Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 20, issue 5

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Von Frese, R.R.B.; Mateskon, S.R.
Modeling magnetic and gravity effects of the Transantarctic Mountains
p. 1-3

Rees, M.N.; Rowell, A.J.; Pratt, B.R.
Byrd Group of the Holyoake Range, central Transantarctic Mountains
p. 3-5

Taylor, T.N.; Smoot, E.L.
New Triassic cycad from the Beardmore Glacier area of Antarctica
p. 5-7

Stubblefield, S.P.; Taylor, T.N.
Fossil fungi in antarctic wood
p. 7-8

Pigg, K.B.; Taylor, T.N.
Anatomically preserved «Glossopteris» from the Beardmore Glacier area of Antarctica
p. 8-10

Cherry, E.M.; Noltimier, H.C.
Dating till by paleomagnetism: Allan Hills, southern Victoria Land
p. 10

Faure, G.; Taylor, K.S.
Geology and origin of the Elephant Moraine on the east antarctic ice sheet
p. 11-12

Faure, G.; Sutton, S.
Thermoluminescence of sandstone clasts of the Elephant Moraine
p. 12-14

Layman, D.E.; Ervin, C.P.
Magnetic model studies of volcanic cones in the ice-free valleys of southern Victoria Land
p. 14

Elston, D.P.; Rieck, H.J.; Robinson, P.H.
Dry valleys/McMurdo Sound magnetostratigraphy and sedimentology project: a progress report
p. 15-17

Layman, D.E.
Physical properties of Cenozoic rock, McMurdo Sound region
p. 18

Malin, M.C.
Rates of geomorphic modification in ice-free areas, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
p. 18-21

McGinnis, L.D.; Kim, Y.
Deep seismic soundings along the boundary between East and West Antarctica.
p. 21-22

Berg, J.H.; Hank, R.A.; Kalamarides, R.I.
Petrology and geochemistry of inclusions of lower crustal basic granulites from the Erebus Volcanic Province, Antarctica
p. 22-23

Leung, I.S.; Treves, S.B.
Fluid inclusions in olivine in a basanite flow from Ross Island, Antarctica
p. 23-25

Kienle, J.
Eruption of Mount Erebus and Ross Island seismicity, 1984-1985
p. 25-28

Kaminuma, K.; Shibuya, K.; Niida, K.
Geophysical studies on Mount Erebus
p. 28-30

Haban, M.A.; Elliot, D.H.
Mineral chemistry of the Kirkpatrick Basalt, northern Victoria Land
p. 30-31

Cherry, E.M.; Noltimier, H.C.
Paleomagnetism and hydrothermal alteration: Kirkpatrick Basalt Group, Victoria Land
p. 32

Ellerman, P.J.; LeMasurier, W.E.; McIntosh, W.C.
Alteration of antarctic hyaloclastites
p. 33-34

Rowley, P.D.; Kellogg, K.S.; Vennum, W.R.
Geologic studies in the English Coast, eastern Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
p. 34-36

O'Neill, J.M.; Thomson, J.W.
Tertiary mafic volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of the English Coast, Antarctica
p. 36-38

Laudon, T.S.; Lidke, D.J.; Delevoryas, T.; Gee, C.T.
Sedimentary rocks of the English Coast, eastern Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
p. 38-40

Dalziel, I.W.D.; Pankhurst, R.J.
Tectonics of West Antarctica and its relation to East Antarctica: USARP-BAS geology/geophysics project (1984-1985)
p. 40-41

Zinsmeister, W.J.
1985 Seymour Island expedition
p. 41-42

Marvin, U.B.; Post, J.
Searching for evidence of an impact event at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary on Seymour Island
p. 42-43

Zinsmeister, W.J.
Unusual occurrence of nautilids from the Upper Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island
p. 43-44

Askin, R.A.
Palynological studies in the James Ross Island basin, Antarctic Peninsula: a progress report
p. 44-45

Barbis, F.C.
Reconnaissance geology, Robertson Island and Jason Peninsula, northern Antarctic Peninsula
p. 45

Huber, B.T.
Location of the Cretaceous/Tertiary contact on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 46-48

Taylor, T.N.; Smoot, E.L.
Plant fossils from the Ellsworth Mountains
p. 48-49

Webers, G.F.; Splettstoesser, J.F.
Volume on geology of the Ellsworth Mountains--progress in 1984-1985
p. 50

