Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 27, issue 5

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Hammer, W.R.; Hickerson, W.J.
Comments on the fossil vertebrates from the Falla Formation Jurassic, Beardmore Glacier region, Antarctica
p. 1

Taylor, E.L.; Boucher, L.D.; Taylor, T.N.
«Dicroidium» foliage from Mount Falla, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 2-3

Jiang, X.H.; Harwood, D.M.
Glimpse of Early Miocene antarctic forests: Palynomorphs from RISP diatomite
p. 3-6

Wilson, T.J.
Brittle fault arrays in the Royal Society Range, southern Victoria Land
p. 6-8

Janosy, R.J.; Wilson, T.J.
Structural investigations of Early Paleozoic mafic dike swarms in the Royal Society Range, southern Victoria Land
p. 9-10

Faure, G.; Mensing, T.M.; Johnson, K.S.
Composition of rock clasts in the Mt. Achernar moraine and the Lewis Cliff ice tongue
p. 11-12

Fitzgerald, P.G.; Redfield, T.F.; Reynolds, S.J.; Stump, E.
Fission track studies in northern Victoria Land in the 1991- 1992 field season
p. 12-14

Grunov, A.M.
Paleomagnetic studies of Mesozoic rocks from the Antarctic Peninsula: implications for Weddell Sea opening
p. 14-18

Feldmann, R.M.
Early geologic history of «Lyreidus» in Antarctica
p. 19-20

Filkorn, H.F.; Feldmann, R.M.
Fossil corals from Seymour Island, Antarctica
p. 20-21

Keller, R.A.; Strelin, J.A.
Alkalic basalts and ultramafic xenoliths on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 22-23

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1992
p. 25-26

Harvey, R.P.; Schutt, J.W.
Meteorite recovery and reconnaissance near Pecora Escarpment and surrounding regions
p. 26-28

Benoit, P.H.; Sears, D.W.G.; Sears, H.; Roth, J.
Natural thermoluminescence of meteorites and implications for ice movement in the Elephant Moraine region
p. 28-30

Boroughs, T.J.; Faure, G.; Buchanan, D.
Chemical compositions of minerals of the ordinary chondrite (H6) meteorite, RKP86701, from the Reckling moraine
p. 30-31

Hagen, E.H.; Faure, G.; Buchanan, D.
Recovery of extraterrestrial particles from the Lewis Cliff Ice Tongue using a passive collection system
p. 31-33

Prentice, M.L.; Fastook, J.L.; Oglesby, R.J.
Early Pliocene antarctic interglaciations: climate and ice-sheet modeling results
p. 35-37

Raymond, C.F.; Weertman, B.R.; Mulvaney, R.; Peel, D.A.
Glaciological observations on Antarctic Peninsula
p. 38-40

Behrendt, J.C.
Possible effect of subglacial volcanism on changes in the west antarctic ice sheet
p. 40-42

Bentley, C.R.
Radar experiments on ice stream B
p. 43-44

Whillans, I.M.
Glaciology and Global Positioning System at upstream B and from CASERTZ
p. 45-46

Jacobel, R.W.; Nelson, K.E.; Bindschadler, R.A.
Radar studies of ice thickness and surface features at the mouths of ice streams D and E, Antarctica
p. 47-49

Alley, R.B.
Sticky spots under ice streams
p. 50-51

Stroeven, A.P.; Prentice, M.J.; Borns, H.W., Jr.
Mt. Fleming Upper Valley Drift: evidence for Neogene glacial history of Antarctica
p. 51-54

Hall, B.L.; Denton, G.H.
Minor expansion of alpine glaciers in Wright Valley, Antarctica
p. 55-57

Grootes, P.M.; Steig, E.J.
Taylor Dome ice-core study
p. 57-58

Morse, D.L.; Waddington, E.D.
Glacier geophysical studies for an ice-core site at Taylor Dome: year two
p. 59-61

Domack, E.W.
Modern carbon-14 ages and reservoir corrections for the Antarctic Peninsula and Gerlache Strait area
p. 63-64

Domack, E.W.; Ishman, S.
Magnetic susceptibility of antarctic glacial marine sediments
p. 64-65

