Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 25, issue 5

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Behrendt, J.C.; Cooper, A.
Uplift of the shoulder escarpment of the west antarctic rift system and its relation to Late Cenozoic climate change
p. 1-3

Kimbrough, D.L.; Luyendyk, B.P.; Richard, S.M.; Smith, C.
Geology of metamorphic rocks and granitoids: Ford Ranges of western Marie Byrd Land
p. 3-5

McIntosh, W.C.; Panter, K.S.; Smellie, J.L.; Gamble, J.A.
Austral summer 1989-1990 at the Executive Committee Range, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
p. 5-7

Dunbar, N.W.; Kyle, P.R.
Volatile contents of melt inclusions in anorthoclase phenocrysts from Mount Erebus: implications for magmatic crystallization
p. 7-9

Kyle, P.R.
Volatile emissions from Mount Erebus
p. 9-11

Vennum, W.R.
Dry valleys mafic dike swarm, southern Victoria Land
p. 11-14

Giegengack, R.
Exposure ages and erosion rates for bedrock surface samples from antarctic dry valleys and nunataks
p. 14-18

Taylor, T.N.
Triassic osmundaceous ferns from the Allan Hills, southern Victoria Land
p. 18-19

Taylor, E.L.
Late Triassic flora from the Allan Hills, southern Victoria Land
p. 20-21

Isbell, J.L.
Depositional setting of Permian and Triassic fossil plants in the Allan Hills, southern Victoria Land
p. 22

Faure, G.; Harwood, D.M.
Marine microfossils in till clasts of the Elephant Moraine on the east antarctic ice sheet
p. 23-25

Faure, G.; Mensing, T.M.; Taylor, E.L.
Carbon isotope composition of Permian and Triassic plants in silicified peat, Transantarctic Mountains
p. 26-27

Isbell, J.L.
Depositional architecture of the Lower Permian Weller Coal Measures, southern Victoria Land
p. 28-29

Borg, S.G.; DePaolo, D.J.
Crustal basement provinces of the Transantarctic Mountains, Ross Sea sector
p. 29-31

Wilson, T.J.
Mesozoic and Cenozoic structural patterns in the Transantarctic Mountains, southern Victoria Land
p. 31-34

Goodge, J.W.; Hansen, V.L.; Peacock, S.M.; Smith, B.K.
Metamorphic rocks in the Geologists and Miller ranges, Nimrod Glacier area, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 35-36

Hammer, W.R.
«Thrinaxodon» from Graphite Peak, central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
p. 37-38

Stump, E.; Fitzgerald, P.G.
Field collection for apatite fission track analysis, Ellsworth Mountains
p. 38-39

Rowell, A.J.; Rees, M.N.; Evans, K.R.
Depositional setting of the Lower and Middle Cambrian in the Pensacola Mountains
p. 40-42

Askin, R.A.
Preliminary palynology and stratigraphic interpretations from a new Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary section from Seymour Island
p. 42-44

Feldman, R.M.
Decapod crustaceans from James Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 45-46

Benoit, P.H.; Sears, D.W.G.; Sears, H.
Natural thermoluminescence measurements on meteorites collected on the Lewis Cliff blue ice field
p. 47-49

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1990
p. 49-50

Orombelli, G.; Denton, G.H.
Late Cenozoic glacial history of the Terra Nova Bay region, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 51-52

Marchant, D.R.; Denton, G.H.; Sugden, D.E.
Surficial geology of Sessrumir Valley, western Asgard Range, Antarctica: implications for late Tertiary ice-sheet overriding
p. 53-55

Sugden, D.E.; Marchant, D.R.; Denton, G.H.
Subglacial meltwater system, Sessrumir Valley, western Asgard Range, Antarctica
p. 56-58

Domack, E.W.
Climatic and oceanographic controls upon antarctic fjord sedimentation: examples from the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
p. 59-60

Anderson, J.B.; Bartek, L.R.
Preliminary results of a high resolution seismic reflection survey of the Ross Sea continental shelf
p. 61-63