Drinkwater, J.L.; Ford, A.B.; Czamanske, G.K.
Study of sulfide mineral distribution in the Dufek intrusion
p. 50-51

Grew, E.S.
Field studies on the Jetty Peninsula (Amery Ice Shelf area) with the 30th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
p. 52-53

Cassidy, W.A.; Schutt, J.
Antarctic search for meteorites: field program 1984-1985
p. 54

Lipschutz, M.E.
Meteorite studies: terrestrial and extraterrestrial applications, 1985
p. 55-56

McIntosh, W.C.; LeMasurier, W.E.; Ellerman, P.J.; Dunbar, N.W.
Re-interpretation of glaciovolcanic interaction at Mount Takahe and Mount Murphy, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
p. 57-59

Denton, G.H.; Stuiver, M.; Austin, K.G.
Radiocarbon chronology of the last glaciation in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 59-61

Prentice, M.L.; Wilson, S.C.; Bockheim, J.G.; Denton, G.H.
Geologic evidence for pre-late Quaternary east antarctic glaciation of central and eastern Wright Valley
p. 61-62

Bentley, C.R.; Shabtaie, S.; Schultz, D.G.; Rooney, S.T.
Continuation of glaciogeophysical survey of the interior Ross Embayment: summary of 1984-1985 field work
p. 63-64

Alley, R.B.; Bentley, C.R.
Firn studies at upstream B, West Antarctica
p. 65-66

Grootes, P.M.; Stuiver, M.
Land-ice/sea-ice transition in Ross Ice Shelf ice at J-9, Antarctica
p. 66-68

Laird, C.M.; Zeller, E.J.; Dreschhoff, G.A.M.; Armstrong, T.P.
Nitrate variability in South Pole and Ross Ice Shelf snow and firn
p. 68-69

Fireman, E.L.
Uranium-series dating of Allan Hills ice
p. 70-71

Mayewski, P.A.; Lyons, W.B.
Using an ice core to characterize the climatic history of Antarctica
p. 71-72

Stauffer, B.
Composition of ancient atmosphere, based on ice-core analyses
p. 72-73

Lorius, C.
International antarctic glaciological program activities at South Pole Station and Vostok
p. 73-74

Yuen, D.A.; Schubert, G.; Saari, M.R.
Shear heating instabilities of large ice sheets
p. 74-75

Domack, E.W.
Glacial erosion on the George V/Adélie continental margin, East Antarctica
p. 76-78

Kellogg, T.B.; Kellogg, D.E.; Hughes, T.J.
Amundsen Sea sediment coring
p. 79-81

Anderson, J.B.
Preliminary results from the «USCGC Glacier» 1985 cruise
p. 81-85

Smith, M.J.
Marine geology of the northwestern Weddell Sea and adjacent coastal fjords and bays: implications for glacial history
p. 85-86

Lawver, L.A.; Vedova, B.D.; Von Herzen, R.P.
Heat-flow measurements in the Jane Basin, a back-arc basin, northern Weddell Sea
p. 87-88

Lawver, L.A.; Bergh, H.; Barker, P.F.
Evolution of the far South Atlantic during the Late Cretaceous
p. 88-90

Healy-Williams, N.; Ehrlich, R.; Williams, D.F.
Morphometric and stable isotopic evidence for subpopulations in high latitude «Globorotalia truncatulinoides»
p. 90-92

Burak, R.W.; Burckle, L.H.
Late Quaternary diatom stratigraphy in the Indian sector of the southern oceans
p. 93

Fisher, R.L.; Natland, J.H.; Dick, H.J.B.
Mafic and ultramafic rock assemblages from the Antarctic Plate boundary, southwest Indian Ocean
p. 94-96

Hambos, S.; Burckle, L.H.
Evidence for early Late Miocene climate change
p. 96-97

Dunbar, R.B.; MacPherson, A.J.; Wefer, G.
Water-column particulate flux and seafloor deposits in the Bransfield Strait and southern Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 98-100

Leventer, A.R.; Dunbar, R.B.
Suspended particulate matter in antarctic coastal waters
p. 100-103

Foster, T.D.
Wilkes Land Expedition 1985
p. 103

Foster, T.D.; Yutian, M.; Eckert, E.G.
Physical oceanography during the Wilkes Land Expedition 1985
p. 104-105