Domack, E.W.; Mashiotta, T.A.; Venkatsen, M.I.
Preservation of primary productivity signal in antarctic fjord sediments: Andvord Bay, Antarctica
p. 66-67

LaBrecque, J.L.; Ghidella, M.E.
Estimates of bathymetry, depth to magnetic basement, and sediment thickness for the western Weddell Basin
p. 68-70

Domack, E.W.; Schere, E.; McClennen, C.; Anderson, J.
Intrusion of circumpolar deep water along the Bellingshausen Sea continental shelf
p. 71

Nelson, D.M.; Gordon, L.I.
Distribution and production of biogenic silica in the upper water column of the Ross Sea 1990-1992
p. 72-74

DeMaster, D.J.
Accumulation and regeneration of biogenic silica and organic carbon in Ross Sea sediments
p. 74-76

Nittrouer, C.A.; Pierson, G.H.; Morrison, J.M.; DeMaster, D.J.
Movement of suspended materials in the Ross Sea
p. 77-79

Dunbar, R.B.; Leventer, A.
Seasonal variation in carbon isotopic composition of antarctic sea ice and open-water plankton communities
p. 79-81

Morris, K.; Jeffries, M.O.
Ice thickness variability of the McMurdo Sound landfast ice runway
p. 83-85

Danielson, A.; Jeffries, M.O.
Small-scale variability of physical properties and structural characteristics of a single ice floe
p. 85-87

Ackley, S.F.; Gow, A.J.; Lytle, V.I.; Yankielun, N.E.; Darling, M.N.
Sea-ice investigations on «Nathaniel B. Palmer:» Cruise 92-2
p. 87-88

Gow, A.J.; Ackley, S.F.; Lytle, V.I.; Bell, D.
Ice-core studies in the western Weddell Sea «(Nathaniel B. Palmer» 92-2)
p. 89-90

Darling, M.N.; Lytle, V.I.; Ackley, S.F.
Ice observations in the western Weddell Sea «(Nathaniel B. Palmer» 92.2)
p. 91-93

Lytle, V.I.; Ackley, S.F.
Snow properties and surface-elevation profiles in the western Weddell Sea, «(Nathaniel B. Palmer» 92-2)
p. 93-94

Yankielun, N.E.; Ackley, S.F.
Millimeter-wave radar backscatter measurements over Weddell Sea pack-ice «(Nathaniel B. Palmer» 92-2)
p. 95-96

Gordon, A.L.; Lukin, V.V.
Ice Station Weddell 1
p. 97-99

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.; Martinson, D.
Physical oceanography studies on «Akademik Fedorov» and «Nathaniel B. Palmer» 92-1 and 92-2 in support of Ice Station Weddell 1
p. 99-100

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.
Ice Station Weddell 1: Thermoline stratification
p. 100-102

Martinson, D.G.; Padman, L.; McPhee, M.G.; Morison, J.H.
Upper-ocean variability during Ice Station Weddell
p. 102-103

McPhee, M.G.; Martinson, D.G.; Morison, J.H.
Upper-ocean measurements of turbulent flux in the western Weddell Sea
p. 103-105

Padman, L.; Levine, M.D.
Thermal finestructure and turbulence in the western Weddell Sea
p. 105-107

Muench, R.D.; Morehead, M.D.; Gunn, J.T.
Regional current measurements in the western Weddell Sea
p. 108

Ackley, S.F.; Lytle, V.I.
Sea-ice investigations on Ice Station Weddell 1: II. Ice thermodynamics
p. 109-110

Ackley, S.F.; Elder, B.; Lytle, V.I.; Bell, D.
Sea-ice investigations on Ice Station Weddell 1: I. Ice dynamics
p. 111-113

Sullivan, C.W.; Fritsen, C.H.; Mordy, C.W.
Microbial production in the antarctic pack ice: time-series studies at the U.S.-Russian drifting ice station
p. 113-115

Andreas, E.L.; Claffey, K.J.; Makshtas, A.P.; Ivanov, B.V.
Atmospheric sciences on Ice Station Weddell
p. 115-117