Childs, J.R.; Cochrane, G.R.; Cooper, A.K.; Brancolini, G.
Seismic refraction surveys of the Ross Sea
p. 64-67

Bartek, L.R.; Raymond, C.
Magnetic and seismic-reflection observations from the western Ross Sea: more evidence of rift-associated tectonic activity in the Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica
p. 68-70

Klepeis, K.A.
Bathymetry of the Shackleton Fracture Zone, Elephant Island and Clarence Island regions, Antarctica
p. 71-73

Wei, W.C.; Wise, S.W., Jr.
Correlation of middle Eocene through Oligocene calcareous nanofossil datums with magnetostratigraphy at ODP site 689 on Maud Rise off East Antarctica
p. 74-76

Harrison, W.D.; Echelmeyer, K.
Short-term variations in the flow of ice stream B, Antarctica
p. 77-79

Alley, R.B.
Ice flow on deforming sediments: Ice stream B--and Lake Michigan?
p. 79-80

Engelhardt, H.; Humphrey, N.; Kamb, B.
Borehole geophysical observations on ice stream B, Antarctica
p. 80-82

Jacobel, R.W.; Hodge, S.M.; Wright, D.L.
Studies of internal layering and bedrock topography on ice stream C, West Antarctica
p. 82-85

Bentley, C.R.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Atre, S.R.; Munson, C.G.
Analysis of seismic data from ice stream C
p. 86-88

Bentley, C.R.; Retzlaff, R.; Novick, A.N.; Lord, N.
Analysis of radar data
p. 88-90

Raymond, C.F.; Weertman, B.R.
Glaciological observations on Dyer Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 90-92

Mayewski, P.A.
Detailed glaciochemical investigations in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica--a proxy climate record
p. 93

Schultz, L.; Annexstad, J.O.; Delisle, G.
Ice movement and mass balance at the Allan Hills Icefield
p. 94-95

Elliot, R.J.; Faure, G.
Ice fabric in the Reckling Moraine
p. 96-97

Nelson, D.M.; Gordon, L.I.
Distributions of biogenic silica and dissolved silicic acid in the surface waters of the Ross Sea, Jan. and Feb. 1990
p. 98-100

Dunbar, R.B.
Biogenic sediment fluxes in the western Ross Sea
p. 100-103

DeMaster, D.
Biogeochemical fluxes in Ross Sea continental shelf sediments
p. 104-105

Barry, J.P.; Dayton, P.K.; Dunbar, R.; Leventer-Reed, A.R.
Winter oceanographic observations in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 106-107

Michel, R.L.; Schroeder, R.A.
Stable isotope results, Wilkes Land Oceanographic Expedition, 1985
p. 107-109

Gordon, A.L.; Huber, B.A.
Winter Weddell Gyre Study, 1989: physical oceanography on board «Akademik Fedorov»
p. 110-113

Gordon, L.I.; Jennings, J.C., Jr.
Winter Weddell Gyre Study 1989: nutrient, oxygen, and biomass chemistry on board F.S. «Polarstern»
p. 113-115

Meese, D.A.; Govoni, J.W.; Lytle, V.I.; Claffey, K.J.; Ackley, S.F.
Sea-ice studies on the Winter Weddell Gyre Study, 1989
p. 116-117

Meese, D.A.; Govoni, J.W.; Ackley, S.F.
Snow and sea-ice thicknesses: Winter Weddell Gyre Study, 1989
p. 118

St. Germain, K.; Swift, C.T.
Brightness temperature measurements, at 611 megahertz, of sea ice in the Weddell Sea
p. 119-120

Govoni, J.W.; Meese, D.A.; Perovich, D.K.
Optical measurements on sea ice from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
p. 121-122

Lytle, V.I.; Jezek, K.C.; Gogineni, S.P.; Moore, R.K.; Ackley, S.F.
Radar backscatter measurements during the Winter Weddell Gyre Study
p. 123-125

Huntley, M.E.
RACER: an interdisciplinary study of spring bloom dynamics
p. 126-128