Michel, R.L.; Keir, R.S.; Schroeder, R.A.
Chemical oceanography during the 1985 Wilkes Land Expedition
p. 105-107

Hughes, P.; Krissek, L.A.
Modern sediments of the Terra Nova Bay polynya, Ross Sea, Antarctica
p. 107-108

Dunbar, R.B.; Leventer, A.R.; Marty, R.C.
Vertical sediment flux beneath annual sea ice, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 109-111

Pillsbury, R.D.; Jacobs, S.S.
Ross Sea oceanography, 1985
p. 112-113

Zotikov, I.A.; Jacobs, S.S.
Oceanic inclusions in the J-9 sea-ice core
p. 113-115

Chen, C.-T.A.; Rodman, M.R.
Use of acid-balance values to trace water-mass in the Weddell Sea
p. 115-117

Chen, C.T.A.
Salinity, alkalinity, and calcium of the Weddell Sea ice
p. 117-119

Whitworth, T., III
Atlantic long lines, leg II, Cape Town to Punta Arenas
p. 119-120

Kaharoeddin, F.A.; Cassidy, D.S.
Basal sediment ages of 1983 piston cores
p. 121-122

Garrison, D.L.; Van Scoy, K.
Wilkes Land Expedition 1985: biological observations in the ice-edge zone
p. 123-124

Biggs, D.C.; Guffy, J.D.; Murphy, D.J.; Amos, A.F.
Nutrients and ice-shelf water along the barrier edge of the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 125

Parker, L.V.; Sullivan, C.W.; Forest, T.W.; Ackley, S.F.
Ice nucleation activity of antarctic marine microorganisms
p. 126-128

Kottmeier, S.T.
Ecology of sea-ice microbial communities during the 1984 winter-to-summer transition in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 128-130

White, D.C.; Smith, G.A.; Nichols, P.D.
Lipid composition and microbial activity of selected recent antarctic benthic marine sediments and organisms: a mechanism for monitoring and comparing microbial populations
p. 130-132

Palmisano, A.C.
Photoadaptive strategies in a natural population of «Phaeocystis pouchetii» in McMurdo Sound
p. 133-134

Heinbokel, J.F.; Coats, D.W.
Ciliates and nanophytoplankton in Arthur Harbor, December 1984 and January 1985
p. 135-136

Garrison, D.L.; Buck, K.R.
Microheterotrophs in the ice-edge zone: an AMERIEZ study
p. 136-137

Pearse, J.S.; Bosch, I.; McClintock, J.B.
Contrasting modes of reproduction by common shallow-water antarctic invertebrates
p. 138-139

Johnson, T.O.; Smith, W.O.
Sinking rates of natural phytoplankton populations of the western Weddell Sea
p. 139-140

El-Sayed, S.Z.; Weber, L.H.
Size fractionation of antarctic phytoplankton
p. 141-143

Fryxell, G.A.; Gould, R.W., Jr.; Watkins, T.P.
Phytoplankton from the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
p. 143-145

Rivkin, R.B.; Voytek, M.A.; Morris, I.
Photoadaptations of photosynthesis and carbon metabolism by antarctic phytoplankton: species-specific and community responses
p. 146-147

DeLaca, T.E.
Trophic position of benthic rhizopods in McMurdo Sound
p. 147-149

Huntley, M.E.; Sykes, P.; Rohan, R.; Marin, V.
Biomass, distribution, and trophodynamics of «Salpa thompsoni» in the Scotia Sea near the Antarctic Peninsula, austral summer 1983-1984
p. 149-150

Marin, V.; Huntley, M.; Holm-Hansen, O.
Observations at the Bransfield Strait/Bellingshausen Sea frontal zone in April 1985
p. 150-152

Wormuth, J.H.; Berkowitz, S.P.
Vertical distribution and abundances of zooplankton in the vicinity of Elephant Island
p. 152-153

Ross, R.M.; Quetin, L.B.; Amsler, M.O.
«Euphausia superba:» a preliminary report on three areas of investigation
p. 153-155

Detrich, H.W., III
Cold-stable microtubules from antarctic fish
p. 155-157

Radtke, R.L.; Targett, T.E.; Bell, J.L.
Growth resolution of antarctic fish
p. 157-159

