Antarctic Journal of the United States
Volume 10, issue 4

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Guthridge, G.G.
U.S. antarctic research, 1974-1975 austral summer
p. 119

Siniff, D.B.; Stirling, I.; Hofman, R.; DeMaster, D.; Reichle, R.; Kirby, R.
Population studies of Weddell seals in eastern McMurdo Sound
p. 120

Bryden, M.M.; Tedman, R.A.; Molyneux, G.S.
Lactation and anatomy of the integument in Weddell seals
p. 121

Müller-Schwarze, D.; Butler, R.; Belanger, P.; Bekoff, M.; Bekoff, A.
Feeding territories of south polar skuas at Cape Crozier
p. 121-122

Murrish, D.E.; McMahon, B.F.
Blood plasma proteins of antarctic birds
p. 122-124

Parmelee, D.F.; Fraser, W.R.; Neilson, D.R.
Ornithological investigations at Palmer Station
p. 124-125

Ainley, D.G.
Behavioral studies of Adélie penguins
p. 125-126

Hammel, H.T.; Simon, E.; Simon-Oppermann, C.; Kaul, R.; Maggert, J.
Thermal stimulation of the spinal cord and hypothalamus in Adélie penguins
p. 126-127

Pinshow, B.; Battles, D.R.; Pinshow, H.; Schmidt-Nielsen, K.
Emperor penguins: thermoregulation and locomotion
p. 127-129

Qvist, J.; Zapol, W.M.; DeVries, A.L.
Control of oxyhemoglobin dissociation in antarctic fishes during acidosis and thermal acclimation
p. 129-130

Macdonald, J.A.; Ensor, D.R.
Low temperature nerve function in antarctic marine poikilotherms
p. 130-132

Temnikow, N.K.; Lipps, J.H.
Foraminiferal ecology: R/V «Hero» cruise 75-1a
p. 132-133

Finger, K.L.
Benthic foraminifera from Deception Island
p. 134-135

Finger, K.L.
Benthic community studies in the South Shetland Islands
p. 135

Dayton, P.K.
Benthic communities of McMurdo Sound
p. 136-137

Parker, B.C.; Paterson, R.A.; Linkins, A.E.; Hoehn, R.C.
Lake Bonney ecosystem
p. 137-138

Foster, T.D.
International Weddell Sea Oceanographic Expedition, 1975
p. 138-140

Gordon, A.L.
F DRAKE, 1975
p. 140

Wearn, R.B., Jr.; Park, P.K.
Contributions of ARA «Islas Orcadas» to F DRAKE, 1975
p. 141-142

Gordon, A.L.
Contributions of R/V «Conrad» to F DRAKE, 1975
p. 142-143

Nowlin, W.D., Jr.; Patterson, S.L.; Pillsbury, R.D.; Anderson, G.C.
Contributions of R/V «Melville» to F DRAKE, 1975
p. 144-146

Rutford, R.H.
Ross Ice Shelf Project, 1974-1975
p. 146-147

Warburton, J.A.; Linkletter, G.O.; Owens, M.S.; Trachte, D.A.
Influence of precipitation-forming mechanisms on the chemistry of the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 147

Clough, J.W.; Jezek, K.C.; Robertson, J.D.
RISP drill site survey
p. 148-149

Thomas, R.H.; Eilers, D.H.
Glaciological measurements on the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 149-150

Rand, J.H.
100-meter ice cores from the South Pole and the Ross Ice Shelf
p. 150-151

Langway, C.C., Jr.
Antarctic ice core studies
p. 152-153

Clough, J.W.; Robertson, J.D.
RISP geophysical survey
p. 153-155

Robinson, E.S.; Williams, R.T.; Neuburg, H.A.C.; Rohrer, C.S.; Ayers, R.L.
Southern Ross Sea tides
p. 155-156