Schlosser, P.; Weppernig, R.; Smethie, W.M., Jr.; Mathieu, G.
Ice Station Weddell (ISW) tracer-oceanography program
p. 117-118

Bidigare, R.R.; Ondrusek, M.E.; Kang, S.H.
Measurements of photosynthetic and UVB blocker pigments during the Icecolors '90 expedition
p. 119-120

Karentz, D.; Bosch, I.; Dunlap, W.C.
Distribution of UV-absorbing compounds in the antarctic limpet, «Nacella concinna»
p. 121-122

Neale, P.J.; Lesser, M.P.; Cullen, J.J.; Goldstone, J.
Detecting UV-induced inhibition of photosynthesis in antarctic phytoplankton
p. 122-124

Smith, D.C.; Steward, G.F.; Azam, F.; Hollibaugh, J.T.
Virus and bacteria abundances in the Drake Passage during January and August 1991
p. 125-127

Hollibaugh, J.T.
Measurement of bacterioplankton production in antarctic coastal waters: comparison of thymidine and L-leucine methods and verification of labeling patterns
p. 127-128

McClintock, J.B.; Slattery, M.; Heine, J.; Weston, J.
Chemical ecology of the antarctic spongivorous sea star «Perknaster fuscus»
p. 129-130

Smith, W.O., Jr.
Phytoplankton biomass in the western Ross Sea: comparison between 1990 and 1992
p. 131-132

Pearse, V.B.; Pearse, J.S.
Feeding rates of temperate and antarctic sea-star larvae: a viscosity effect?
p. 132-133

Browne, D.W.; Berkman, P.A.
Epizooic foraminifera, tanaid, and polychaete species associations on antarctic scallop shells
p. 134-135

DiTullio, G.R.; Smith, W.O., Jr.
Spatial variability in dimethyl sulfide concentrations in the Ross Sea, February 1992
p. 135-137

Quetin, L.B.; Ross, R.M.; Frazer, T.K.; Moylan, T.
Summary of WinCruise IV to the Antarctic Peninsula during September 1991
p. 137-138

Detrich, H.W., III
Egg and brain tubulins from antarctic fishes are functionally distinct: support for the multitubulin hypothesis
p. 139-140

Ruzicka, J.J.
Otolith techniques to study age and growth of larval «Notothenia gibberifrons» and «Nototheniops larseni»
p. 140-142

Janssen, J.
Responses of antarctic fishes to tactile stimuli
p. 142-143

Crockett, E.L.; Sidell, B.D.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids are metabolized by both mitochondrial and peroxisomal pathways of antarctic fishes
p. 143-145

Chappell, M.A.; Janes, D.N.; Butcher, T.L.; Shoemaker, V.H.
Reproductive effort, diving behavior, and foraging energetics in Adélie penguins
p. 145-146

Roby, D.D.; Taylor, J.R.E.; Place, A.R.
Investigations of the adaptive role of stomach oils in seabird reproduction
p. 147-148

Miller, G.D.; Wallace, G.E.; Keimel, B.M.; Martin, P.
South polar skuas at McMurdo Station, Ross Island, 1991-1992
p. 148-150

Miller, G.D.
Reproductive success of south polar skuas at Cape Bird, Ross Island
p. 150-151

Schreer, J.F.; Testa, J.W.
Population ecology of Weddell seals in McMurdo Sound
p. 152

Holm-Hansen, O.; Huntley, M.E.
Research on Antarctic Coastal Ecosystem Rates (RACER): 1991-1992 field season
p. 153-154

Holm-Hansen, O.; Vernet, M.
RACER: Distribution, abundance, and productivity of phytoplankton in Gerlache Strait during austral summer
p. 154-156

Vernet, M.
RACER: Predominance of cryptomonads and diatoms in the Gerlache Strait
p. 157-158

Ferrario, M.E.; Sar, E.
RACER: Phytoplankton populations in the Gerlache Strait
p. 158-159

Brody, E.; Mitchell, B.G.; Holm-Hansen, O.; Vernet, M.
Species-dependent variations of the absorption coefficient in the Gerlache Strait
p. 160-162

Sosik, H.M.; Vernet, M.; Mitchell, B.G.
Comparison of particulate absorption properties between high- and mid-latitude surface waters
p. 162-164

