Scopelarchidae: Pearleyes

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Authors:Post, A.
Volume Title:Fishes of the southern ocean, edited by O. Gon and P.C. Heemstra
Volume Authors:Gon, O. , editor
Source:Fishes of the southern ocean, edited by O. Gon and P.C. Heemstra. Publisher: Grahamstown, South Africa, J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology. South Africa. P.134-135
Publication Date:1990
Note:Ant. Acc. No: 47077
Abstract:The morphology and description of the Pearleyes are as follows: body moderately elongate, subcylindrical to laterally compressed. Fins without spines; dorsal fin short, set about midway between edge of gill opening and anal-fin origin or farther forward, well before midlength of body, with 5-10 rays; pelvic-fin rays 9, fin origin slightly before to slightly behind dorsal-fin origin; anal-fin rays 24-39, fin origin at or behind midlength of body; pectoral fins set low on body, with 18-28 rays; principal caudal-fin rays 10+9; a dorsal adipose fin above posterior anal-fin rays. Brachiostegal rays 8. Vertebrae 46-65. Mouth terminal, gape extending well beyond vertical through middle of eye; premaxillary teeth small, fixed, in 1 row; dentary teeth in 2 rows, outer teeth small and fixed, inner teeth large, depressible canines. Two pairs of nostrils set well in front of eye. Gill rakers reduced to small, fixed gill teeth. Eyes large, tubular, directed upwards. No light organs in antarctic species. All species so far examined are synchronous hermaphrodites. Small to medium sized meso- and bathypelagic fishes up to about 350 mm SL. World-wide except in the Arctic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. One genus in the southern ocean, but 1 other species is distinguished in the generic key as it approaches 50S.
Index Terms:Pisces--Taxonomy; Pisces--Morphology; Pisces--Geographic distribution
Publication Type:monograph
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