Robin, G. de Q.
Radio-echo sounding of the antarctic ice sheet
p. 157-159

Lorius, C.
Glaciological studies at dome C
p. 159

Sanak, J.; Lorius, C.
Geochemistry at the South Pole
p. 159-160

Garfield, D.E.; Ueda, H.T.
Resurvey of Byrd Station drill hole
p. 160

Denton, G.H.; Borns, H.W., Jr.; Grosval'd, M.G.; Stuiver, M.; Nichols, R.L.
Glacial history of the Ross Sea
p. 160-164

Mayewski, P.A.
Glacial geologic investigation of upper Rennick Glacier region, northern Victoria Land
p. 164-166

McGinnis, L.D.
Dry Valley Drilling Project, 1974-1975
p. 166-167

Thomson, R.B.
N.Z. activities in DVDP, 1974-1975
p. 167-168

Webb, P.N.; Wrenn, J.H.
Foraminifera from DVDP holes 8, 9, and 10, Taylor Valley
p. 168-169

McKelvey, B.C.
Stratigraphy of DVDP sites 10 and 11, Taylor Valley
p. 169-170

Chapman-Smith, M.
Geology of DVDP holes 12 and 14
p. 170-172

Mudrey, M.G., Jr.
Basement geology of DVDP boreholes in Taylor and Wright valleys
p. 172-173

Hall, S.A.
Palynologic investigation of Quaternary sediment from Lake Vanda
p. 173-174

Cartwright, K.; Harris, H.
Hydrogeological studies in the dry valleys
p. 174-175

Decker, E.R.; Baker, K.H.; Harris, H.
Geothermal studies in the dry valleys and on Ross Island
p. 176

Parker, B.C.; Howard, R.V.; Donlan, R.; Compton, M.; Gerhart, J.; Smith, R.
DVDP environmental monitoring
p. 176-177

Craig, J.R.; Light, J.F.; Parker, B.C.; Mudrey, M.G., Jr.
Identification of hydrohalite
p. 178-179

Stump, E.
Geology of the Duncan Mountains
p. 179-180

Dalziel, I.W.D.; De Wit, M.J.; Stern, C.R.
Structural and petrologic studies in the Scotia Arc
p. 180-182

Elliot, D.H.; Rinaldi, C.; Zinsmeister, W.J.; Trautman, T.A.; Bryant, W.A.; Valle, R. del
Geological investigations on Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
p. 182-186

Lyddan, R.H.
Topographic mapping field operations
p. 187-188

Shaw, G.E.
Climatic implications of central antarctic aerosols
p. 188-189

Hofmann, D.J.; Rosen, J.M.; Olson, G.L.
Observations of an aerosol enhancement in the antarctic stratosphere
p. 189-190

Hogan, A.W.; Kikuchi, K.
Aerosols and precipitation at the South Pole
p. 190-191

Ohtake, T.
Ice crystal precipitation at the South Pole
p. 191

Hall, F.F., Jr.; Owens, E.J.
Atmospheric acoustic echo sounding investigations at the South Pole
p. 191-192

Sites, M.J.; Peterson, A.M.
Automatic meteorological station at the South Pole
p. 192-193

Cobb, W.E.
Atmospheric electric program
p. 192

Hodges, J.C.
Polar auroral radar system
p. 193

Seelig, W.R.
Pine Island Bay survey
p. 193-194

Henley, J.L.
Public works activities, «Deep Freeze» '75
p. 194-195

Filson, J.V.
Nuclear power plant removal, «Deep Freeze» '75
p. 195

Holt, F.C.
Air operations, «Deep Freeze» '75
p. 195-197

Kirkpatrick, T.W.
Ship operations, «Deep Freeze» '75
p. 197-198

Buettner, R.J.
Contractor support operations: McMurdo, Siple, and South Pole stations
p. 198-199

Worthing, L.K.
Contractor support operations: «Hero»/Palmer Station research system
p. 199

International Antarctic Glaciological Project
p. 200