Dore, J.E.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: Distribution of nitrite in the Gerlache Strait
p. 164-166

Tien, G.
Seasonal variability in microbial biomass in the Gerlache Strait: a feast-or-famine existence
p. 166-167

Szyper, J.P.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: Sinking rates and vertical flux of phytoplankton pigments
p. 168-170

Christian, J.R.; Karl, D.M.
Exocellular enzyme activities in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica
p. 170-171

Huntley, M.E.; Kaupp, S.; Lopez, M.D.G.
RACER: Vertical migration and bioenergetics of «Metridia gerlachei» during spring 1991-1992
p. 172-173

Loeb, V.J.
RACER: Composition and vertical distribution of larval fishes at a time-series station in Gerlache Strait, November 1989
p. 173-175

Karl, D.M.
RACER: The Marguerite Bay ice-edge reconnaissance
p. 175-177

Dore, J.E.
RACER: Distributions of nitrogenous nutrients near receding pack ice in Marguerite Bay
p. 177-179

Zhou, M.; Nordhausen, W.; Huntley, M.E.
RACER: Small-scale distribution of «Euphausia superba» in winter measured by acoustic Doppler current profiler
p. 179-181

Nordhausen, W.; Huntley, M.; Lopez, M.D.G.
RACER: Carnivory by «Euphausia superba» during the antarctic winter
p. 181-183

Huntley, M.E.
RACER: Ammonia excretion rates of antarctic zooplankton in winter, with emphasis on «Euphausia superba»
p. 183-185

Panouse, M.
Attenuation and backscattering of natural light in the waters of the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica
p. 185-186

Frouin, R.
Aircraft photopolarimetric observations of the ocean, ice/snow, and clouds in coastal regions of the Antarctic Peninsula
p. 187-190

Goloub, P.; Herman, M.; Deuzé, J.L.; Frouin, R.
Optical properties of snow/ice derived from aircraft polarization-and-directionality-earth-reflectance (POLDER) data
p. 191-192

Frouin, R.; Panouse, M.; Devaux, J.C.
Sunphotometer measurements of aerosol optical thickness in the Gerlache Strait and Marguerite Bay, Antarctica
p. 193-194

Frouin, R.; Hermanto, R.
Analytical modeling of the specific intensity of sunlight backscattered by the ocean
p. 195-197

Deuzé, J.L.
Retrieval of aerosols over the Gerlache Strait from aircraft photopolarimetric observations
p. 197-199

Goloub, P.; Herman, M.; Deuzé, J.L.; Frouin, R.
Contrast between polarization properties of snow/ice and clouds
p. 199-202

Frouin, R.; Berthelot, B.
Semi-analytical radiative transfer model to simulate the specific intensity of sunlight reflected by the atmosphere and ocean
p. 202-205

Frouin, R.
Near-surface phytoplankton pigment concentration in the Gerlache Strait derived from aircraft-polarization-and-directionality-earth-reflectan ce data (POLDER)
p. 205-208

Rosenberg, J.E.; Hewitt, R.P.; Holt, R.S.
U.S. Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMRL) program: 1991-1992 field season activities
p. 209-210

Hewitt, R.P.; Demer, D.A.
AMLR program: Distribution and abundance of krill near Elephant Island in the 1992 austral summer
p. 210-212

Croll, D.A.
AMLR program: Penguin and fur seal studies on Seal Island, South Shetland Islands, 1991-1992 austral summer
p. 213-214

Loeb, V.; Siegel, V.
AMLR program: Krill stock structure in the Elephant Island area, January to March 1992
p. 214-216

Helbling, E.W.; Sala, L.O.; Loeb, V.
AMLR program: Feeding of krill around Elephant Island, Antarctica--phytoplankton biomass in digestive tracts and rates of clearance
p. 217-218

Silva S., N.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Inorganic nutrient concentrations relative to water masses around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 219-221

Holm-Hansen, O.; Villafañe, V.E.; Helbling, E.W.
AMLR program: Phytoplankton abundance and rates of primary production around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 221-223