Amos, A.F.
RACER: meteorological conditions during the spring bloom in the Gerlache Strait
p. 128-131

Amos, A.F.; Jacobs, S.S.; Hu, J.H.
RACER: hydrography of the surface waters during the spring bloom in the Gerlache Strait
p. 131-134

Niiler, P.; Illeman, J.; Hu, J.H.
RACER: Lagrangian drifter observations of surface circulation in the Gerlache and Bransfield Straits
p. 134-137

Kocmur, S.F.; Vernet, M.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: nutrient depletion by phytoplankton during the 1989 austral spring bloom
p. 138-141

Holm-Hansen, O.; Vernet, M.
RACER: Phytoplankton distribution and rates of primary production during the austral spring bloom
p. 141-144

Ferrario, M.
RACER: phytoplankton of the northern Gerlache Strait
p. 145-146

Tupas, L.M.; Koike, I.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: uptake rates of ammonium and nitrate by phytoplankton populations during the 1989 austral spring bloom
p. 146-148

Karl, D.M.; Hebel, D.V.
RACER: dissolved oxygen and nitrate dynamics during the 1989 austral spring bloom
p. 149-151

Tien, G.
RACER: microbial processes in the northern Gerlache Strait, 1989-1990
p. 152-154

Tupas, L.M.; Koike, I.; Holm-Hansen, O.
RACER: Microbial uptake and regeneration of ammonium during the austral spring bloom
p. 154-155

Bird, D.F.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: bacterial growth, abundance, and loss due to protozoan grazing during the 1989 spring bloom
p. 156-157

Huntley, M.E.
RACER: fine-scale and mesoscale zooplankton studies during the spring bloom, 1989
p. 157-159

Huntley, M.E.; Lopez, M.D.G.
RACER: egg production of «Calanoides acutus» during the spring bloom, 1989
p. 159-161

Nordhausen, W.; Huntley, M.E.
RACER: Carbon egestion rates of «Euphausia superba»
p. 161-162

Vernet, M.; Mitchell, B.G.
RACER: Phaeopigment photooxidation during the spring bloom in northern Gerlache Strait
p. 162-164

Vernet, M.; Karl, D.M.
RACER: phytoplankton growth and zooplankton grazing in northern Gerlache Strait estimated from chlorophyll budgets
p. 164-166

Karl, D.M.; Asper, V.L.
RACER: particle flux measurements during the 1989-1990 austral summer
p. 167-169

Huntley, M.E.; Escritor, F.
RACER: Mesoscale variation in body size of «Metridia gerlachei» (Copepoda: Calanoida) in the western Bransfield Strait region, austral summer, 1986-1987
p. 169-171

Nordhausen, W.; Huntley, M.E.
RACER: larval abundance and development rates of «Thysanoessa macrura» G.O. Sars, 1885, during 1986-1987 austral summer
p. 171-172

Karentz, D.; Dunlap, W.C.
Ultraviolet-absorbing compounds in antarctic organisms
p. 173-174

Mitchell, D.L.; Karentz, D.
Molecular and biological responses of antarctic phytoplankton to ultraviolet radiation
p. 174-175

Holm-Hansen, O.
Effects of ultraviolet-B and ultraviolet-A on photosynthetic rates of antarctic phytoplankton
p. 176-177

Dunton, K.H.; Martin, L.R.; Day, R.H.
Effects of diesel fuel arctic on photosynthesis and pigment levels in antarctic marine algae following the «Bahia Paraiso» fuel spill
p. 177-179

Smith, W.O., Jr.; Kelly, H.P.; Rich, J.H.
Chlorophyll distribution and primary productivity in the Ross Sea, austral summer 1990
p. 179-182

Ferreyra, G.A.; Alder, V.A.
Evolution of oxygen in microalgal intertidal communities near Palmer Station
p. 183-184

Alder, V.A.
Tintinnid cytoplasmic volume and biomass
p. 184-185

Arrigo, K.R.; Dieckmann, G.S.; Gosselin, M.; Sullivan, C.W.
Studies on the nutrient status in sea ice and underlying platelet layer of McMurdo Sound
p. 185-188