Ahlgren, J.A.; Kizer, N.L.; DeVries, A.L.
Freezing avoidance and the distribution of antifreeze glycopeptides in antarctic fish
p. 160

Hoberg, E.P.
Nearshore foodwebs and the distribution of acanthocephalan parasites in antarctic seabirds
p. 161-162

Parmelee, D.F.; Parmelee, J.M.; Fuller, M.
Ornithological investigations at Palmer Station: the first long-distance tracking of seabirds by satellites
p. 162-163

Eppley, Z.A.; Harrison, N.M.
Distribution of marine birds off Wilkes Land, February 1985
p. 164-166

Hunt, G.L., Jr.; Everson, I.; Veit, R.R.; Heinemann, D.W.
Distribution of marine birds and their prey in Bransfield Strait and southern Drake Passage
p. 166-168

Trivelpiece, W.Z.
Population studies of Adélie, gentoo, and chinstrap penguins
p. 168-169

Zinsmeister, V.A.P.; Valencia, J.
Ultrastructural histochemical demonstration of concanavalin A binding sites on Adélie penguin blood cells
p. 169-170

Jehl, J.R.; Todd, F.S.
Census of the Adélie penguin colony on Paulet Island, Weddell Sea
p. 171-172

Kooyman, G.L.; Thorson, P.H.
Foraging characteristics of king penguins from Saint Andrews Bay, South Georgia
p. 172-173

Bohne, B.A.; Thomas, J.A.; Yohe, E.R.; Stone, S.H.
Examination of potential hearing damage in Weddell seals «(Leptonychotes weddelli)» in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
p. 174-176

Costa, D.P.; Thorson, P.H.; Herpoisheimer, J.G.; Croxall, J.P.
Reproductive bioenergetics of the antarctic fur seal, «Arctocephalus gazella.»
p. 176-177

Friedmann, E.I.
Field studies of antarctic cryptoendolithic microbial ecosystems, 1984-1985
p. 178-179

Friedmann, E.I.; McKay, C.P.
Method for the continuous monitoring of snow: application to the cryptoendolithic microbial community of Antarctica
p. 179-181

Vestal, J.R.
Effects of light intensity on the cryptoendolithic microbiota
p. 181-182

Hirsch, P.; Gallikowski, C.A.; Friedmann, E.I.
Microorganisms in soil samples from Linnaeus Terrace, southern Victoria Land: preliminary observations
p. 183-186

Lawrence, J.M.; McClintock, J.B.
Variability in vegetative and reproductive biomass in «Acaena adscendens» Vahl. (Rosaceae) at Kerguelen (South Indian Ocean)
p. 186-187

Lawrence, J.M.
Biomass of «Curvillea antarctica» (Cham.) Hariot (Phaeophyceae) in the Bay of Morbihan, Kerguelen Island (South Indian Ocean)
p. 188

Stearns, C.R.; Weidner, G.A.
Antarctic automatic weather stations, austral summer 1984-1985
p. 189-191

Cronn, D.R.; Ferrara, T.W.; Bamesberger, W.L.
Air chemistry monitoring at Palmer Station
p. 191-192

Losleben, M.
Weather and solar radiation measurements at Mount Takahe and Mount Murphy, West Antarctica
p. 193-196

Bromwich, D.H.
Katabatic wind interaction with Inexpressible Island, Terra Nova Bay
p. 196-198

Saxena, V.K.; Ruggiero, F.H.
Real-time measurements of droplet size distribution in antarctic coastal clouds
p. 198-200

Saxena, V.K.; Ruggiero, F.H.; Parungo, F.P.
Airborne measurements of the antarctic cloud water acidity
p. 201-203

Shaw, G.E.
Nature and size of microscopic airborne particles at McMurdo Station
p. 204

Hogan, A.W.; Samson, J.A.
Aerosol transport processes in the Antarctic
p. 205-206

Khalil, M.A.K.; Rasmussen, R.A.
Trend of bromochlorodifluoromethane and the concentrations of other bromine-containing gases at the South Pole
p. 206-207

Ohtake, T.
Chemical tests of antarctic hygroscopic aerosols
p. 208-210

Murcray, F.J.; Murcray, F.H.; Murcray, D.G.
Measurements of column amounts of atmospheric trace gases during the antarctic winter
p. 208