Villafañe, V.E.; Casco, S.M.; Helbling, E.W.; Holm-Hansen, O.
AMLR program: Distribution of phytoplankton species relative to water masses around Elephant Island, Antarctica
p. 223-224

Cochlan, W.P.
AMLR program: Bacterioplankton production rates in the vicinity of Elephant Island, Antarctica, during late austral summer
p. 225-226

Wormuth, J.H.; Fernandes, L.; Yeager, M.
AMLR program: Vertical distribution of krill and horizontal distributions of macrozooplankton in the vicinity of Elephant Island
p. 226-227

Amos, A.F.; Lavender, M.K.
AMLR program: Dynamics of the summer hydrographic regime at Elephant Island
p. 228-230

Amos, A.F.
AMLR program: A comparison between the summer meteorological conditions at Seal Island and those over the adjacent waters of the Drake Passage
p. 230-233

Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.
Palmer long-term ecological research (LTER): An overview of the 1991-1992 season
p. 235-236

Waters, K.J.; Smith, R.C.
Palmer LTER: A sampling grid for the Palmer LTER program
p. 236-239

Hofmann, E.E.; Lascara, C.M.; Klinck, J.M.
Palmer LTER: Upper-ocean circulation in the LTER region from historical sources
p. 239-241

Prézelin, B.B.
Palmer LTER program: Spatial variability in phytoplankton distribution and surface photosynthetic potential within the peninsula grid, November 1991
p. 242-244

Quetin, L.B.
Palmer LTER program: Biomass and community composition of euphausiids within the peninsula grid, November 1991 cruise
p. 244-245

Prézelin, B.B.; Moline, M.; Seydel, K.; Scheppe, K.
Palmer LTER: Temporal variability in HPLC pigmentation and inorganic nutrient distribution in surface waters adjacent to Palmer Station, December 1991-February 1992
p. 245-248

Fraser, W.R.; Trivelpiece, W.Z.; Houston, B.R.; Paterson, D.R.
Palmer LTER: Seabird research undertaken during 1991-1992 at Palmer Station, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 249-250

Smith, R.C.
Palmer LTER program: Hydrography and optics within the peninsula grid, November 1991 cruise
p. 250-253

Smith, R.C.; Baker, K.S.; Handley, P.; Newberger, T.
Palmer LTER program: Hydrography and optics within the peninsula grid, zodiac sampling grid during the 1991-1992 field season
p. 253-255

Sharp, T.R.; Priscu, J.C.
Temporal variation of specific growth rates for phytoplankton in Lake Bonney, Antarctica
p. 257-258

Lizotte, M.P.; Priscu, J.C.
Algal pigments as markers for stratified phytoplankton populations in Lake Bonney (dry valleys)
p. 259-260

Priscu, J.C.
Particulate organic matter decomposition in the water column of Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
p. 260-262

Howes, B.L.; Schlezinger, D.R.; Goehringer, D.D.; Brown-Leger, S.
Carbon cycling in a redox-stratified antarctic lake, Lake Fryxell
p. 263-265

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Trace gases over Antarctica: Bromine, chlorine, and organic compounds involved in global change
p. 267-269

Swanson, T.H.
Decline in the accumulation rates of atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons 11 and 12 at the South Pole
p. 269-271

Zreda-Gostynska, G.; Kyle, P.R.
Halogen and sulfur content of volcanic emissions from Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 271-273

Deshler, T.; Adriani, A.
Volcanic aerosol and ozone depletion within the antarctic polar vortex during the austral spring of 1991
p. 274-275

Lubin, D.; Gautier, C.
Fourier Transform Infrared spectroradiometer measurements of atmospheric longwave emission over Palmer Station, spring 1991
p. 276-278

Murcray, F.J.; Heuberger, R.
Extended observations of atmospheric infrared absorption and emission
p. 278-279

Rosen, J.M.; Kjome, N.T.; Oltmans, S.J.
Simultaneous ozone and polar stratospheric cloud observations at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during winter and spring 1991
p. 279-280

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations: austral summer 1991-1992
p. 280-282

Braaten, D.A.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.
Maximum and minimum temperature trends at McMurdo Sound Station
p. 282-283