Robinson, D.H.; Sullivan, C.W.
Temperature dependence of the photosynthetic parameter alpha in antarctic sea-ice microalgae
p. 188-191

Gustafson, D.E., Jr.; Anderson, M.R.; Rivkin, R.B.
Bacterioplankton abundance and productivity at the ice-edge zone of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 191-193

Anderson, M.R.; Rivkin, R.B.; Gustafson, D.E., Jr.
Fate of bacterial production in McMurdo Sound in the austral spring
p. 193-194

Rivkin, R.B.; Anderson, M.R.; Gustafson, D.E., Jr.
Seasonal pattern of bacteria and net nano- and pico-phytoplankton in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, during the austral spring
p. 195-196

Stoecker, D.K.; Buck, K.R.; Putt, M.
Flagellate- and ciliate-dominated microbial community in the land-fast ice
p. 197-199

Putt, M.; Börsheim, K.Y.; Miceli, G.; Stoecker, D.K.
Seasonal changes in cell size and abundance of bacterioplankton during the «Phaeocystis» sp. bloom in McMurdo Sound
p. 199-201

Amsler, C.D.
Quantitative analysis of the vertical distribution of overstory macroalgae near Anvers Island, Antarctica
p. 201-202

Stockton, W.
Intertidal zone at Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula, in the wake of the «Bahia Paraiso» spill
p. 203

McClintock, J.B.; Heine, J.; Slattery, M.; Weston, J.
Chemical bioactivity in common shallow-water antarctic marine invertebrates
p. 204-206

Manahan, D.T.; Shilling, F.M.; Welborn, J.R.; Colwell, S.J.
Dissolved organic material in seawater as a source of nutrition for invertebrate larvae from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 206-208

Ferreyra, G.A.; Alder, V.A.
Daily variability of phytoplankton and oceanographic parameters during the fall in Arthur Harbor
p. 208-209

Bosch, I.; Pearse, J.S.; Basch, L.V.
Particulate food and growth of planktotrophic sea star larvae in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 210-212

Larson, R.J.; Harbison, G.R.
Lipids in polar ctenophores and medusae: visual observations of location and origin
p. 212-213

Janssen, J.; Coombs, S.; Montgomery, J.; Sideleva, V.
Comparisons in the use of the lateral line for detecting prey by notothenioids and sculpins
p. 214-215

Kellermann, A.K.; Radtke, R.L.; Ruzicka, J.J.
Ageing studies on the early life stages of antarctic fishes
p. 215-217

Detrich, H.W., III
Molecular interactions that stabilize antarctic fish microtubules at low temperatures
p. 218-219

Kooyman, G.L.; Eckert, S.E.; Kooyman, C.A.; Horning, M.
Natural history of emperor penguins at Cape Washington
p. 219-220

Trivelpiece, W.Z.
Demography and foraging behavior of Pygoscelis penguins
p. 220

Priscu, J.C.; Sharp, T.R.; Lizotte, M.P.; Neale, P.J.
Photoadaptation by phytoplankton in permanently ice-covered antarctic lakes: response to a nonturbulent environment
p. 221-222

Lizotte, M.P.; Priscu, J.C.
Photosynthesis-irradiance relationships in phytoplankton from Lake Bonney
p. 223-224

Neale, P.J.; Priscu, J.C.
Structure and function of the photochemical apparatus in the phytoplankton of ice-covered Lake Bonney
p. 224-225

Sharp, T.R.; Priscu, J.C.
Ambient nutrient levels and the effects of nutrient enrichment on primary productivity in Lake Bonney
p. 226-227

Spigel, R.H.; Sheppard, I.V.; Priscu, J.C.
Temperature and conductivity finestructure from Lake Bonney
p. 228-229

Freckman, D.W.; Virginia, R.A.
Nematode ecology of the McMurdo Dry Valley ecosystems
p. 229-230

