Cherenkov method: description and preliminary studies
p. 311-314

Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.; Chadwick, R.; Byrne, G.J.; Few, A.A.; Morris, G.A.
Feasibility of long-term vertical electric current measurements in the Antarctic
p. 314-317

Smith, R.W.; Hernandez, G.; Price, K.
Optical measurements of ion drift from South Pole Station
p. 317-320

Clark, K.C.; Hernandez, G.; Schulz, W.J.; Smith, R.W.
Optical all-sky viewing double dome for South Pole Station
p. 320-323

Arnoldy, R.L.; Popecki, M.A.; Engebretson, M.J.
Identifying the source of magnetic pulsations of frequency between 0.1 and 0.4 hertz (Pc 1/2) measured at high geomagnetic latitudes
p. 323-325

Jefferies, S.M.; Pomerantz, M.A.; Duvall, T.L., Jr.; Harvey, J.W.
Helioseismology from the South Pole: closer connections with geoseismology
p. 328-329

Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.; Lee, K.; Clarady, C.; Fujii, R.; Kadokura, A.
Studies of ionospheric convection in the Southern Hemisphere using long-duration balloons
p. 329-332

Mullen, R.R.; Mullins, J.L.
Surveying and mapping program of the United States in Antarctica
p. 333-334

Bryan, J.R
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, 1992-1993
p. 334-335

Stearns, C.R.; Young, J.T.
Antarctic Meteorological Research Center: 1992-1993
p. 335-336

Holmes, R.E.; Weidner, G.A.; Stearns, C.R.
Antarctic weather forecasting: 1992-1993
p. 337

Booth, C.R.; Lucas, T.B.; Morrow, J.H.
High-resolution ultraviolet spectral irradiance monitoring program in polar regions: six years (and growing) of data available to polar researchers in ozone and ultraviolet related studies
p. 338-341

Steel, G.D.; Suedfeld, P.; Palinkas, L.A.
People and place: the antarctic environmental relationship
p. 341