Wendler, G.; Pook, M.
On the half-yearly pressure oscillation in eastern Antarctica
p. 284-285

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Wind speed, wind direction, and air temperature at Pegasus North during 1991
p. 285-287

Parish, T.R.
Katabatic wind forcing of tropospheric circumpolar motions about Antarctica
p. 287-289

Carrasco, J.F.; Bromwich, D.H.
Mesoscale cyclogenesis over the southeastern Pacific Ocean
p. 289-291

Du, Y.; Bromwich, D.H.
Katabatic airflows over Siple Coast, West Antarctica
p. 291-293

Können, G.P.
Photopolarimetry of halos and ice-crystal sizing
p. 293-296

Carlson, R.W.; Arakelian, T.; Smythe, W.D.
Spectral reflectance of antarctic snow: "Ground truth" and spacecraft measurements
p. 296-298

Engebretson, M.J.
Identification of the boundary layer as the entry point for high-latitude dayside Pc3-4 magnetic pulsations
p. 299-301

Parks, G.K.
Images and energy spectra of an impulsive X-ray burst observed in the antarctic polar cap region
p. 301-304

Bering, E.A., III; Benbrook, J.R.; Liao, B.
Intense 2.3 hertz electric field pulsations in the stratosphere at high auroral latitudes
p. 304-306

Few, A.A.
Surface observations of global atmospheric electric phenomena at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
p. 307-309

Singh, S.P.; Rosenberg, T.J.; LaBelle, J.
Correlated bursts of AKR, VLF, and HF noise associated with an isolated dayside magnetic impulse
p. 309-311

Wang, Z.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Riometer signature of the cusp
p. 312-313

Hernandez, G.; Smith, R.W.; Belinne, D.J.
Meteorological observations unique to the South Pole
p. 314-315

Gundersen, J.; Schuster, J.; Gaier, T.
South Pole anisotropy measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation at 1 degree using a 25-35 gigahertz (GHz) HEMT receiver
p. 316-317

Bieber, J.W.; Evenson, P.; Lin, Z.
Cosmic ray trajectories in the Tsyganenko magnetosphere
p. 318-319

Salamon, M.H.
Flight of the MAGPIE: measuring the isotopic composition of the cosmic ray ion group
p. 320-321

Jefferies, S.M.; Pomerantz, M.A.; Harvey, J.W.; Duvall, T.L., Jr.
Helioseismology from the South Pole: surprises from near the solar surface
p. 322-323

Doolittle, J.H.
Automatic geophysical observatories prepared for the polar cap network
p. 323-324

Feffer, P.T.; Lin, R.P.
Gamma-ray and hard X-ray spectroscopy on a long-duration balloon flight
p. 325-326

Suedfeld, P.; Steel, G.D.; Palinkas, L.A.
Psychological aspects of polar living
p. 327

Darling, M.N.
National Science Foundation Young Scholars antarctic research experience: first science cruise of R/V «Nathaniel B. Palmer» (92-2)
p. 328-329

Howington, J.P.; McFeters, G.A.; Smith, J.J.; Barry, J.P.
Mapping the McMurdo Station sewage plume
p. 330-331

Kennicutt, M.C., II; McDonald, S.J.; Sweet, S.T.
«Bahia Paraiso» spill in Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island
p. 331-333

McDonald, S.; Kennicutt, M.C., II; Foster-Springer, K.; Krahn, M.
Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon exposure in antarctic fish
p. 333-335

Kennicutt, M.C., II; McDonald, T.J.; McDonald, S.J.
Hydrocarbon contamination in Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island
p. 335-337

Booth, C.R.; Lucas, T.B.; Morrow, J.H.
High-resolution ultraviolet spectral irradiance monitoring program in polar regions: five years (and growing) of data available to polar researchers in ozone- and ultraviolet-related studies
p. 338-341

Bryan, J.R.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility 1991-1992
p. 341-342

Mullen, R.R.; Mullins, J.L.
Surveying and mapping in Antarctica
p. 342-343

Cooper, A.K.; Webb, P.N.
Integrated offshore studies on antarctic Cenozoic history, glaciation, and sea-level change: the ANTOSTRAT project
p. 343-346