Howes, B.L.; Smith, R.L.
Sulfur cycling in a permanently ice-covered amictic antarctic lake, Lake Fryxell
p. 230-233

Smith, R.L.; Howes, B.L.
Bacterial biomass and heterotrophic activity in the water column of an amictic antarctic lake
p. 233-235

Reed, H.L.; D'Alesandro, M.M.
Changes in thyroid hormone status with antarctic residence
p. 236-237

Palinkas, L.A.; Johnson, J.C.
Social relations and individual performance of winter-over personnel at McMurdo Station
p. 238-240

Lubin, D.; Frederick, J.E.
Observations of ozone and cloud properties from NSF ultraviolet-monitor measurements at Palmer Station, Antarctica
p. 241-242

Deshler, T.; Hofmann, D.J.; Hereford, J.V.; Sutter, C.B.
Vertical profiles of ozone and aerosol at McMurdo Station, Antarctica in the spring of 1989
p. 243-244

Murcray, F.J.; Heuberger, R.
Infrared atmospheric absorption and emission measurements
p. 244-246

Rosen, J.M.; Kjome, N.T.; Oltmans, S.J.
Study of polar stratospheric clouds at the South Pole
p. 246

Hanson, K.J.
South Pole Station temperature chronology and the global warming problem
p. 247-249

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Relationship between atmospheric methane and global climate
p. 249-251

Hall, B.D.
Improvements in nitrous oxide and halocarbon measurements at the South Pole
p. 252-253

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations: austral summer 1989-1990
p. 254-258

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Wind speed events and wind direction at Pegasus site during 1989
p. 258-262

Parish, T.R.; Bromwich, D.H.
Numerical simulation of the katabatic wind circulation over the antarctic continent
p. 262-264

Wendler, G.; André, J.C.
Winds in the coastal area of Adélie Land
p. 265-267

Bromwich, D.H.; Parish, T.R.; Pellegrini, A.
Katabatic wind regime near Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
p. 267-269

Hillas, A.M.
South Pole Air Shower Experiment
p. 270-271

Jefferies, S.M.; Pomerantz, M.A.; Duvall, T.L., Jr.; Harvey, J.W.
Helioseismology from South Pole: Solar cycle connection
p. 271-272

Walker, A.
Operation of an atmospheric Cherenkov telescope at the South Pole
p. 273-275

Chen, K.Y.; Terrell, D.
Azimuthal variation of stellar magnitudes at the South Pole
p. 275-276

Bieber, J.W.; Evenson, P.; Pomerantz, M.A.
Unusual cosmic ray spike
p. 277-278

Hernandez, G.; Clark, K.C.; Smith, R.W.; Kauffman, S.D.
South Pole mesospheric and lower-thermospheric dynamics
p. 278-279

Detrick, D.L.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Geometrical factors affecting the frequency dependence of auroral absorption
p. 280-283

Cahill, L.J., Jr.; Engebretson, M.J.; Arnoldy, R.L.
Magnetic pulsations in the polar cap
p. 283-284

Byrne, G.J.; Benbrook, J.R.; Bering, E.A., III
Ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere: implications for photoelectric contamination of measurements from antarctic balloon campaigns
p. 285-286

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1989-1990
p. 287-288

Cassidy, D.S.
Bibliographic database for project collections of the Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library
p. 288-290

Ferrari, F.D.
Be-net samples at the Smithsonian Oceanographic Sorting Center
p. 291

Stevens, A.R.; Mullins, J.L.
Antarctic mapping program
p. 291-292

Reed, M.R.; Morgan, M.; Forman, K.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: McMurdo Station operations, 1989-1990
p. 292-294

Reed, M.R.; Floro, C.V.O.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: detachment operations, 1989-1990
p. 295-296

Reed, M.R.; Stewart, M.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: weather operations 1989-1990
p. 296-297

Reed, M.R.
U.S. Naval Support Force, Antarctica: ship operations, 1989-1990
p. 298-299

Trembly, L.A.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6) activities, 1989-1990
p. 300-301