Cassidy, W.A.; Witkowski, R.E.; Penney, G.W.
Atmospheric particle collections at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station during 1984
p. 210-212

Wendler, G.; Kodama, Y.; Gosink, J.
Automatic weather stations in eastern Antarctica
p. 212-213

Mroz, E.J.
Detection of atmospheric tracers in Antarctica
p. 214-215

Dilts, S.B.; Cronn, D.R.
Determination of sulfur gases in the antarctic atmosphere
p. 215-216

Hofmann, D.J.; Rosen, J.M.
High-altitude aerosol variations associated with stratospheric warmings
p. 217-218

Stebbins, R.; Ronan, R.; Arrambide, M.
Observation of solar brightness oscillations at the South Pole
p. 219-220

Pomerantz, M.A.
Advances in solar seismology at the South Pole
p. 221-222

Wood, F.B.; Chen, K.Y.
South Pole telescope
p. 222-223

Pomerantz, M.A.
Far infrared astronomy at the South Pole
p. 223-225

Arnoldy, R.L.; Cahill, L.J.; Engebretson, M.J.
Pc 1 magnetic pulsations at the South Pole
p. 225-226

Rosenberg, T.J.
Poleward surges of auroral phenomena over the South Pole
p. 227-228

Doolittle, J.H.; Mende, S.B.
Development of an automatic geophysical observatory
p. 229-231

Krishnaswamy, S.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Riometer measurements of seasonal variations in auroral absorption at South Pole and Siple Stations
p. 231-233

Krishnaswamy, S.; Rosenberg, T.J.
Influence of long-term variations in solar radio noise on riometer quiet day curves
p. 233-234

Inan, U.S.; Carpenter, D.L.
Very-low-frequency/low-frequency phase perturbations produced by whistler-induced electron precipitation
p. 235-237

Carpenter, D.L.; Smith, A.J.
Using the Siple Station very-low-frequency transmitter as a multi-frequency probe of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide and magnetosphere
p. 238-239

Carpenter, D.L.
Large-amplitude oscillations of subionospheric very-low-frequency signals received in Antarctica
p. 239-241

Bell, T.F.; Katsufrakis, J.P.; James, H.G.
New type of very-low-frequency emission triggered at altitudes below 1,400 kilometers by signals from Siple Station
p. 241-242

Pomerantz, M.A.; Bieber, J.W.
New insights into cosmic-ray propagation in the heliosphere
p. 243-244

Coco, D.L.; Clynch, J.R.
Measurement of ionospheric electron columnar content changes over McMurdo Station
p. 244-245

Berkey, F.T.; Jarvis, M.J.
Simultaneous measurements of the locations of the main ionospheric trough from Siple and Halley Stations
p. 245-248

Abbott, S.B.; Hushen, W.T.
Polar Research Board: Antarctic-related activities June 1984 to June 1985
p. 249-250

Cassidy, D.S.
Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility and Core Library, 1984-1985
p. 251-252

Jacobs, S.S.
Oceanology of the Antarctic Continental Shelf
p. 252-253

Holoviak, J.C.
Antarctic Research Series
p. 253-254

Thuronyi, G.T.
Conference papers in the «Antarctic Bibliography»
p. 254-255

Craddock, C.
Circum-Pacific Map Project
p. 255

Lucchitta, B.K.; Edwards, K.; Eliason, E.M.; Bowell, J.
Landsat multispectral images of Antarctica applied to mapping and glaciology
p. 256-259

Southard, R.B.
Mapping activities in Antarctica
p. 256

Southworth, C.S.
Use of Landsat data to map bedrock and surficial geology of the ice-free valleys of southern Victoria Land
p. 259-260

Shult, P.A.; Polyak, F.; Dick, E.C.
Mild outbreak of adenovirus type-21-caused respiratory illness at McMurdo Station, 1977
p. 261-262

Comberiate, M.
Satellite communications for antarctic science
p. 262-263

Becker, R.A.
Antarctic support operations
p. 264-265

Harler, R.M.
U.S. Navy support to the U.S. Antarctic Program during 1985-1986
p. 265-266

Marthaler, J.G.
Ship operations
p. 267-269

Fisher, D.D.
U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Squadron Six activities, 1984-1985
p. 267

Garcia, K.S.
Weather observing and transmitting problems in the Antarctic
p. 269-270